Embroidered Signatures ProjectEmbroiderers’ Guild of South Australia. Flinders Branch: Cloth

Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia. Flinders Branch
Mid North
Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia. Flinders Branch
144cm x 192cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century
ID Number
Back Stitch,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Running Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream damask cloth with a 6cm commercial bobbin lace edging. At the bottom centre front edge is a large, hand stitched guild logo worked in chain and stem stitch with royal blue thread. Names of members are worked with the same thread, coton a broder 16, and radiate out from the logo along the bottom of the cloth and up both sides.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative A record of members.


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Arthur, Dorothy

Arthur, Gwen

Beach, Beryl

Berger, Eleanore

Borgas, Betty

Bottrall, Gladys

Carter, Mary

Cavanagh, Ann

Cockburn, Pam

Cox, Beverly

Curtice, Jackie

Dioricke, Mariette

Dolling, Marg

Freer, Kellie

Gillett, Ann

Gray, Patricia

Gum, Flora

Hawkins Clarke, Cheryl

Hawkins-Clarke, Jonathan

Jackson, Camille

Jones, Jacqui

Kerger, Tup

Knauethase, Noreen

Kohlhagan, Vera

Lange, Dorothy

Lines, Chris

Lines, Rene

Love, Margaret

McEwin, Nancy

Mercer, Cate

Pedlar, Rosemary

Pese, Lorna

Polkinghorne, Jill

Powell, Alaine

Reed, Jean

Scott, Irene

Smith, Anne

Smith, Margherita

Taylor, Janice

Teakle, Gloria

Vandermoer, Dorca

Watkins, Beryl

Welgraven, Judith

Wild, Myrtle

Williams, A