Embroidered Signatures ProjectLipson. Tumby Bay: Cloth

National Trust. Tumby Bay Museum
Eyre Peninsula
Mrs Jane Brougham (nee Scott)
74cm x 73cm
Historical Period/Date
19th Century (1870-1999 Late)/c1880
ID Number
Cloths,Herringbone Stitch,Running Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream linen tea cloth with a 2cm hem decorated with red herringbone stitch. The names are all stitched in red and scattered all over the cloth. One signature appears faded.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. The handmade tea cloth was stitched with names of people from the Lipson district by Mrs Jane Brougham (nee Scott) of Yarandale shop and Post Office around the 1880’s. Her husband Howard died in 1889 and Jane who had 4 children married Mr William Carr of Lipson. The cloth was continued by Jane until her death in 1943. Names were still added by her daughter Mrs Edith Baille for some time after that. The cloth was donated by her family after her death. Not many names have dates but the earliest is 1903 and the latest is 1943.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Adams, D H

Adams, David

Adams, Edith H L

Adams, L M

Agnes, (Aunt)

Ashenden, H E

Baillie, A C

Baillie, George S

Baillie, Jessie H

Barraud, A L

Barraud, E M

Barraud, Marrion

Beaty, Mayne E

Beswick, Ethel

Bratten, Olive G E

Brett, Katie

Brougham, E A (84yrs)

Brougham, Edith J

Brougham, M A

Brougham, Nellie

Bryant, E F (384 Vivian St Boulder City WA) (16.11.04)

Carr, A L

Carr, Brook

Carr, Jane

Carr, R C

Carr, W

Carr, W Lloyd

Carr, Walter

Chignell, A M (May8/05)


Darling, Jessie

Dowell, Kath (Freemantle WA) (12.3.04)

Flavel, Frederick W

France, Hilda


Furnell, A E

Furnell, A M

Gale, C

Gale, Stephen

Garrett, Flo

Grovis, Elsie

Heather (1.7.43)

Hood, A F (Naracoorte SE)

Horner, H C (26.3.07)

Hudson, C A

Hudson, M G

Jim (Uncle)

Lloyd, Albert Edward (Kaniva Feb 1908)

Martin, Ida (Kadina) (1907)

Mazzarol, V J

Meldrum, R S

Minnie (cousin)

Morrison, E M

Morrison, H J (The Universe) (16.11.04)

Murray, Maggie

O'Connor, D

O'Connor, Thomas Victor (1903)

Ochtomann, C M

Ochtomann, Milly V

Octoman, J H (MBE)

Oswald, Frawsie

Palmer, Chas (1910)

Partington, Mary

Paterson, Eliza

Pearce, James (MP)

Phillis, P G

Pickles, Ruby

Provis, C

Provis, Jessie

Reynolds, W

Roberts, W T

Schramm, H

Scott, Agnes E

Scott, Annie

Scott, M H

Scott, Maud

Sinclair, Dudley M

Swaffer, H H

Swaffer, J E

Swaffer, Jane

Swaffer, S L

Telfer, Millicent A

Telfer, R Gladys

Thomas, E

Wickens, Eric

Wigzell, W Ern

Wishort, A B (Warratta)