Embroidered Signatures ProjectCelebration of Aprons 2019: Apron

Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Museum
Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Museum
Historical Period/Date
21st Century (2000-2029 Early)/2019
ID Number
Aprons,Back Stitch,French Knot,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White calico, full length apron with a double front pocket and matching neck strap and ties in a small aqua floral print. Blue stranded cotton (DMC 931) has been used to embroider the top centre stem stitched cup and saucer motif (3 strands) and the back stitched signatures (2 strands) that cover the exposed calico portion of the apron. French knots dot the i's. Three skeins of thread were used. The cup contains the text 'A celebration of aprons' and the saucer the date '3rd May 2019'. All attendees at the morning tea on that day were invited to sign the apron.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Museum memorabilia. Inspired by the museum's ongoing 'Embroidered Signatures Project', the apron originated at the museum's South Australia History Month (May 2019) morning tea event. The morning tea launched the museum exhibition 'Aprons: Fun, Function and Formality' which was on display from May to Aug 2019. The apron was signed by guild members and guests. $8.00 was paid per person for the morning tea at which Avis Smith was the guest speaker. The event was attended by Mrs Lan Le, the Guild’s patron and her aide P. Judd. The apron was taken to Government House to be signed by Mrs Lan Le as she had to leave the morning tea in a hurry when the speaker went over time.


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Bailey, J

Barker, J

Barrett, M

Baskett, E

Beale, J

Berry, L

Brandwood, Kaye

Bruce, N

Buxton, A

Buxton, C M

Celebration of Aprons 3rd May 2019

Cohen, L M

Cohen, S

Coxhill, P

Davy, M

Deare, G

Delahunty, M

Dicker, R D

Dutton, L

Dyer, R

Elliott, K

Elliott, S

Fisher, D

Glaser, D

Goodwin, H

Grady, Lesley

Hall, M

Hamden, P

Harvey, R

Higgins, H

Hindmarsh, M

Holbrook, Maureen

Hyde, J

Judd, P

Key, S

Klau, A

Lancaster, D

Le, Lan

Lennon, C

Little, M

Major, I

McCarthy, H

McMahon, J

Moore, M

Morrison, Nel

Mullan, B

O'Daniel, L

Pearson, W

Piggott, E

Releetzke, N

Rowe, K

Sanders, K E

Schulz, R

Scott, D

Smith, Avis C

Tonkin, Jan

Trainor, G

Van Niele, Irmina

Williams, H

Wright, M?

Wynen, A

Wynen, P