Embroidered Signatures ProjectYacka HLC 1908: Cloth

Yacka History Group
Mid North
93cm x 93cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1908
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Drawn Thread Work,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White linen cloth with the letters 'H L C' monogramed diagonally in white in the centre. The initials are heavily embroidered with scrolls, leaves and flower buds in satin stitch. The signatures, also stitched in white, are scattered throughout the cloth. The hem is 5cm wide with a 1cm drawn thread work pattern.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Yacka School. This square cloth was made in 1908. It has names of local people of varying ages on it. The initials across the cloth 'HLC', are possibly those of the wife of the headmaster at the Yacka School at the time, Jabez Coulter. There are also Gulnare names (the next town North) on the cloth, as the students from Gulnare attended the Yacka School in those days.


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A R C (Y 1908)

Atkinson, C J

B, J W

Baker, Maude

Burford, Pearl

Burford, Ruby

Butler, Alice

C, H L

Cameron, Arnie

Campbell, R

Clark, Mollie

Cole, W J C

Cooper, A M (WA)

Dicker, Margaret

Dreyer, Eva

Fairchild, Amelia B (Gulnare)

Fairchild, Myra

Goode, Clarence

Goss, Alex B (Yacka)

Groom, Harriot

Gunn, McAllister N

Haines, F E

Haines, M P

Haynes, Mabel

Hewell, Alice

Hunt, A M

James, Cecilia

Jenner, Lucy M

Jones, Janie

Langrehr, A M

Lindner, Lizzie

M, W E

M, W J

MacDonald, A

Martin, A E

Martin, Webber E

McAvaney, Jean

Mead, Maud

Pearce, E B

Pearce, M B

Pearce, M B (2)

Pratt, Jessie

Rankin, Cora ? (Gulnare)

Rankine, D

Samuell, F

Skewes, D M

Smith, J T

Smith, Mollie

Tilbrook, Mabel A

White, Lily

Work, A E

Work, J M