Embroidered Signatures ProjectPort Lincoln. World War 1 Servicemen: Cloth

Pioneer and Descendants Club. Settlers Cottage Museum
Eyre Peninsula
91cm x 90cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)
ID Number
Cloths,Needleweaving,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Ecru linen cloth with a 5cm hem that has a small drawn thread pattern. The signatures of World War 1 local soldiers and sailors from the Port Lincoln area are stitched in red and blue around the edges leaving the center of the cloth empty.

Theme and Purpose

World War 1 It is known that the signatures are from WW1 but not who stitched it or why. Fundraising cloth.


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Allan, Tom

Attick, Arthur

Baillie, George E

Baker, Charles H

Baker, Rollo C

Ball, Frank Q

Barry, Leland G

Bartlett, Claude T W

Barton, James B

Beswick, Will

Biddell, Albert W

Blackman, Arthur C

Blackman, E Alan

Bridgeland, Laurence U

Brougham, Howard E

Bryant, Will F

Buttfield, Hilary J

Carr, Will B

Chappell, Harold W

Crawford, A Stan

Cullimore, Leonard C

Danzic, John H C

Davies, David L

Davies, Ern D

Davies, John J

Donaldson, Chas

Dorward, Charles W S

Duffield, Harold V

Farrow, Bruce H

Fox, Ern A

Gardner, Finniss G

Gilby, Thomas

Gill, Ivan C W

Goodes, Fred K T

Gordon, G Val

Gordon, Syd P

Gordon, Will H

Guthrie, Geo

Harding, E

Hart, Bert

Hastings, Barton H

Hawson, Leslie B

Hayter, Charles

Hersey, Fred

Hopping, Bert

Johnson, Hedley M

Johnson, Jack

Johnson, Peter

Johnson, Will H

Karger, Fred L

Killen, Bert

King, Chas S

King, Roy

King, Tom

Kingdom, Will

Kinley, James A

Larking, Ted V C

LeBrun, Lewis O

McClure, Charlie

McGraph, Peter

McLean, C

McVicar, Jude K

Millikan, Will R H

Minns, Jack

Morrison, Darcie

Muir, Tom K

Mundy, Jim W

Narraway, Archie T

Oswald, Allan H

Oswald, Ellery W

Owen, Dunn

Owen, Gordon L

Owen, Leonard M

Owen, W Harry

Peters, Frederick J

Puckridge, Tom W

Richards, James J

Richardson, Will

Russell, John S

Sawyer, W George

Schramm, Fred L

Schramm, Herbert L

Schramn, Cyril B

Shepperd, Arthur

Skuse, Nat

Smith, Edward B

Smith, John F

Smith, Lancelot B

Smith, Tom

Smith, Will

Soar, Dudley J

Solly, Cyril


Sugg, Cecil P

Tregenza, Sydney L

Tulloch, Jock

Tyler, Arthur H

von Sharp, C J

Walsh, Patrick I

Walters, Percy G

Watt, Q Duncan

Wearn, R B

Weir, Alexander

Wilson, Cyril N

Wilson, G Stan

Wilson, Jack E

Wood, Allan W

Woods, Chris

Woods, Perce