Embroidered Signatures ProjectReynolds Family: Cushion

Private Collections
Yorke Peninsula
Gertrude Traeger (nee Noll)
34cm x 36cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1950
ID Number

Physical Description

Ecru linen cushion with a 5cm attached ruffle. On left side is stitched in red 'MAY 25th, 1950'. The names are stitched in a variety of colours.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. The cushion was started by the current owner’s grandmother, Gertrude Traeger (nee Noll) with many signatures of family and friends collected at her daughter's (the owner's mother) 21st birthday party on 25 May 1950. Many refugees were housed at the back of their property and the cushion started as a record of them. The daughter of the women who started the cushion met and married one of these refugees.


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Akate, T

Akot, A

Bohlin, I A

Buss, L I

Clasohm, Linda

Edmonds, A R

Edwards, E F

Endys, A T

Ernsteins, A

Ernsteins, J


Hartmais, Anna

Hartman, C R

Hartman, I

Hartman, Patricia

Havelberg, H R

Havelberg, J F

Havelberg, M D

Havelberg, P D

Havelberg, R D

Jericho, Eric

Jericho, M E

Jericho, Ruth

Kiil, W

Kloeden, R

Knaverhose, Rhonda

Laubsch, J

Laubsch, T

Lienert, John

McKeough, J



Muller, D

Muller, P H

Noll, E

Noll, E (2)

Noll, Elsa

Oksis, A

Oksis, H

Purvinas, C

Ramsay, H

Schilling, E A

Schilling, Edna

Schilling, H

Schilling, R G

Schumann, ?

Schuppan, C

Schuppan, S

Schwarz, D

Seibert, Iris

Seiders, T

Shepley, D V

Tendys, U

Thiele, Don

Thiele, G

Thiele, H

Thiele, M

Traeger, H M

Traeger, J A

Vasermanis, A

Vasermanis, B

Wilson, H G