Embroidered Signatures ProjectMizpah 1911: Cloth

Franklin Harbour History Museum
Eyre Peninsula
Eva Mary Cooper
92cm x 92cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1911
ID Number
Cloths,Feather Stitch,

Physical Description

A white linen cloth framed behind glass. The scalloped edges are finished with a 1cm white crochet edge. In the centre is a red maltese cross with the word 'Mizpah' stitched at each arm. A circle has been feather stitched around the cross. The cloth is heavily embroidered with signatures in red around the centre. The cloth has some staining and areas that have been repaired or replaced. Signatures are stitched in red all over the cloth.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Fundraiser for Foreign Missions A fundraising cloth at 6 pence (sixpence) a name. It raised 4 pounds 1shilling and 6 pence. 163 signatures.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Appelton, E C

Baker, W

Beckwith, A H

Beckwith, B

Brine, A

Brine, A E

Brine, L I

Brine, M

Brown, M A

Burton, A M

Buttrose, A C

Charlton, W

Chrystal, L M

Clair, J

Cleves, Fred C (M.O.S.C)

Cleves, Jessie (A.V.A)

Cooper, E M

Cooper, L H

Cowley, A E

Darby, L

Deer, A D

Dunstan, F

Edgecombe, E C

Fisher, M

Fogg, J M

Forbes, A H

Franklin, Emily

Franklin, W

Frost, M

Gibbson, G

Gibbson, R

Hamilton, E M

Hanns, E W

Harden, F

Harris, E

Harris, N

Harris, W O

Haskett, A

Heath, B S

Heaven, Edna

Higginbotham, I

Hissey, E A

Hornhardt, M

Hosking, F L

Inger, H E

Jacobs, A B

Jacobs, Gladys

Jacobs, Harriet

Jacobs, Iris

Jeminson, D

Jeminson, E

Jeminson, S

Kaden, L M

Kempster, W R

Kerr, John

Langsford, J D

Light, J

McCallum, E J A

McCallum, J N

McFarlane, C

McKenzie, L

McMillan, A C

McMillan, Cecilia Mary

McMillan, Esther A

Meier, Annie

Meier, Marjorie

Meier, Maud

Mitchell, ?

Mitchell, A B

Mitchell, J H

Mitchell, J R

Mitchell, L D

Mitchell, M

Mitchell, Ruth

Mitchell, S A

Mundy, L

Nadebaum, Dorothy

Nadebaum, Elenor

Nicholls, Katie

Nicolson, Jean

Niess, V P

O'Connell, Annie

O'Connell, E

O'Connell, M D

Odgers, W J

Page, F C

Page, F J

Page, W H

Palmer, B M

Palmer, Ted

Parish, E M

Parish, Flo E

Pritchard, E C Irene

Pritchard, Eleanor A W

Pritchard, L J

Pritchard, R E L

Pulford, E

Pulford, Max

Pulford, Tom

Pulford, W

Ramsey, M E

Ranji, ?

Read, G

Read, R

Reed, H E

Rehn, E N A

Rehn, P N

Rivett, L

Roberts, R

Robertson, S

Russell, A A

Russell, M A

Scott, Clem V

Searle, R Jean

Sexton, A P

Shimmin, J

Skipworth, S P

Smith, A M

Stebbibg, I A

Stephens, J J

Stephens, M

Stocker, C

Stocker, W

Story, Alice

Story, J

Story, M

Styles, M

Sullivan, E W

Thomas, F C

Thomas, J A

Tirrell, O

Trengrove, A M

Trengrove, Rosalie

Tuck, M

Turnbull, A A

Turnbull, I M

Turner, E F

Turner, F N

Venning, Arthur

Venning, Barbara

Venning, C

Wake, Amie M

Wake, Olive

Wake, S

Wallace, C J

Ward, S

Ware, Melba

Ware, Molly

Wellington, H A

West, J M

Williams, E

Wiseman, Lily

Woodings, R