Embroidered Signatures ProjectSACWA. Buxton Group. Lock Branch: Cloth

South Australian Country Women's Association. Warramboo Branch
Eyre Peninsula
South Australian Country Women's Association. Murdinga Branch
130cm x 145cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White cotton with a 4.5cm bobbin lace edge. The names are stem stitched in red, mostly around the outside edge of the cloth.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. South Australian Country Women's Association. The closed Murdinga Branch presented Lock Branch with their CWA tablecloth, to be used on the table at each meeting and every member was asked to work their name on it. It was presented in 1978.


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Baines, Sue

Baldock, E T

Beard, Mary

Beare, N S (Nancy)

Bower, N (Natalie)

Bower, R (Rosalie)

Brown, H F

Cooper, D M

Durdin, Elaine

Dutschke, ?

Eichner, D E (Doris)

Elliot, A J (Alice)

Flavel, M J

Fry, J M (Jessie)

Gardner, M K

Glover, Geraldine

Habner, T A (Thelma)

Hansen, E A (Elsie)

Hansen, M L

Heath, A E

Heath, C A

Heath, N L (Norma)

Heath, R J

Hooper, Irene

Huppatz, Nett

Kammermann, J L (Joy)

Keane, M N

Lally, P M (Marie)

Melloe, D P

Mundy, Alice

Myles, M (Melva)

Oats, M O (Margaret)

Pearce, J L

Polkinghorne, J

Schmidt, Cherie

Shippard, J A (Jackie)

Siviour, E M

Siviour, M

Starke, Y J (Yvonne)

Taylor, E C (Ethel)

Tully, J E (Josie)

Wilson, M P

Young, G J (Gloria)

Young, L A

Young, ML (Margaret)