Embroidered Signatures ProjectMundoora Ladies Fellowship: Cloth

Mundoora Ladies Fellowship
Mid North
Mundoora Ladies Fellowship
77cm x 87cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/c 1910
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A white linen cloth with a 3cm hem. In the top left corner are stitched the letters 'M M C' for Mundoora Methodist Church. Below that is a stylized bow and the words 'Autographs of Workers and Friends of the Mundoora Church Building Fund'. The cloth is densely covered with signatures in white.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Mundoora Methodist Church. Fundraiser. The cloth was used to raise money to build the church. A photo of the fellowship ladies was taken in about 1910.


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Abell, W J

Adams, F J

Aitchison, A

Aitchison, B C

Aitchison, C

Aitchison, E

Aitchison, L M

Aitchison, R

Aitchison, W

Allchurch, D

Allen, C

Allen, E

Allen, E L

Allen, H D

Allen, I

Allen, Jane (Dr)

Allen, V

Anderson, J

Anderson, L

Anson, Alice

Anson, F E

Anson, W

Bates, M

Bates, W

Behn, S C

Bennier, C E

Black, C E

Blight, A

Blight, L

Boddington, E

Brooks, C

Bros, Jalkett

Brown, N A

Bryson, E

Bryson, J

Burathi, G

Burns, L G

Burns, M F

Button, (Mrs)

Button, C

Button, G

Carman, A

Carman, A R M

Carman, E J

Carman, G O

Carman, H J F

Carman, H W

Carman, L J

Carman, M

Carman, M S

Carman, W D

Cause, W H

Claridge, L F

Clothier, A O

Clothier, C

Clothier, E

Clothier, F R

Clothier, G B

Clothier, J

Clothier, L

Coad, E

Coad, F R

Coad, M

Cornelius, M A

Cornish, M

Cornish, S B

Cottle, H

Cottle, R B H

Cox, R M A

Cox, S R

Cronin, A M

Cronin, F R

Cruickshank, A

Cruickshank, J

Davis, Feodore V

Deer, Elva (Dr)

Deer, L

Deer, W J

Dolling, A

Dolling, A A

Dolling, E

Dolling, E A

Dolling, Edna

Dolling, Freida

Dolling, G

Dolling, G E

Dolling, G J

Dolling, Joyce

Dolling, K L

Dolling, Kevin

Dolling, L

Dolling, M

Dolling, R M

Dolling, S J

Donnell, E

Drake, A I

Drake, R S

Dura, (Sister)

Elvary, D E

Elvary, E H

Eustis, N

Evans, A H

Excell, B R

Excell, H E

Fairhead, A E

Fairhead, G B

Farr, M

Ferme, I

Ferme, W

Fletcher, B

Fletcher, G

Forgan, D M

Fuller, Brenda

Fuller, Malcolm

Fuller, N

Gardiner, A E

Gardiner, A M

Gardiner, Beryl

Gardiner, E

Gardiner, E A

Gardiner, Edith

Gardiner, H

Gardiner, I R

Gardiner, Marjorie

Gardiner, Maud

Gardiner, S J

Gardiner, W

Gius, R

Glennon, C

Goodridge, M

Goodridge, R D

Gransden, J

Gransden, S A

Grant, J

Gray, F W

Gray, Sam

Greigson, A

Gwen, Little

Haines, C H

Haines, C T

Haines, E A

Haines, G B

Haines, George

Haines, J

Haines, Mart

Haines, Mona

Hammond, E

Hargraves, E M

Hargraves, J

Harry, E

Harry, J

Hemmings, A

Henry, J

Henry, S

Hewett, A

Hewett, C A

Hewett, C F

Hewett, E

Hewett, F C

Hewett, H L

Hewett, I R

Hewett, L W

Hewett, M

Hewett, P W

Hewett, R

Higgins, H

Higgins, M

Hill, A S

Hill, H C

Hill, M L

Hoad, C

Hoad, E

Hoad, M

Hodge, D

Hunt, E A

Hunt, R J

Hunter, M

Huston, T

Huxtable, C L

Huxtable, E J

Inglis, E

Inglis, G

Ireland, D

Ireland, L

Ireland, R


Jones, G R

Karler, R C

Kelly, D A

Kerr, E J

Kerr, R

Kerr, S M

Kirk, A

Kirk, Don

Kirk, E

Kirk, Emily

Kirk, Gwen

Kirk, M A

Kreis, Elsa J

Kreis, F A

Kreis, F W

Krinsdorf, A L

Laarson, O R

Lang, E

Leaney, A B


Lloyd, J D

Longbottom, M D

Longbottom, M E

Looker, C

Loveridge, G P

Lowe, G

Lucas, C J

Madges, H

Maidment, C H

March, M

March, S

Marshall, H

Marshall, P

Masters, A

Masters, A E

Masters, F W

Masters, K

Masters, R P

Masters, S R

McDonnell, P W

McDonnell, R

McGasson, H F

McGasson, S

McLaren, A

McLean, A R

Meldrum, H

Meldrum, W

Mildren, D D

Mildren, J G

Mildren, M G

Mildren, P A

Miller, I J L

Mitchell, E M

Mitchell, George

Mitchell, H J

Mitchell, J G

Mosman, M A

Moss, I M

Nadge, G

Natt, A

Natt, T

Netheton, A

Netheton, D

Netheton, G

Netheton, S

Nicholls, R D

Nordin, A

North, W D

Pascoe, Bertha

Persson, C

Possingham, H

Pudney, C L

Pudney, T

Read, F M

Readon, L A

Readon, T

Reid, E G

Reid, H

Reid, J A

Richard, W

Richards, C

Richards, H

Richards, Ivy

Richards, J

Richards, L

Richards, O

Richards, P

Richards, R

Ritson, J D

Rooney, A E

Rooney, J M

Rooney, L D

Rule, A

Rule, G

Rule, Howard

Schmitt, G

Searson, W R

Shearer, Bert

Shearer, E D

Shearer, Eddie

Shearer, F L

Shearer, G P

Shearer, Harry

Shearer, J H

Shearer, M

Shearer, M A

Shearer, Maggie

Slater, E V

Slater, H A

Snook, W

Spackman, A

Spackman, E

Spackmann, A E

Steele, E

Steele, G

Stephenson, D

Stephenson, H H

Stephenson, K

Stephenson, M R

Stevens, J

Stringer, A V

Stringer, Arch

Stringer, Blanche

Stringer, D H

Stringer, E J

Stringer, E R

Stringer, Ethel

Stringer, F

Stringer, F F

Stringer, G

Stringer, G I

Stringer, G M

Stringer, Geo

Stringer, Glen

Stringer, H

Stringer, H B

Stringer, J

Stringer, J A

Stringer, J H

Stringer, J S

Stringer, M M

Stringer, N C

Stringer, Sheila

Stringer, W

Stringer, W J

Summerton, C

Summerton, E

Summerton, I

Summerton, R

Summerton, S

Sutton, R??

Thomas, B

Thomas, C

Threadgold, A

Threadgold, J

Tonkin, A E

Tonkin, Veronica

Treloar, A E

Treloar, H M

Tresise, D

Tresise, H

Turner, C

Turner, G

Turner, J

Turner, O P

Walker, W R

Walladge, E L

Warrer, A W

Weston, M

Wheaton, C M

Wheaton, N

Wheaton, P A

Whiting, J

Wilkinson, H

Wilson, E E

Wilson, M A

Wilson, M J

Wilson, M P

Wilson, T A

Wilson, W B

Witten, G

Yeoman, M

Yeoman, R C

Young, A E

Young, G