Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Euromina Unit 337: Banner

Spalding History Group
Mid North
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Euromina
88cm x 83cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Banners,Machine Appliqué,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

The banner is framed behind glass. It is cream sateen with a large 'V' machine appliquéd in the centre. Above the the 'V' are the words 'Euromina Unit 337' in gold ink. The crossed red Australian flag and Union Jack are between these words and above the ornate letters 'F F C F' which are also written in gold ink. Immediately below the letters are the words 'Honour Role' and eleven names, all in gold ink. On the outer edges of the V are many red and blue signatures that completely fill the rest of the banner. Sir Thomas Playford’s signature is in the top left corner.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Adams, A S

Adams, J S

Allen, D H

Allen, E E

Allen, H R

Allen, I G

Allen, J E

Allen, M C (AIF)

Allen, M C (AIF) (2)

Allen, M G

Allen, W

Argent, C L

Argent, I V M

Argent, K C

Argent, M A

Ashton, E M

Ashton, J H

Ashton, L J (AIF)

Ashton, S T

Badge, G D (W Aust) (RAAF)

Baulderstone, F D

Bayfield, (L Cpl)

Bayfield, F A

Bayfield, F W

Beaty, A J

Beaty, A K

Bell, R A

Bennett, Geo

Beven, G C

Boulton, A M

Bourke, L F

Bourke, L F (AIF)

Bright, T A

Brogan, B

Brogan, J

Brogan, M

Brogan, W

Brook, P

Brook, T

Brown, D A

Browne, Anthony

Browne, Claire

Browne, Desmond

Browne, J K

Browne, M V

Browne, N C

Browne, P J

Browne, P V

Bruce, F

Bryant, (Sgt)

Bryant, J

Bryant, M

Bunfield, M G

Bunfield, P M

Button, D M

Button, E M

Button, M

Button, Y M

Campbell, Alex

Campbell, F H

Campbell, I M

Carmody, Eilee

Carmody, P

Case, D

Case, F

Case, J

Case, M A

Case, Margaret

Case, T

Caust, F R

Cheffirs, K B

Cheffirs, Keith

Chomley, E M

Clapp, Wanda

Clarke, Ray

Clutterbuck, H

Collins, H R

Collins, L A

Cook, G

Cook, J

Coulter, W

Cousins, Sheila

Dinham, O C

Disher, Bob (1941)

Doddridge, L R

Donnellan, Agnes

Donnellan, E M

Donnellan, Kathleen

Donnellan, P W

Donnellan, Steve

Donnellan, Theresa

Dowd, A G

Dowd, F

Duance, C

Dunlop, M J

Dunstan, O M

Dux, M

Eames, L E

Earle, C R (RAAF)

Eckert, W O

Edwards, L J (RAAF)

Fahey, (Mrs)

Fahey, Mary

Fairchild, D M

Fairchild, S W

Fisher, M S (Vox)

Fox, D

Fox, P

Francis, M A

Frost, Peter

Fry, M

Fyfe, F (Jnr)

Fyfe, Max

Gage, A W

Gage, D

Gage, M

Gage, T L

George, Evan E

Gericke, E A

Gertan, F J

Gill, Adele

Gill, Annie T

Gill, E B

Gill, Frederick A

Gill, I M

Gill, K E

Gill, Leith

Gill, M M

Gill, Margaret

Gill, Mary

Gill, O

Gill, Peter

Gill, Rod

Gill, Sid

Gill, Vera

Gillen, J G

Gillen, V

Gillick, J

Gluyas, Betty

Goss, N J

Green, H

Gruhl, F

Gruhl, V

Hancock, A E

Hancock, Alan

Hancock, C A

Hancock, E O

Hancock, G E

Hancock, H E

Hancock, M

Hancock, V P

Harmer, C

Hawes, D

Hawes, J

Hawes, John

Hawes, Mary

Hawes, W

Hayes, T E

Hewish, Barbara

Hill, E S

Howley, M L

Jamieson, C M

Jamieson, Don

Jamieson, Joy

Jamieson, N L

Jamieson, Roland

Jamieson, Ruth

Jeffs, R

Johns, L B (RAAF)

Johns, Olive

Keain, Arthur

Keain, B A

Keain, B V

Keain, J

Keain, J R A

Keain, M L

Keain, Maurice

Keain, P J

Kerin, J

Lampshire, R E

Lang, F J

Lawrie, N

Ledsard, Valda

Lehmann, C

Lehmann, Daphne

Lehmann, Donald

Lehmann, Grace

Lehmann, V

Leske, D N

Leske, V I

Lomman, D H J

Longmire, E

Longmire, I

Longmire, Lindon

Longmire, W

Madigan, C E

Mahon, G

Mahon, J W

Malone, John

Malone, Maureen

Malone, Patricia

Malone, Theresa

Malycha, Neil

Marsh, J F

Marsh, Warren

Martin, C A

Martin, Chris

Martin, F R

Martin, G B

Martin, J F

Martin, M B

Martin, Trevor


Maxwell, Ian

Maxwell, K C

Maxwell, Ross

Mayer, C O

McAdam, J F

McAskill, C

McAskill, O J

McDonald, A D

McIver, Gary

McIver, P

McIver, R B

McKay, N

McKenna, C T

McLean, A R

McLean, Alen

McLean, Clare

McLean, D

McLean, E

McLean, John

McLean, Margaret

McLean, Mary

McMahon, L R

McMahon, M

Meaney, Brian

Meaney, John

Meyer, E F

Meyer, H G (RAAF)

Meyer, O R

Meyer, Stewart

Meyer, Vera

Michael, E I

Mieglich, John

Mieglich, Kevin

Miller, E F

Murphy, C W

Napper, R D (RAAF)

Nitschke, A

Norton, H

Norton, J

Norton, R J

O'Leary, J

Ormsby, D

Ormsby, M

Ormsby, N

Ormsby, S R

Page, G M

Page, O G

Paul, A D

Paul, B M

Paul, H

Phillips, J M

Pietsch, B

Pietsch, J

Pietsch, Mary

Pietsh, J (AIF)

Pilkington, James

Pilkington, M V

Playford, Thomas

Potto, R J

Pratt, B

Preiss, B J C

Preiss, C L

Preiss, G

Preiss, Thomas

Priess, A M

Priess, J A

Prosser, D T

Pryde, D

Pryde, Donald Angus

Pryde, H G

Pryde, T G

Rayson, Betty G

Rayson, Joan M

Rayson, M L

Reed, D E

Reed, John

Reed, R W

Reid, W S

Reinke, Colleen

Reinke, E

Reinke, E H

Reinke, Elaine

Reinke, F E

Reinke, G

Reinke, M G

Reinke, Patty

Reinke, R M (RAAF)

Reinke, V

Roberts, F E

Roberts, O V

Roberts, R S (RAAF)

Roberts, Wag (RAAF)

Robertson, W A (RAN)

Robinson, e V

Robinson, M D

Robinson, W A

Saunderson, C

Sawley, A C

Sawley, E M

Sawley, L G

Sawley, O S

Sawley, S R

Sawley, W J

Scott, Zoe

Selleck, D

Selleck, L

Shane, K

Shane, M

Shekleton, B

Shekleton, J B

Sisman, J

Slattery, N

Smith, A M

Smith, S H

Sommerville, J C

Sommerville, Stewart

Stahlhot, D

Stevens, D

Stevens, J H J

Stevens, L G C

Thornton, F P

Treacy, Basil (WA) (RAAF)

Tucker, D J

Twelftree, G E

Vawser, I

Venning, L

Vowles, N A

Vowles, Pauline

Walpole, Pauline

Walsh, S

Wear, M

Westlake, C J

Westlake, Dawn

Westlake, E M

Westlake, Fay

Westlake, M J

Westlake, Reg

White, M I

Williams, Laurel

Willoughby, B

Willoughby, E

Willoughby, F N

Willoughby, J E

Wilsdon, J E

Wilsdon, N J

Wilsdon, Ralph

Wilson, Maxine

Wilson, Rhonda A

Wood, A

Wood, Delrae

Young, Eva