Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Georgetown Unit 210: Banner

Georgetown Heritage Society
Mid North
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Georgetown
123cm x 83cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1940s
ID Number
Banners,French Knot,Machine Appliqué,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream cotton banner. Blue satin stitched heading 'FFCF Georgetown Unit 210' above a central royal blue, machine appliquéd, 'V'. Names are stitched with red thread in columns either side of the 'V'. The section inside the top of the 'V' contains an 'Honor Roll' of those who served during the war. Along the top edge are three cotton tabs with brass rings to enable the cloth to be hung. There are some holes along the edge from the previous use of drawing pins. There are some stains on the cloth.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Fundraiser. The Georgetown banner includes residents from nearby smaller villages. There are members of the Fogarty family on the cloth.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Acott, F T

Acott, I L

Angley, Eileen

Angley, F B

Angley, J J

Ayliffe, S H

Bannan, J H

Bannan, K A

Barry, W M

Batten, O

Bird, H C

Boyce, F C

Boyce, M J

Boyce, Margaret A

Boyce, R F

Brogan, F

Brogan, L P

Brogan, P

Brown, Allan

Brown, B C

Brown, C (Honor Roll)

Brown, R (Honor Roll)

Bruggy, E C

Bruggy, L J (Honor Roll)

Buckenara, L

Canney, Len

Canney, Paula

Canty, D C

Carmody, J

Carmody, J (Honor Roll)

Carmody, M F

Carmody, V C

Clements, I G

Clements, P G

Crawford, C R

Crawford, M G

Crawford, R (Honor Roll)

Crossman, R C (Honor Roll)

Dansie, Harold

Dansie, S L

Dansie, Y J

Donhardt, E N (Honor Roll)

Donhardt, G H (Honor Roll)

Donhardt, J L

Donhardt, L M

Donhardt, Myra

Donhardt, N R

Donhardt, R C

Dowd, J F (Honor Roll)

Dowd, R W (Honor Roll)

Edmonds-Wilson, B J

Edmonds-Wilson, H

Edmonds-Wilson, J (Honor Roll)

Edmonds-Wilson, M J

Fahey, W (Honor Roll)

Fairhead, E M

Fairhead, J W

Fogarty, A M

Fogarty, M A

Fogarty, M M

Fogarty, P M

Freeman, H S

Freeman, Kath

Freeman, M E

Freeman, P

Gaghan, N A

Ganley, C C

Hardwick, G C

Harrington, A

Harrington, G

Harrington, S

Harrington, W

Higgins, J P

Higgins, M

Higgins, M C

Higgins, T J

Hill, H C

Hill, J H

Hill, L (Honor Roll)

Hill, Pat

Hill, R

Hill, V

Hinton, D

Hinton, I W

Hinton, M F

Hiskey, A W (Honor Roll)

Hiskey, Frances

Hiskey, Mary

Hollow, J L (Honor Roll)

Hollow, W R (Honor Roll)


Hughes, H J

Hynes, A M

Hynes, J V (Honor Roll)

Hynes, K W

Hynes, M V

Inglis, E

Inglis, G D

Inglis, I B

Inglis, I P

Inglis, R C

Jolly, A E

Jolly, Arthur

Jolly, F

Jolly, H C

Jolly, M C

Jolly, M E

Jones, D R

Jones, R B

Jones, R E

Jones, R L

Kelly, J J

Kelly, Mary

King, M H

King, R M S

Lang, E E

Lehmann, R W

Lehmann, V

Lyons, K E

MacNamara, R (Honor Roll)

Maguire, J

Maguire, John

Maloney, E

Maloney, J P

McAuley, M J

McAuley, M L

McAuley, M V

McLaren, J P (Honor Roll)

McNamara, Ann

McNamara, H

McNamara, R H

McNamara, W

Miller, C

Molloy, P M (Father)

Mudge, D (Honor Roll)

Mumford, L

Mumford, M

Myatt, B

Myatt, B J

Myatt, C

Myatt, K J (Honor Roll)

Myatt, T

Nancarrow, S T

Nitschke, E A

Nitschke, H F

Nitschke, P H

Noll, A J

Noll, D J

Noll, Erna

Noll, F G

Noll, L M

Noll, W F

Noonan, A P (Honor Roll)

Noonan, C

Noonan, E M

Noonan, G J

Noonan, K G

Noonan, L

O'Brien, C L

O'Brien, E

O'Brien, M G

O'Brien, T J

O'Connell, C S

O'Connell, D

O'Connell, J H

O'Connell, M C

O'Connell, P

O'Rourke, J G (Father)

Page, M H

Parsons, R G (Honor Roll)

Peaks, C W

Peaks, G R

Pearce, D A

Pearce, E R (Honor Roll)

Pearce, M J

Peter, A

Peter, B

Peter, D

Peter, R W

Peter, Ray

Philips, F H (Honor Roll)

Philips, M A

Phillips, F W

Phillips, M M

Phillips, V

Phillis, Elford

Phillis, Inez

Phillis, J

Phillis, R K (Honor Roll)

Pilkington, S M

Raven, W M F (Honor Roll)

Rawlings, K

Read, C

Read, F H

Read, J L

Read, J W

Read, L M

Robinson, C (Honor Roll)

Ross, W H

Saltmarsh, D E

Sanders, C L

Sanders, J B (Honor Roll)

Sanders, W B

Sanders, W F (Honor Roll)

Saunders, H

Saunders, T (Honor Roll)

Saunders, W T

Saunderson, B L

Saunderson, T J

Scott, F E

Smallacombe, D G

Smallacombe, F B

Smallacombe, G A

Smallacombe, G D

Smallacombe, K W

Smallacombe, L G

Smallacombe, M A (Honor Roll)

Smallacombe, Margaret

Smallacombe, R G (Honor Roll)

Smith, J L

Smith, John

Sparshott, C

Sparshott, R

Sparshott, R J

Speck, E

Stenson, L

Sullivan, J K

Thomson, G

Tschirn, N L

Tyler, S A

Vaughton, J

Vaughton, R B

Vaughton, R J

Venables, E M

Wellington, B N

Wellington, Joan

Wellington, N L

Wellington, Una

White, J

White, R B

White, R B (2)

White, R O B

White, S J

Wilkin, T R (Honor Roll)

Woodward, C A

Woodward, D C

Woodward, G

Woodward, J

Woodward, R

Woodward, V

Young, W