Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Yacka Unit: Cloth

Yacka History Group
Mid North
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Yacka
175cm x 120cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)
ID Number
Cloths,Machine Appliqué,Running Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream calico cloth with a central royal blue 'V', 31cm high, machine appliquéd. At each corner are smaller machine appliquéd royal blue Vs, 15cm high. The signatures are stitched in various red threads over the entire cloth. 'FFCF Yacka Unit' is stitched in large red letters across the top.

Theme and Purpose

Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. World War II. Fundraiser


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Abbott, E

Abbott, M A

Abbott, R

Abbott, S

Abbott, Trevor

Atkinson, C

Badman, A J

Badman, B

Badman, B M

Badman, B R

Badman, C

Badman, C H

Badman, C K

Badman, Cath

Badman, E

Badman, G

Badman, G N

Badman, L C (RAAF)

Badman, L G

Badman, S R

Badman, W O

Birdseye, G G

Birdseye, L H

Bockelberg, E B

Bose, M

Boulton, Basil

Boulton, L

Boulton, R J

Boulton, R L

Boulton, S E

Burford, A A

Burford, A C

Burford, A J

Burford, B E

Burford, C A (AIF)

Burford, D R

Burford, G W

Burford, H J

Burford, J P

Burford, J T

Burford, L

Burford, L C (Pte)

Burford, M

Burford, R A (Pte)

Burford, S H

Burrage, B M

Carmichael, S M

Cochburn, P

Coleman, C

Coleman, G

Coleman, J

Collins, Carolyn

Cooper, C M

Cooper, G K

Cooper, Graham

Cooper, J (Tarlee)

Cooper, M C (Yacka)

Cooper, Murray

Cooper, P L

Cooper, R H

Curnow, B

Curtis, J

Curtis, Win J

Davis, B

Davis, I

De?, A F

Duffield, M M

Duffield, S

Durbin, A F (Salisbury)

Eberhard, J O

Edwards, E A

Edwards, L T

Edwards, M

Edwards, M (2)

Eldens, J B

Eustice, H

Fahey, B

Forrester, B

Forrester, M A

France, A

France, A (2)

France, W H

Fuller, A G

Fuller, Allan R

Fuller, Anne

Fuller, G E

Fuller, Gladys E

Fuller, Lyall (Gnr)

Fuller, P

Fuller, William J

Gabe, G E

Gale, W E

Gerhard, A E

Gerhard, Colin E

Gerhard, Max E

Gerhard, W E

Giffen, Bob

Giffen, R C

Goss, D

Goss, Dick

Goss, E

Goss, H A

Goss, H E

Goss, John

Goss, Mary

Goss, W R

Griffen, A

Griffen, M

Groom, E S

Groom, H R

Hallion, J M

Hancocks, C A

Hancocks, G B

Hancocks, J M

Hare, M

Harrig, Jill

Harrig, Jill (2)

Harrison, Bruce

Harrison, E J

Harrison, H A

Harrison, Lance

Harrison, Valda

Harvey, F A

Harvey, I

Harvey, J

Harvey, Jeffrey

Harvey, L E

Harvey, N D

Harvey, P G

Harvey, P J

Harvey, T ?

Hausler, C H

Hawkesworthe, E A H

Hawkesworthe, Ken

Hay, H M

Hay, J I

Hay, James

Hay, S H

Healy, A

Healy, A E

Healy, B

Healy, B (2)

Heath, M J

Heinjus, P

Higgins, T

Hill, A J

Hill, I M

Holding, K

Hore, H

Hore, K

Humphreys, L

Hunter, W L

Iffe, M

Inglis, J A

Jenkins, E J

Jenkins, F

Jenkins, Wm T

Johnson, K A


Jolly, W J

Jones, E C

Jones, E G

Kaesler, F A

Kaesler, Hilda

Kaesler, Kevin

Kenefick, P D (Dvr AIF)

Kirk, R

Klau, A G

Klau, L B

Klinger, I M

Klinger, J M

Klingner, E M

Langrehr, Bobbie

Langrehr, E

Langsdon, ?

Larwood, A L

Larwood, E P

Larwood, Gary

Larwood, Geo

Larwood, Ken

Larwood, Lloyd G

Larwood, P E

Larwood, S S

Leesue, G M

Lindner, E J

Lindner, G K

Lowe, Janet

Mann, A R

Mann, D

Masters, S S

McCallum, J A

McLeod, E

McLeod, I M

McLeod, M

Milne, Don

Milne, L N

Milne, W G

Mitchell, A

Mitchell, H

Mitchell, S

Mullins, P

Munzer, E A

Murphy, H

Noble, W J

Noonan, C

Noonan, E M

Noonan, L

Nykiel, F L

Nykiel, J E

Pengally, ?

Pengally, I

Pengally, W L

Pilkington, E J

Pilkington, E J (2)

Rhodes, J

Rhodes, J (2)

Rich, G J (Yacka)

Richards, A J

Richards, G A

Richardson, N E

Ritchell, P R R

Sergeant, L H

Shephard, Alison J

Smith, Ross

Spencer, C E

Spencer, C G

Spencer, W G

Swinton, M F

Thomas, Melva

Thomson, J

Thomson, J V

Tilbrook, A E

Tilbrook, Allen E

Tilbrook, B

Tilbrook, E T

Tilbrook, I

Tilbrook, J

Tilbrook, J Stanley

Tilbrook, John S

Tilbrook, O

Tilbrook, R A

Tillbrook, M

Vennings, R F

Watherston, B

Watherston, J

Watherston, M

Watherston, W

Weckat, L A

Wellington, H B

White, L A

White, M R

White, S F

Whitehorn, R

Wilson, L W

Wright, B W

Young, E M

Young, N B

Young, W