Embroidered Signatures ProjectTink Family: Cloth

Private Collections
Coralie L Tink
131cm x 233cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1942
ID Number
Cloths,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Ecru cotton cloth with a narrow outer blue border and narrow inner red border. At each corner is a hand stitched service badge of the 4 services represented by the signatures, Royal Australian Air Force, Navy, Merchant Navy and Australian Commonwealth Military Forces. The floral emblems of South Australia (Golden Wattle), Western Australia (Boronia), Queensland (Poinsettia), New South Wales (Waratah), Victoria (Wild Fuschia), Tasmania (Apple), New Zealand (Bracken Fern Leaf), Australia (Golden Wattle) and Britain (Red Rose) are hand stitched through the cloth. The signatures are stitched in colours to represent the service they belong to, Brown (Army), Blue (RAAF), Navy Blue (Navy), Scarlet (Merchant Navy) and grey (RAF). In the middle of one of the shorter edges is stitched, 'A memento of our service guests from 28th June 1942 to 25th April 1946, 295 Military Road Henley Beach South Australia'. The names of the family are also stitched, EC Tink (Husband), CL Tink, (Coralie the stitcher), and the three daughters RL Tink, VH Tink and PA Tink. Repeated in the centre of the long edges are two crossed flags, the English Union Jack and the red Australian flag. The signatures more or less radiate out in a circular pattern around the centred commencement date, June 25th. They cover the entire cloth.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. This cloth was commenced as a reminder of the service men who were invited to the family home of the Tinks from 1942 to 1946 for Sunday dinner. Contact was made with many of these service men after the war and the Tink family travelled to different states with the cloth to meet them.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

?wood, G V (AIF)

Abbott, J C (RAAF)

Abbott, R

Addison, G (AIF)

Addison, J (AIF)

Ahearn, M (AIF)

Ahern, Keith (AIF)

Airling, Wally S (RAN)

Aitchinson, N A (AIF)

Alcott, Doug (AIF)

Alexander, D (AIF)

Alexander, S G (Merchant Navy)

Allen, W E (RAAF)

Allis, A (RAAF)

Ambrose, J G (AIF)

Anderson, W (AIF)

Andrews, E D (AIF)

Arkell, N (RAAF)

Arnold, R W (AIF)

Arundal, K (Merchant Navy)

Ashward, G (RAAF)

Ashworth, J (AIF)

Aslin, Ray (RAAF)

Astill, J P (RAAF)

Atkins, A N (RAAF)

Atkins, F C (AIF)

Atkinson, J (RAAF)

Atkinson, J M (RAAF)

Baker, D R (RAAF)

Baker, R G (RAAF)

Baker, W (AIF)

Baldock, Ted (RAAF)

Ball, B C (AIF)

Banfield, Geoff (RAAF)

Banks, A (AIF)

Barber, A (AIF)

Barber, S (AIF)

Barbour, D W (RAAF)

Barker, J S (AIF)

Barnett, John (RAAF)

Barrack, F J (AIF)

Barratt, Thomas F (AIF)

Barry, Doug (RAAF)

Bartel, H (RAAF)

Bartley, R G (RAAF)

Barton, J N (RAAF)

Bathovis, D S (RAAF)

Beacham, A (RAAF)

Beath, R P W (RAAF)

Beaton, H (RAAF)

Beaton, K G (RAAF)

Beattie, J (RAAF)

Beckinsole, T (AIF)

Bedford, A C (AIF)

Bee, W (AIF)

Beinke, S G (RAAF)

Belcher, K L (RAAF)

Bell, A (AIF)

Bell, Bobby (AIF)

Bell, R W (AIF)

Bell, Ronald (AIF)

Benjamin, E (RAN)

Bennier, A S (AIF)

Benson, N (RAAF)

Best, Colin (RAAF)

Bevan, G (AIF)

Bird, L F (RAAF)

Bird, P R (AIF)

Blaskett, Ron

Block, A F (RAAF)

Blomfield, L (AIF)

Blowes, A (RAN)

Board, Sydney V (RAN)

Boardman, Alfred (RAAF)

Bond, Tim (RAAF)

Bopp, E A (Merchant Navy)

Bou?holt, T H (AIF)

Bounds, W A (RAAF)

Boyd, J M (RAAF)

Bradbury, J (RAAF)

Bradbury, M W (RAAF)

Bradley, S (RAAF)

Bradley, V (AIF)

Brennan, H F (RAAF)

Brennan, J (RAAF)

Brennan, M (RAAF)

Brice, ALLAN (RAN)

Briggs, R (AIF)

Brindley, C H (RAAF)

Broadhurst, A (AIF)

Brockman, K C (RAAF)

Brook, Des T (AIF)

Brooks, M G (RAAF)

Brooks, R L (RAAF)

Brown, A (RAAF)

Brown, P (RAN)

Bruce, B A C (RAN)

Bruce, G (RAAF)

Buchanan, K (RAAF)

Buchanan, Len (RAAF)

Buck, W (RAAF)

Buckley, A M (AIF)

Burgess, C J (RAAF)

Burgess, William A (RAAF)

Burnes, A G (RAAF)

Burns, T L (AIF)

Butler, John (RAAF)

Bydder, L (RAAF)

Byron, Brian W (RAAF)

C, T E (AIF)

Caesar, P (RAAF)

Cahill, K (RAAF)

Caine, H (AIF)

Calladine, Bill (AIF)

Callas, Noel J (RAAF)

Cameron, D A (RAAF)

Camin, C L (RAAF)

Campbell, J E (AIF)

Campbell, L D (RAAF)

Carless, J M (AIF)

Carlson, W S (AIF)

Carroll, E (RAAF)

Carter, H G (RAAF)

Carter, John (RAN)

Case, E A (RAAF)

Cash, H P (RAAF)

Caspaney, Ray L (RAAF)

Casson, J (RAAF)

Caty, Theo (N E I) (RAAF)

Caulfield, A (AIF)

Cavenagh, A E (AIF)

Chadderton, Frank (RAAF)

Chadwick, F (RAAF)

Chalmers, B (RAAF)

Chanders, C (RAN)

Charlesworthy, A O (AIF)

Chetlow, J (RAAF)

Chinnery, C R (AIF)

Chittleborough, W (AIF)

Christmas, F C (AIF)

Church, T E (AIF)

Cinoris, Len (RAAF)

Cisealey, K (RAAF)

Clancey, R (AIF)

Clark, J M (AIF)

Clark, K L (RAAF)

Clark, R J (RAAF)

Clarke, C R (RAAF)

Clarke, S D (AIF)

Coad, O E (RAAF)

Coats, Alex (AIF)

Cole, A A (RAAF)

Coleman, F (AIF)

Collett, V (RAAF)

Collins, I D (AIF)

Collins, J D (AIF)

Comrie, S (RAAF)

Condon, K S (RAAF)

Connell, Dennis (AIF)

Constable, E B (RAAF)

Cook, F (RAAF)

Cooper, D A (RAAF)

Cooper, G (RAAF)

Corbitt, E (AIF)

Cornish, L T (AIF)

Cosgrove, Michael Juan (RAN)

Cossey, M (AIF)

Couch, Harold (AIF)

Couzner, L K (AIF)

Coxall, Clifford (RAN)

Cozneasor, H R (AIF)

Crane, K L (AIF)

Crawford, Boyd J (AIF)

Creffield, N H (RAAF)

Crittenden, G (RAAF)

Crosbie, J M (RAAF)

Cross, V (AIF)

Crowe, J H (RAAF)

Crowley, F H (AIF)

Cruse, V (AIF)

Cunningham, J (RAAF)

Curran, L N (RAAF)

Curran, M (RAAF)

Currie, Alan B (RAAF)

Cutting, A (AIF)

Cutts, Leslie (RAAF)

D F C (Merchant Navy)


D'arcy, L M (RAAF)

Daja, P F (AIF)

Dakers, R J (RAAF)

Dale, L (AIF)

Dalton, P (AIF)

Darly, P (RAAF)

Dart, W G (AIF)

Davey, R L (RAAF)

Davies, H L (RAAF)

Davis, D M (AIF)

Davis, K W (AIF)

Dawe, V (RAAF)

Dawes, Harvey (RAAF)

Dawes, N (RAAF)

Dawson, H G (AIF)

Dawson, W T (RAAF)

Day, R H (Merchant Navy)

De Courey, S (RAAF)

Dempsey, J R (RAAF)

Dempster, H (AIF)

Desmond, P (AIF)

Devitt, Bill (RAAF)

Devitt, W (RAAF)

Dewar, H (AIF)

Dewdreg, John (Merchant Navy)

Dewhurst, P (RAAF)

Dex, J L (AIF)

Dick, H B (RAAF)

Dickens, N (AIF)

Dickson, J F (RAAF)

Dienstfrei, L (AIF)

Donovan, B S (RAAF)

Dorruptan, R F (RAAF)

Douglas, F J (RAAF)

Douglas, K (RAAF)

Douglas, L (AIF)

Dowell, W (RAAF)

Dowse, R W G

Driscoll, E (AIF)

Duddy, J (RAAF)

Dunn, G E (RAAF)

Dunn, M T (RAAF)

Eagle, P T (RAAF)

Ebbets, H V (AIF)

Edinborrough, Ian (RAAF)

Edwards, A (RAAF)

Edwards, C L (RAAF)

Edwards, S (RAAF)

Elliott, C (AIF)

Elliott, S (RAAF)

Ellis, A (RAAF)

Ellis, Bob (AIF)

Ellis, I N (RAAF)

English, D (RAAF)

Errington, C (AIF)

Errington, W J (AIF)

Eurell, R G (RAAF)

Everett, V (238 Squadron SEA Aviforces)

Felton, N (RAAF)

Fenn, A W (RAAF)

Fenton, R V (RAAF)

Ferguson, Arch (RAAF)

Fergussan, K (AIF)

Fernihough, A (Merchant Navy)

Fiedler, Alan (RAAF)

Fife, Cyril (AIF)

Finborough, M (AIF)

Fink, C J (AIF)

Fisher, H D (RAN)

Fisher, R L (RAN)

Fitzgerald, S (RAN)

Fitzgerald, V (RAAF)

Fitzpatrick, N J (AIF)

Fleck, Reg J (RAAF)

Fleetwood, D (RAAF)

Fleich, D (AIF)

Fletcher, M (RAN)

Fletcher, N T (RAAF)

Flynn, Leonard Patrick (RAAF)

Foles, J J (RAAF)

Forbes, Allen (RAAF)

Ford, D C (RAAF)

Ford, R J (RAAF)

Fordham, Angus L (RAAF)

Forston, Clifford (RAAF)

Foster, R A (RAAF)

Foster, Victor (RAAF)

Fotward, E (RAAF)

Franke, Leslie (AIF)

Fraser, K H (AIF)

Fraser, W J (AIF)

Fratman, Cru (AIF)

Frazer, C (AIF)

Freestone, P J (AIF)

Friend, A (AIF)

Frost, Gordon (RAAF)

Fryer, W R (RAAF)

Galbraith, Allan (AIF)

Galloway, A G (RAAF)

Gamble, A (AIF)

Garden, John (RAAF)

Gardener, F (AIF)

Gardner, J W (AIF)

Garraby, Frank (RAAF)

Gascoyne, R (AIF)

Geahan, F G (AIF)

Gebert, E G (RAAF)

Geeden, Rick (RAAF)

Geelen, R (RAAF)

George, C L (RAAF)

Geser, W H (RAAF)

Gibson, G F (AIF)

Gilbank, S J (RAN)

Gillen, D V L (AIF)

Gilmour, R T (RAAF)

Glackner, C W (AIF)

Glennon, Gene (AIF)

Glove, W (RAAF)

Gluth, Johnnie (RAAF)

Gollan, G A (RAAF)

Goodlad, J (RAAF)

Gordon, G R (RAN)

Gordon, J M (AIF)

Gorman, Les J (RAAF)

Gould, J (AIF)

Gould, R C (RAAF)

Gower, Ronald (RAAF)

Grace, Norman (RAAF)

Gransden, L H (AIF)

Grattidge, A (RAN)

Gray, A F (RAAF)

Gray, Stewart (AIF)

Green, B (AIF)

Green, H (AIF)

Greenward, Jim (RAAF)

Greeves, R W (RAAF)

Griffiths, A H (RAAF)

Griffiths, D (RAAF)

Griggs, C A (RAAF)

Griggs, Reg (RAN)

Groucott, P (RAAF)

Grout, C G (RAAF)

Grove, H V (RAAF)

Hackett, J (RAAF)

Haggard, R (AIF)

Haines, H E (RAAF)

Hale, C J (RAAF)

Hall, A (AIF)

Hall, R E (AIF)

Halls, F N (RAAF)

Hamilton, J D (RAAF)

Hamlyn, Geoff (RAAF)

Hammond, J (RAN)

Handley, W J (RAAF)

Hankinson, Norm (RAAF)

Hanlon, A T (RAAF)

Hanslow, J R (RAAF)

Harbinson, T (RAAF)

Hardy, V H (RAAF)

Harris, Cecil (AIF)

Harrison, Laurence (RAAF)

Hartrop, J (RAAF)

Harvey, A B (AIF)

Haserwell, A H (AIF)

Hatsby, G (AIF)

Haumorff, G (AIF)

Hayward, R S (RAAF)

Heard, Tom A (AIF)

Hearn, Ron (RAAF)

Heath, W C (RAAF)

Heillings, J (AIF)

Henderson, A H (RAAF)

Henderson, C (AIF)

Henderson, J (RAAF)

Hennessy, T F (AIF)

Herbert, R (AIF)

Hicks, E (RAAF)

Hicks, L (AIF)

Higgins, P (AIF)

Hill, T (RAAF)

Hinch, H (AIF)

Hindler, Jack (RAAF)

Hiskey, R A (RAAF)

Hobbs, R E (AIF)

Hodgson-B?od, R H (RAAF)

Hogan, H (RAAF)

Hoking, Keith (AIF)

Holden, G (RAAF)

Holdern, L (RAAF)

Hollingsworth, D (RAAF)

Hollingsworth, Geo A (RAAF)

Holloway, E R (RAAF)

Holloway, R J (AIF)

Holmes, G A (RAAF)

Holmes, N (RAAF)

Holt, Bill (RAAF)

Holt, H L (RAAF)

Holton, M W (RAN)

Honey, K C (RAAF)

Honeywell, B (AIF)

Honner, C (RAAF)

Horn, W T (RAAF)

Horne, G (AIF)

Horne, W (RAAF)

Hosking, H (RAAF)

Hough, K C (RAAF)

Howard, F C (RAAF)

Hudson, Bruce (RAAF)

Hughes, Len W (RAAF)

Hume, C J (AIF)

Hunter, Neville (RAAF)

Huxtable, R J (RAAF)

Illman, C S (AIF)

Ilson, C H (AIF)

Ingersole, W (RAAF)

Inglis, R H (RAAF)

Ingram, Tom (AIF)

Ireland, W (AIF)

Jackson, K (AIF)

Jacobson, N H (RAAF)

Jacobson, R H (RAAF)

James, Daniel K (RAAF)

James, L F (AIF)

Jardon, C M (AIF)

Jarmyn, D (AIF)

Jeffree, Lloyd (RAAF)

Jeffs, E (AIF)

Jellett, N B (RAAF)

Jenkin, S R (RAAF)

Jenkins, A C (RAAF)

Jenkinson, Len (AIF)

Johannsen, R (RAAF)

Johnson, Don A (RAAF)

Johnson, G (AIF)

Johnson, Les (RAAF) (RAAF)

Johnson, M (RAAF)

Johnson, W C (RAAF)

Johnston, E C (RAAF)

Johnston, Jon R (RAAF)

Johnston, W B (RAAF)

Johnstone, W V (AIF)

Jolly, David (RAAF)

Jones, Desmond (RAAF)

Jones, H G (AIF)

Jones, J (RAAF)

Jones, Thomas (RAAF)

Jorden, G L S (AIF)

Joseph, Len (AIF)

Judd, B (RAAF)

Judd, G (RAAF)

Judhens, Stan (AIF)

Karasck, F (AIF)

Kavanagh, P (RAAF)

Kay, George (RAAF)

Keck, T M (RAAF)

Kelleher, J (AIF)

Keller, H F (AIF)

Kelly, J (RAAF)

Kelly, Kevin (RAAF)

Kelly, N R (AIF)

Kennedy, R (AIF)

Kennison, D D (AIF)

Kenworthy, K (RAAF)

Kermode, Peter (RAAF)

Kerr, John (RAAF)

Kerr, Muriel A (AAMWS)

Kest, E C (AIF)

Kibbey, F (RAAF)

Kiddle, J F (RAAF)

Kidner, S R (RAAF)

Kifford, Bruce (RAAF)

Killen, T G (RAAF)

Kind, J F (RAAF)

King, C (RAAF)

Kingston, Chas (RAAF)

Kirk, Gordon (RAAF)

Kirkland, R (RAAF)

Kitchener, E P (RAAF)

Knibbs, L M (AIF)

Knowles, C (AIF)

Kratzman, V J (RAAF)

Kuchenmeister, R (AIF)

Kulleske, D (RAAF)

Lackman, M J (RAAF)

Lambden, R (AIF)

Lambell, U F (AANS)

Lancaster, W B (RAAF)

Lane, K G (RAAF)

Larken, C E (RAAF)

Latter, M (RAAF)

Laub, H S (RAAF)

Lavery, N (RAAF)

Laycock, Tom (AIF)

Lee, A G (RAAF)

Lee, F H (AIF)

Lee, L (AIF)

Lennan, M (RAAF)

Leonard, O (RAAF)

LeRossignol, Athol (RAAF)

Leslie, Bruce (RAAF)

Lever, A (AIF)

Lever, H (AIF)

Lillindal, M B (Merchant Navy)

Limbert, S N (RAAF)

Linford, A J (RAAF)

Lingard, Reg (AIF)

Linton, H R (RAAF)

Little, C (AIF)

Little, F C (RAAF)

Lloyd, A (RAAF)

Loades, D J (AIF)

Lorriman, D A (RAN)

Loughman, A P (RAAF)

Love, N S (AIF)

Loveday, Norman F (AIF)

Lowe, Harold (RAAF)

lynch, M (AIF)

M M (Merchant Navy)

MacDonald, D (AIF)

Machin, Joe (RAAF)

MacIntyre, W N (RAAF)

MacLean, I D (RAAF)

MacPherson, J W (RAAF)

MacQueen, K J (RAAF)

Maddocks, D J (RAN)

Maddocks, G (AIF)

Magill, D J (POW Germany) (AIF)

Maher, E (AIF)

Maher, K (RAAF)

Mankerud, K J (RAAF)

Marchant, Ross (RAAF)

Marchant, W S (RAAF)

Marsh, C (AIF)

Marshall, J A (RAAF)

Marshall, J H (AIF)

Marshall, T (AIF)

Marsland-Kelsey, Hal (RAAF)

Martin, A (RAAF)

Mason, J G (RAAF)

Mathison, G (RAAF)

Matthews, K (RAAF)

McAuliffe, E J (AIF)

McAvoy, Keith W (RAAF)

McCormick, J W (AIF)

McDonald, G M (RAAF)

McDonald, J (RAAF)

McFarlane, K (RAAF)

McGilvsoy, W (RAAF)

McGowan, A (Black Watch) (PW Japan)

McGregor, K H (RAAF)

McGuiness, W (RAAF)

McKechnie, J I (RAAF)

McKechnie, J W (AIF)

McKechnie, K A (AIF)

McKenzie, Donald (RAAF)

McKewon, Allen (RAAF)

McKinley, Malcolm (RAAF)

McLachlan, A (AIF)

McLachlan, T (AIF)

McLean, R J (AIF)

McLeish, K (RAAF)

McLoughlan, D (RAN)

McMahon, G (AIF)

McMillan, G (RAAF)

McMorrow, R J (RAAF)

McRae, L G (RAAF)

Meers, L N (RAAF)

Meier, W (AIF)

Meldrum, A S H (AIF)

Melmoth, Glenley A (AIF)

Melthorpe, M (AIF)

Meridith, W (RAAF)

Meyer, F (AIF)

Michael, R A (RAAF)

Midgley, H W (AIF)

Midgley, P (AIF)

Miles, V A K (RAAF)

Miller, A L (AIF)

Miller, Mick (RAAF)

Miller, R (RAAF)

Miller, R M (AIF)

Mitchell, A F (RAAF)

Mitchell, Ronald B (RAN)

Mogg, James S (RAAF)

Moir, M N (AIF)

Molit, Joe (RAAF)

Moore, E (RAAF)

Moraloe, B (RAAF)

Moran, F W G (AIF)

Morgan, A F (RAAF)

Morgan, L J (RAAF)

Morgan, V (RAAF)

Moriarty, Jack (RAAF)

Morrell, K F (RAAF)

Morris, A E (AIF)

Morris, Edward R (RAAF)

Morrison, M (AIF)

Morton, J (RAN)

Mosley, E J S (RAAF)

Mulhall, L C (AIF)

Mullan, A P (RAAF)

Munday, F (AIF)

Mundie, C W (RAAF)

Murdock, W (AIF)

Murphy, J D (AIF)

Murray, J (RAN)

Murray, K (AIF)

Myers, J (RAN)

Nash, J (RAAF)

Neighbour, W (RAAF)

Neil, R G (New Hebrides) (RAAF)

Neivandt, H (RAN)

Nelson, Bruce (RAAF)

Nelson, John (RAAF)

Newington, A (AIF)

Newstead, K L (RAAF)

Nicholls, D A (RAAF)

Nickolson, J (RAAF)

Noonan, J (RAAF)

Nowden, O L (RAAF)

O'Brien, J (AIF)

O'Brien, J J (RAAF)

O'Brien, N T (RAAF)

O'Connor, John (RAN)

O'Dea, H (RAAF)

O'Hara, Ron (RAAF)

O'Hehir B (AIF)

O'Hehir D H (RAAF)

O'Niel, O J (AIF)

O'Rielly, E G (AIF)

Oakley, George (RAAF)

Orton, C J (RAAF)

Osbourne, Vic

Otway, C (RAAF)

outel, D L (AIF)

Owan, A I E (AIF)

Page, L (RAAF)

Palm, Johannes (AIF)

Papprill, F (AIF)

Parry, William (AIF)

Parsons, John (AIF)

Paterson, R W (RAAF)

Patterson, J (Merchant Navy)

Payne, Max (RAAF)

Pearce, A A (RNZAF)

Pearce, D N (RAAF)

Peers, Harry W (RAAF)

Peers, R (AIF)

Pellzgam, E A (RAAF)

Pelt, J (RAAF)

Penny, O (AIF)

Percival, A D (RAAF)

Percival, F (RAAF)

Percy, A (AIF)

Perry, D M (RAAF)

Peterson, Frank (RAAF)

Pett, J (RAAF)

Pettit, C W (AIF)

Phillips, A C (AIF)

Phillips, L (AIF)

Phillips, W G (AIF)

Phillis, H S (RAAF)

Phoenix, W A (AIF)

Pignolet, O R (AIF)

Pishos, Con (RAAF)

Pitson, D J (AIF)

Pitt, J (RAAF)

Plummer, M (RAN)

Pole, A K (AIF)

Poore, R (RAAF)

Poppin, J T (AIF)

Potts, J M (RAAF)

Power, D (AIF)

Praed, Mick (AIF)

Pratt, W J (AIF)

Preston, James (RAN)

Price, G (AIF)

Prior, M (AIF)

Procter, C L (AIF)

Proudlock, L T (RAAF)

Prout, Colin (Cymu Arn Byth) (AIF)

Prowse, D R (RAAF)

Purcell, F T (AIF)

Raftery, Bernie (RAAF)

Rainey, S J M

Ralph, R (RAN)

Randle, H (RAAF)

Ray, H (RAAF)

Ray, H (RAN)

Ray, Nathon (RAAF)

Raymond, Auston (RAAF)

Raymond, Ray (RAN)

Read, L (AIF)

Reade, M H S (RAAF)

Reddell, D H (AIF)

Rees, R M (RAAF)

Reeves, J W (RAAF)

Reid, B (RAAF)

Reid, Ian S (RAAF)

Reid, K L (AIF)

Reid, W A J (RAAF)

Reilly, R T, (AIF)

Renton, A (RAAF)

Richards, A J (AIF)

Richards, C (AIF)

Richardson, K (RAAF)

Rickhardt, G (AIF)

Rickson, A (AIF)

Riddle, A (AIF)

Rider, E (RAAF)

Riley, E B (AIF)

Rinchelo, H (AIF)

Roberts, C (AIF)

Roberts, J E (AIF)

Roberts, Len (AIF)

Roberts, R (AIF)

Robertson, J A (AIF)

Robinson, M (AIF)

Roesler, Jack (RAAF)

Rogers, E (RAAF)

Roland, Armond John (RAN)

Romain, Bill (RAAF)

Ronald, S Cooper (RAAF)

Rounds, H (AIF)

Routledge, Bob (RAAF)

Routley, Ron (AIF)

Rowbottom, R J (RAAF)

Roy, N G (RAAF)

Rule, A H (AIF)

Russell, R (AIF)

Ryan, John (RAAF)

Rydquist, H (AIF)

Ryland, R (RAAF)

Salenger, R (RAAF)

Salter, A E (AIF)

Sanders, Ken (RAAF)

Sanderson, J (AIF)

Saunders, Frank (RAAF)

Saunders, W L (RAAF)

Savage, F (AIF)

Sayers, J (AIF)

Schenck, David (AIF)

Schrader, Ray (RAAF)

Scott, G (AIF)

Scott, Pat (AIF)

Seager, F D (AIF)

Self, R M (AIF)

Shanton, E F (RAAF)

Shapiro, M (RAAF)

Sharid, E J (RAAF)

Shearwood, T (RAN)

Sheehan, Mervyn H (RAAF)

Sherrard, R J (RAN)

Sherry, Rose H (RAAF)

Shiels, J (RAAF)

Shoemark, E A (AIF)

Short, Eric (AIF)

Short, H Ian (RAAF)

Short, J R (RAAF)

Short, Stanley (AIF)

Sigley, B (AIF)

Simmons, H (AIF)

Sims, D A (AIF)

Skinner, Jack (RAAF)

Slaney, Alf (AIF)

Slayford, E (RAAF)

Smart, A (RAAF)

Smith, Frank (AIF)

Smith, Greg B (RAAF)

Smith, I M (RAAF)

Smith, J (AIF)

Smith, K (AIF)

Smith, L H (AIF)

Smith, L J (RAAF)

Smith, R M (RAAF)

Smith, Roy (AIF)

Smith, T (AIF)

Smith, William P (RAAF)

Smyth, Eugene (RAAF)

Solosy, B G (AIF)

Souter, K (RAAF)

Southwood, L (RAAF)

Spencer, E L (AIF)

Spencer, K (RAAF)

Spreadborough, W C (AIF)

Spry, V R (RAAF)

Stack, I P (RAAF)

Stearn, Ron (RAAF)

Steinnard, R E (AIF)

Stenhouse, A T (RAAF)

Stephens, D (RAAF)

Stephens, K (AIF)

Stevens, B (RAAF)

Stevens, John (AIF)

Stevens, W E (RAAF)

Stirling, Eric N (RAAF)

Stockdale, R (RAAF)

Stoddart, G (AIF)

Stott, C (RAAF)

Stott, H (AIF)

Stott, J C (RAAF)

Stringer, L L (RAAF)

Suckling, E D (AIF)

Sullivan, Stan (RAAF)

Sweat, Noel (AIF)

Sweeny, Collin (RAAF)

Symes, C C (RAAF)

Symons, D (RAAF)

Tassell, J (RAAF)

Taylor, Jack (RAAF)

Taylor, K (AIF)

Taylor, L G (RAAF)

Taylor, M A (AIF)

Taylor, V (RAAF)

Temple, Athol (AIF)

Thomas, F W (RAAF)

Thompson, H J (RAAF)

Thompson, Ken (RAAF)

Thompson, L (AIF)

Thompson, W (AIF)

Thomson, B (RAAF)

Thomson, Colin (RAAF)

Thomson, R F (RAAF)

Thorham, M (AIF)

Thorn, S J (RAAF)

Thornycroft, J (AIF)

Thorogood, E (RAAF)

Thorp-Hinck, Peter (Merchant Navy)

Tichbon, Bob P (AIF)

Tilbrook, N W J (AIF)

Tink, K (RAAF)

Tink, O E (RAAF)

Tiplady, R (AIF)

Tovy, W J (RAAF)

Town, S V (RAAF)

Townsend, K G (RAAF)

Tracey, D N F (AIF)

Tracy, G (AIF)

Trail-Masky, Eric G (RAAF)

Trevivian, P N (RAAF)

Trott, F B (AIF)

Trowbridge, E (AIF)

Truman, E (AIF)

Trumble, S J (RAAF)

Tucker, Jack (AIF)

Tullberg, C W (RAAF)

Turner, l (RAAF)

Turner, W (RAAF)

Twyerovis, C F (RAAF)

Tyler, A (AIF)

Tyson, Arthur (AIF)

Vail, P R (RAAF)

Vallock, Bob (RAAF)

Vaughan, Rodney (RAAF)

Vaughan, Walter A (RAAF)

Veitch, V K (RAAF)

Veney, W D (AIF)

Verdonk, M (RAAF)

Vincent, Stanley (AIF)

Vowles, Johnson, H A (RAN)

Wade, G (RAAF)

Wagener, J (RAAF)

Walker, A W (RAAF)

Walker, Alf (AIF)

Walker, F (AIF)

Walker, Jerry (RAAF)

Wall, Frank (RAAF)

Wallace, Jack (AIF)

Wallis, L V (AIF)

Walpole, H (AIF)

Walter, J J (RAAF)

Walters, E (RAAF)

Walters, K (AIF)

Waples, J C (RAAF)

Ward, A (AIF)

Ward, G W (AIF)

Ward, K (AIF)

Warne, Alan (RAAF)

Warren, J (RAAF)

Wassett, E (AIF)

Waterhouse, J (AIF)

Waters, Harold (RAAF)

Watkins, M C (AIF)

Watson, C W (RAAF)

Watson, K G (RAAF)

Watt, Jack (RAAF)

Watting, K (RAAF)

Watts, H (RAAF)

Watts, J (RAAF)

Watts, T (AIF)

Waxman, Ted (RAAF)

Webb, Colin A (RAAF)

Webb, Dallas (RAAF)

Webber, Ken (AIF)

Wedding, K A (AIF)

Weeks, Arthur (AIF)

Weiss, J H (RAAF)

Welch, E J (RAAF)

Werzon, Joseph (RAAF)

Westland, D A (AIF)

Weston, Aub (AIF)

Whelan, Keith (AIF)

Whiltard, B C (AIF)

Whitehouse, V K (RAAF)

Wicks, B (RAAF)

Wilkins, L J (RAAF)

Wilkinson, W (AIF)

Williams, A G (RAAF)

Williams, E (AIF)

Williams, K (AIF)

Williams, L B (RAAF)

Williams, L F (RAAF)

Williams, R C (RAAF)

Williams, S A (RAAF)

Williams, W (RAAF)

Williamson, H A (RAAF)

Williamson, J (RAAF)

Wills, G H (AIF)

Wilson, A (RAAF)

Wilson, Des (AIF)

Wilson, Donald E (RAAF)

Wilson, H T (RAAF)

Wilson, W F (RAAF)

Wilson, W R (RAAF)

Wing, W J (RAAF)

Withers, G W (RAAF)

Wood, C (AIF)

Woodhouse, J (AIF)

Worrall, C (RAAF)

Wright, C (RAAF)

Wright, J (AIF)

Wyatt, W (AIF)

Wylie, K (RAAF)

Yeoman, Keith (AIF)

York, G E (RAN)

Young, L A (AIF)

Young, W (AIF)