Embroidered Signatures ProjectSACWA. Eudunda Branch: Cloth

Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery
Mid North
South Australian Country Women's Association. Eudunda Branch
85cm x 85cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1976
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Ecru cotton and linen mix cloth with rounded corners. Semco tag attached to edge. Cotton machine lace, 2.5cm, around edge. Signatures have been stitched in red thread diagonally across ½ of the cloth. In one corner the CWA emblem has been painted in maroon with a double border. Inside the border is written Country Womens Assoc South Aust in silver pen. "1976 Eudunda" is stitched in red under the emblem.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. South Australian Country Women's Association. Eudunda. Members.


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Baehnisch, M

Boehm, D

Bowden, B R M

Brown, A M

Chaplin, H

Cummings, E E

Daneil, Val

Davey, M

Davey, Sally

Dinham, Kaye E

Dinham, N R

Doecke, Gladys

Doecke, Nita

Dreckow, Doris

Duff, M J

Duldig, W

Eckermann, M A

Frahm, Lena

Geister, M D

Geister, R

Geyer, Myra

Geyer, S

Grant, M E

Hintz, E

Hoffmann, G

Holding, L E

Hope, Sylvia

Ingliss, A

Jenke, A B

Jenke, E

Jenke, J R

Lindner, F

Lipschinski, E H

Loffler, J

MacFarlane, Del

Marr, W

Marshall, J

Martin, Elizabeth

Martin, M

McKee, P R

Milde, D E

Minge, Malita

Moeller, M

Neil, Joan

Obst, B

Ottewill, R A

Partington, Judy

Pfeiffer, H P

Pfieler, M D

Pfitzner, D E

Pfitzner, Ella

Pfitzner, M V

Pfitzner, Nedra

Pfitzner, Rosemary E

Pfitzner, V A

Prior, A

Ray, Helen

Reimann, Melva

Reimann, O

Roebuck, M

Ruciack, B E

Ruciack, C

Rutschack, F

Schillabeer, B

Schiller, G

Schiller, Hilda

Schmeiss, R H

Scholz, H A

Scholz, J E

Schrapel, D

Schulz, A J

Schulz, A L

Schulz, E E

Schulz, Lynette R

Schulze, O L

Schutz, M P

Schutz, R

Steinborney, C E

Sykes, Florence

Thomas, L M

Tilbrook, R

Trayling, A

Treloar, Y A

Trimper, Joan M E

Waldhuter, D

Waldhuter, J

Watson, Chris

Watson, E

Wibberly, Jean

Wigney, F

Winter, L M

Wolle, A R A

Zander, M

Zerner, L E