Embroidered Signatures ProjectNarridy: Cloth

Crystal Brook Heritage Centre
Mid North
71cm x 71cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/c1904
ID Number
Cloths,Running Stitch,

Physical Description

A cream linen cloth with a 7.5cm drawn thread work hem. The date in the centre of the cloth is 'August 19th' but there is no year. Red signatures are scattered all over the cloth. Previously known as the Red Signature cloth, the local historian believes the names to be from the Narridy district. The date of the cloth probably precedes 1910 as the maiden name of the historian's mother is on the cloth and she married in 1910.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative? From the Wikipedia article: 'It formerly had a hotel, the Narridy Hotel, which served as a meeting place for the local area. The building had a dramatic partial collapse on 19 August 1904 and does not appear to have reopened'.


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Allen, A L

Beake, Arch W O

Bell, Louie

Berry, G O

Blake, May

Buttfield, E S H

Buttfield, Mabel M

Clapp, Olive

Claridge, C S

Claridge, Hilda

Claridge, Rupert

Claridge, S F

Close, Daisy

Close, Violet

Dreyer, Gussie

Dreyer, Minnie

Foreman, Ethel

Forrester, H L

Fox, Annie

Freeman, Alf

Freeman, E

Freeman, H H

Freeman, J

Frith, Netta City

Hamlin, May

Hawkins, Imelda

Hawkins, Ursula

Henning, Esther

Jennings, A A

Jennings, Claude J

Job, W

Johnson, Edie

Kelb, C D

Kevile, K

Kevile, N

Lorr, May

Lumman, Daisy Coralie

Marsh, Dallie

McDonald, Eva

McDonald, Teenie

McEntee, Theo

McNeil Dawson, A G

Mercer, Amy

Mercer, R

Newing, A E


Parry, A L

Parry, Ada M

Parry, M Percival

Parry, Millie M A

Pengelley, Emelie M

Pengelley, R S E

Radford, M L

Ross, Auric Forbes

Sayer, Olive E

Scotcher, A W

Scotcher, E Perc

Scotcher, Jack C

Shaw, Nellie

Sinclair, Allan M

Sinclair, Annie C

Sinclair, Annie M

Sinclair, Archie B

Sinclair, Don W

Sinclair, Jessie M

Sinclair, May C

Sullivan, N

Sutton, E May

Tapley, Hallie C

Tapley, Ross

Venning, Grace

Whitney, Maude

Woods, Edith G

Young, E J Mauditt

Young, L C