Embroidered Signatures ProjectSACWA. Buxton Group. Darke Peak Branch: Cloth

South Australian Country Women's Association. Darke Peak Branch
Eyre Peninsula
South Australian Country Women's Association. Dark Peake Branch
157cm x 239cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White cotton cloth with the letters 'CWA' machine embroidered on each corner. The cloth has a 7cm hem plus a stitched line at 34cms from the edge, all stitched in red thread. The names are stem stitched in red and mostly located in the central rectanguar shape created by the intersecting 34cm lines. There are a smaller number of signatures within the bands, between the hem and the lines.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. South Australian Country Women's Association membership record. Dark Peake Branch.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Ashman, B

Bagshaw, Isabel (Gr Pres 1970)

Berg, C E

Blinman, Gertrude (Hon State Treasurer)

Burgess, J V

Burnard, K E

Chirgwin, L M

Colma, V M

Colman, Ade

Cook, V L

Cooper, Mavis (State President 1978)

Crosby, Joy (G Pres)

Daniel, J A

Davis, A O

Davis, L P

Degner, E L

Devitt, A L

Dolling, E D (Group Pres)

Dolling, G M

Dolling, J A

Dolphin, Sylvy (2005)

Donnelly, V

Doris, L P

Dutt, Aroti (ACWW 1970)

Edwards, R H

Evans, G M

Finch, G D (G H O)

Gamlen, Joyce (State Pres 1985)

Greenfield, C H

Greenfield, H E M

Greenhill, J H (Gr Sec)

Grund, O D (G Pres 1965-68)

Hallion, Eileen (State Pres)

Hampel, L (CP 2003)

Harris, B P

Harris, C A

Hean, P

Heaslip, Majorie (State Pres 1973)

Hebberman, L

Hooper, Irene

Humphries, E C

Humphries, K B

Humphries, R J

Huppatz, I V M (Gr Pres 1958)

Hutchins, M

Jericho, Edna

Kenny, E M

Kenny, K (Gr Pres)

Klante, B P

Knuckey, Pat

Kobelt, A E P

Kobelt, C J

Kobelt, D I (Gr Pres) ( Div Pres) (stop)

Kobelt, Ivy

Kobelt, Myra E (GP.FI.O)

Lally, P M (Buxton Group Pres)

Lang, I J (Div Pres)

Larwood, A J

Mason, Lorna (Div Pres)

Matthews, C M

McIntyre, K O

Mitchell, C

Mundy, Alice (Gr Pres 1975)

Murray, J B (L Nth Div Pres)

Niesche, M E

Noble, B M (SA)

Noble, D J

Noble, E E

Noble, G M

Noble, L

Noble, R A

Noble, R M

Noble, S A

Noble, V D

Noble, Y J

Norman, M B J

Norris, Vera (National Pres)

Ortlepp, E J (Gr H/Craft Sec)

Patterson, Jan (DP 95-98)

Pearce, G E (Gr Pres 1952)

Pearce, M J (Gr Pres 1960)

Pennyfield, Olvia (Haveshuper Schopne)

Phillis, Patricia (State Pres 1970)

Pietsch, K

Post, J M

Roberts, N L

Ross, Dorothy D (1987)

Rynne, J D

Sachse, E

Schuman, Audrey (1937)

Schuman, R (Grp Pres 89-91) (Div Pres 92-5) (St Pres 99-02) (SGO 96-9)

Schumann, E F (Gp Sec)

Shannon, Kathleen (International Sec)

Siegert, D E

Simes, C A

Simmon, E W

Stirling, M C

Styles, I A

Thorn, A G

Traeger, A (Gr Fl O)

Traeger, I

Traeger, M

Von Beekhoff, Gerde (Pres ACWW 1962)

Wake, G

Wake, M G

Wake, M J

Watkinson, Gillian (Dp 89-92)

West, D A (1945)

Whittaker, A

Williams, C D

Williams, H K

Workman, D L

Zerbe, Eula (State Pres)

Zwar, M H