Embroidered Signatures ProjectRSL. 2/27th Battalion Ex-Servicemen’s Association: Cloth

Mount Gambier Community RSL
South East
2/27th Battalion Ex-Servicemen’s Association
104.5cm x 110cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1987
ID Number
Cloths,Detached Chain Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Square white, possibly polyester cloth, edged with machine made lace. '2/27th' is worked in large red characters in one corner. There are eight multicoloured repeat motifs of a scroll design with flowers and foliage, one in each corner and the other four placed symmetrically in the centre of the cloth. The names are embroidered in stem stitch in a variety of colours and radiate out in a circular fashion from the four central motifs and the voided centre of the cloth.The year '1987' is worked under one of the central floral motifs. Many of the names are embroidered in pairs (married couples) in the same colour, and there are also single names.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Commemorative. Reunion. Thought to have been created for the 1987 reunion of the 2/27th Battalion Ex-Servicemen’s Association. Alf Zanker was made a Life Member of the 2/27th BN Ex-Servicemen’s Association 'as a mark of esteem and in appreciation of services rendered to Members of the 2/27 Battalion Ex Servicemen’s Association' on 20 March 1982. It is thought that the reunion commemorated by the cloth would have been organised by Alf Zanker and his wife Doreen whose names are embroidered close to the year 1987 on the cloth and in the same colour.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Adams, Snow

Allan, Kath

Allan, Norm

Allen, Mollie

Allen, Norm

Anderson, Len

Anderson, Mavis

Ashenden, Bill

Ashenden, Doreen

Ashenden, Doreen (2)

Ashenden, Dulcie

Ashenden, Edna

Ashenden, Keith

Ashenden, Ollie

Ashenden, Sterl

Auld, Ida

Auld, Murray

Austin, Ima

Austin, Merv

Baldwin, Ray

Baldwin, Val

Barker, Jack

Barker, Pat

Bastian, Arch

Bastian, Betty

Bell, Les

Bell, Una

Borchers, Peg

Borchers, Roy

Breckey, Jack

Breckey, Sophia

Brown, Ken

Brown, Marie

Burgin, Bill

Burnett, Jack

Burnett, Lorna

Burns, John

Burns, Yvonne

Burr, Fred

Burton, Jack

Burton, Shirley

Butler, Doug

Butler, Mary

Campbell, Dick

Campbell, Dorothy

Castles, Bryan

Castles, Lorna

Catt, Lance

Catt, Olive

Colby, Guy

Colby, Melva

Corcoran, Betty

Corcoran, Tom

Dahl, Heather

Dahl, Neil

Dennis, Alice

Dennis, Peter

Duck, Ike

Edwards, Clive

Edwards, Col

Eiffe, Laurel

Eiffe, Pat

Ellis, Bob

Ellis, Lorraine

Fairly, Jim (Dr)

Fairly, Margaret

Filsell, Max

Filsell, Myrtle

George, Helen

George, Norm

Greig, Cec

Greig, Edna

Harrap, Brenda

Harrap, Reg

Harrison, Keith

Harrison, Mary

Hogg, Jock

Honda, David

Honda, Edna

Hunter, Marge

Hunter, Ron

Hurrell, Malcolm

Hurrell, Shirley

Innes, Joyce

Innes, Scotty

Isaachsen, O

Kairl, R

Keightley, Glad

Keightley, Les

Kimber, Adlyn

Kimber, Tom

Koehne, Glad

Koehne, Ray

Lange, Stuart

Laslett, Bill

Laslett, Jean

Little, Dorothy

Little, Slim

Looker, Ken

Looker, Pam

Lyon, M

MacPherson, Georgina

MacPherson, Wally

Mason, Billie

Mason, Jack

Matten, Bob

Matten, Marj

McFarlane, Betty

McFarlane, Don

McFarlane, Duncan

McManus, Jack

Miller, Wes

Moir, Beryl

Moir, Jim

Nitscke, Anne

Nitscke, Ern

Noble, Dick

Noble, Lois

North, Alec

North, Kath

O'Connor, Des

O'Connor, June

Offen, Eunice

Offen, Jim

Ogilvie, Myrtle

Ogilvie, Phyl

Pannell, Gwen

Pannell, Ian

Penny, Peg

Penny, Sam

Perryman, Rod

Perryman, Sylvia

Petrie, Sandra

Pettingill, Ern

Pettingill, Jean

Phillips, George

Pope, Alec

Sandison, Colin

Sandison, Juliett

Savage, Horrie

Savage, Ruth

Scott, Betty

Scott, Frank

Sherman, Claude

Sherman, Shirley

Sherwin, Peg

Sherwin, Peter

Shillaker, Bill

Siviour, Angie

Siviour, Edie

Smith, Howie

Smith, Lew

Smith, Nita

Smith, Verna

Stuckberry, Ron

Stuckberry, Rose

Tapscott, Bernice

Tapscott, Bill

Tasker, Gordon

Tasker, Vel

Thredgold, Betty

Thredgold, Joan

Thredgold, Les

Thredgold, Roy

Tidswell, Audrey

Tidswell, Maurie

Timms, Leonie

Timms, Stan

Tucker, Edna

Tucker, Ern

Walker, Alby

Ward, Bert

Ward, Jean

Ward, Mary

Ward, Maurie

Waterson, Stan

Waterson, Val

Watson, Kel

Watson, Val

Weir, Alan

Weir, Joyce

Whereat, Dorothea

Whereat, Padre

Williss, Glen

Williss, June

Winton, Jim

Young, Betty

Young, Doug

Zanker, Alf

Zanker, Doreen