Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. Yacka 1964: Cloth

Yacka History Group
Mid North
Australian Red Cross. Yacka
81cm x 81cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1964
ID Number
Cloths,Running Stitch,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Yellow polycotton cloth with a green, decorative, machine stitched 3cm hem. In the centre is a red cross, satin stitched in bright red with a dark red running stitch outline. The same red satin stitch and dark outline has been used for the word 'YACKA' above the cross and 'RED CROSS' below. The cross consists of bars 3cm wide and 8cm high. The signatures are done in green stem stitch mainly around the centre with some signatures in a row at each corner.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Red Cross Possibly made in the year of the Yacka Red Cross 25 year celebration in 1964.


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Ames, G

Ames, R

Arnold, M M

Badman, Gavin

Badman, Nita

Badman, Wes

Barber, R

Bath, R M

Bryant, B

Burford, A M

Burford, L G

Burford, N R

Burford, R M

Chesman, M

Chivell, C

Crew, M

Eberhard, J D

Eberhard, Joyce

Eberhard, O J

Eberhard, W R

Eckermann, M C

Edwards, F M

Fahey, Ted

Fisher, P

Freeman, M

Fuller, B J

Fuller, G

Fuller, P

Gale, A C

Gale, G E

Garlel, L

Gill, C

Glassen, M J

Gooding, M H

Gooding, R G

Goss, E

Goss, H A

Goss, J I

Goss, N J

Grace, B

Hancocks, M

Harvey, A P

Harvey, B K

Harvey, E J

Harvey, F A

Harvey, J P

Harvey, Julie

Harvey, L M

Hay, H M

Heath, M J

Hendrix, A

Hendrix, J

Heurjins, E

Iwinn, G A

Jarmyn, H L

Jarmyn, M M

Jarmyn, R J

Kelsall, C G

Kelsall, L (Rev)

Kunzer, U D

Lambert, E I

Larwood, A L

Larwood, A M

Lollor, L

Maebus, R J

Marnie, C L

Mastach, L M

Maxted, A G

Maxted, N

Maxted, T

Maxted, T G

Miller, C G

Miller, H

Miller, H M

Milne, L

Moran, M M

Munzer, T O

Murphy, D M

Noble, A M

Page, B M

Page, D E

Pattullo, B

Pengilly, C

Pengilly, I

Phoenix, C

Phoenix, H W

Phoenix, J A N

Phoenix, J L

Potter, M J K

Price, J T

Pyers, L M

Quinn, K C

Raymond, J M

Raymond, R M

Rich, A

Rich, Glenys

Russell, M M

Schenscher, T R

Sheperdson, E

Sheperdson, H V

Spackman, L V

Speer, K L

Tilbrook, M I

Tilbrook, R A

Turton, E N

Wachut, A

Wadling, L J

Waehert, L A

Walter, L A

Walter, P M

Ward, H

Webb, F G

Webb, W J

Weldhuter, E M

Winchester, D J

Winchester, W G J