Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. Frances. AIF: Cloth

Red Cross Naracoorte Branch
South East
Australian Red Cross. Frances
127cm x 127cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1940s
ID Number
Back Stitch,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Machine Embroidery,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Large square white linen cloth with a central, densely machine stitched, red cross surrounded by signatures and names embroidered in red cotton thread, mostly stem stitch but also chain stitch. 'Frances' is stitched above the central cross in large red capital letters and similarly, 'A.I.F.' below.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Red Cross Frances Branch. Branch members. Signatures of some 1964 office bearers. A. I. F. Australian Imperial Forces.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Adams, H

Adams, J

Adams, N

Anderson, B

Anderson, K

Arthur, W

Atkinson, S F

Badman, M L

Bainger, E W

Bainger, M

Bainger, R N

Banks, H G

Banks, Jessie M (1964 Regional President)

Banning, J

Banning, M

Bartlett, J K

Beech, J

Bennett, Sue

Biggs, I M

Billing, D A

Billing, May

Billing, N H

Billing, S M

Bird, R

Briggs, Arthur

Browne, M

Browne, V M

Butler, W

Carracher, C

Carracher, K

Carter, Jean

Chegwidden, C

Cleaveley, G W

Cother, K C

Danby, A M

Danby, H A

Danby, Ken

Davie, M

Davie, M N

DeGaris, K M

Dickenson, J K

Dolman, D

Dunchue, J

Earney, D

Earnly, F L M

Farley, F

Flower, K

Fry, M T

Fry, S

Griffen, E A

Griffen, G R

Guthrie, M M

Hannaford, A

Hannaford, L

Herold, L

Herold, N E

Herold, N M

Herold, W

Hill, Alfredo

Hill, Cath M (1964 President)

Hill, E M

Hill, J D

Hill, K A

Hill, W Ross

Hutchins, A T

Hutchins, L A

Jacob, P E

Jarrett, J

Jarrett, L R

Jarrett, R

Jarrod, D J

Jarrod, E

Johnson, T

Jolhnson, M

Jones, Michelle

Knight, A

Koch, B

Koch, C L

Koch, Carol L

Lacey, R

Learmonth, E H

Learmonth, E J

Learmonth, M C (Secretary)

Learmonth, P A

Mahney, A B

Mahney, G F

McBain, M G M

McInnes, A T

McInnes, M J

McInnes, R

McInnes, Ruth

McLellan, E

Mitchell, M A

Montgomery, D

Montgomery, D G

Moore, D R

Moore, G R

Nash, A

Nash, E J

Nash, H A

Nash, O E

Nash, V

Neilson, C M

Nenke, J C

Noblet, D M

O'Neill, M

Overton, M A (Vice Pres)

Overton, S M

Paaech, Rhonda

Paech, J D

Pannell, E W

Pannell, G

Pannell, H G

Pannell, M

Pfitzner, E

Pfitzner, Jeanette

Pfitzner, M

Phillips, L G

Phillips, R

Potter, E

Potter, M J K (1964 Director of Branches)

Pridham, Di

Pridham, E C

Pridham, J A

Pridham, Jo

Pridham, N E

Rainbow, Anne

Rapson, M C

Robinson, A

Sandford, W

Schade, Louise

Schammer, M

Schammer, M C

Schmidt, N

Shepherd, Emily

Shepherd, M R

Shepherd, R

Sluggett, Kath

Smith, L

Smith, P

Smith, R

Spooner, G (Mrs) (Dir of Branches)

Swift, K A

Teate, A W

Teate, D W

Teate, E

Teate, F

Teate, J E

Thompson, P

Tippett, M

Tribolet, Tessie

Warrick, J M

Waters, J

Watts, L

Withall, B L R

Withall, D K

Withall, E L

Young, S L