Embroidered Signatures ProjectRadium Hill: Cloth

Radium Hill Heritage Association
Mid North
Mrs Pat Hillier
85cm x 85cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1958
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream linen supper cloth. Central motif is ‘Radium Hill’ in large dark red lettering. Multicoloured embroidered signatures are predominantly in stem stitch and scattered all over the cloth.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Fundraiser. Church of England Text from the museum notice: 'In 1958 the Church of England sought to raise funds. Mrs Pat Hillier had 107 ladies sign the supper cloth at two shillings for each signature. Some of the ladies, Dora Wilkin, Enid Pengilly and other CWA members used various types of stitches to embroider these signatures. The completed supper cloth was auctioned at a Church Fete and Dora Wilkin outbid George Hillier, buying it for sixteen pounds, equivalent to $600 in 2004. Twelve nationalities are represented in the 107 signatures. Thirty-nine of the signatories had recently migrated to Australia. Five of the signatories had served in the armed forces of their country'.


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Abbott, Margaret

Aitken, Jessie

Andrews, Laurel

Austin, Pat

Avery, Rita

Bale, Daphne

Ballinger, Dawn

Batchelor, Kath

Blake, Pat

Boers, Riet

Brown, Berndette M

Brown, I

Brown, Nancy

Carter, Larry

Cecchini, Silvia

Chapman, Alice

Charlesworth, Margaret

Craven, Thelma

Cresswell, Ellen

Crozier, Pat

Denholm, Catherine

Drazil, Herta

Fahey, M

Fettke, Betty

Fleming, Margaret

Footer, G

Ford, Zelda

Franklin, Win

Gibson, Joyce

Gillard, Mary

Gobbett, Joyce

Goode, Rita

Goscombe, Felicity

Grimley, Esther

Haensch, Zelda

Halkett, Pat

Hall, C

Hill, Lillian

Hillier, Pat

Jolliffe, Ellen

Jolly, Ducie

Jones, Pat

Joyner, Pat

Kakoschke, June

Lacey, Pat

Langhorne, Jess

Laverton, Gwen

Lawrie, Lorna

Lawson, Susan

Lees, Joyce

Lucan, Han

Mansfield, Florence

Marchant, Olive

McFadden, Betty

Medhurst, Barbara

Mellen, Morna

Messenger, Evelyn

Morris, E

Murach, Sonia

O'Donnell, Jessie

Ofenbach, A

Panasiuk, Anna

Parsons, Jan

Patterson, S

Paul, Dot

Pengilly, Enid

Pengilly, Pat

Perry, Mary

Ploeg, Elise

Purich, P

Ritchie, Merilees

Ritchie, Phil

Rodgers, Betty

Rozanski, Yanina

Saunders, Shirley

Scarff, Elaine

Scarff, Penny

Schawrowas, E

Scholten, A

Scholten, Desiree

Sheehan, Irene

Simpson, Alice

Smith, Vinie

Starczak, Marjorie

Starczak, Penelope

Stiles, Ellen

Syrus, Pat

Thomas, Evelyn

Thompson, Irene

Thompson, Mary

Thompson, Valerie

Turner, Jean

Viney, Aileen

Wade, Pat

Wade, Vida

Warburton, Neta

Warburton, Sophie

Weilozynski, Feodosie

Westley, Noreen

White, Betty

Wilkin, Christine

Wilkin, Dora

Wilkin, Heather

Wilkin, Irene

Wilson, Maralyn

Winter, M

Wlodarezyk, Shirley