Embroidered Signatures ProjectCrystal Brook. Warner Town: Cloth

Private Collections
Mid North
86cm x 86cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1910
ID Number
Buttonhole Stitch,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Ecru linen cloth with a 5cm hemstitched mitred edge. On each corner and in the centre is a stylised flower stitched in chain stitch. Two cream, one green and a silver flower with the centre peach buttonhole and cream chain stitch. The signatures are multicoloured and scattered over the cloth in stem stitch. The date '1910' is recorded under one name, O C Kirkham.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Anderson, J

Angela, H

Bache, Ann

Bachs, S

Backe, Ethel L

Badenoch, C

Badenoch, H A

Badenoch, W

Badenoch, W R

Baker, A J

Baker, J

Baker, P

Baldoch, D B

Bates, J E

Bawden, M W

Bell, G E

Berger, D

Beyer, J T

Brooks, G A

Burgess, Emily

Burgoyne, H K

Bush, Sall

Butterick, A B

Butterick, L H

Cameron, M H

Carmichael, A

Claridge, F H

Claridge, H

Claridge, P H

Claridge, Philps R

Claridge, Ruth B

Claridge, S Freda

Claridge, V M

Claridge, W

Clark, Elvidire

Clark, W Stuart

Classon, A L I

Collins, J W

Conner, Joan O

Cottle, A

Cottle, H

Cottle, N

Cottle, W H

Creer, Joan F

Crother, J

Curtin, C

Curtis, S

Davey, R

Davies, F J

Davis, E E

Davis, M

Davis, O M



Eames, Raphel W

Edwards, T H

Frick, Myrtle

Furze, E A

Furze, G

Furze, H P

Furze, T

Gilbert, M

Greig, John

Hallday, M

Halliday, C

Halliday, K

Hanson, May L

Harmer, S C

Hawkins, B C

Hawkins, C F

Hawkins, H G

Hawkins, M E

Hill, N M

Hislam, Myrtle C

Hobbs, Larinia

Illman, E M

Illman, J W

Jeffrey, F A

Jeffrey, M O L

Jenke, J

Jewell, M

Johnson, F E

Joyce, J

Joyce, M A

Kendrew, C N

Kendrew, G H

Kendrew, G W

King, C

Kirkham, I

Kirkham, Katie

Kirkham, O C (1910)

Kirkham, R

Langsford, I

Laver, A

Laver, William N

Lawrence, M

Lawrie, A M

Lawson, E

Lindsay, Jean

Luscombe, H

Luscombe, Matilda


Manifold, E

Manifold, H

Martin, H

Mathews, E E

McDonald, H R

McEwin, D L

McEwin, J

Messenger, P A

Milatt, E M

Miller, C

Milnes, S

Mitchell, E L

Mitchell, E M

Morris, G

Morrish, W

Morrison, W

Morvish, B

Neil, E Geo

Neil, L M Lisle

Nicholas, V G

Niell, A

Osman, W

Panton, R C

Parkes, Clarice

Pelham, A

Pimlott, G C

Plusch, K L

Poulson, G

Ramsay, J

Ramsay, L

Richards, F

Roberts, A H

Roberts, A J

Roberts, W S

Row, M H

Rusbridge, J U

Rusbridge, O

Saint, E E

Schulz, F W

Schulz, H S


Simons, M

Smith, Ed

Smith, Gertrude A

Smith, M

Soloman Town

Telford, A

Thomas, M

Thomson, Allen

Thomson, Helen J

Topperwien, D

Topperwien, J

Trestrail, Lila

Trestrail, Selnora

Trestrail, Tom

Uren, Emily E

Uren, Truda

Wells, E M

Wells, H R

Wilkinson, W N

Willston, Harry

Wood, Susie

Woodly, John

Young, Edith

Young, F

Young, John

Young, M R