Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. 75th Anniversary 1989: Quilt

Australian Red Cross
Australian Red Cross. South Australia
375cm x 430cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1989
ID Number

Physical Description

75th anniversary quilt comprised of almost 300 joined squares, all covered in embroidered signatures contributed by 'Branch Members, Younger Sets, Clubs, Volunteers, Staff, Red Cross Circles and Junior Members'. The borders are red.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Australian Red Cross. 75th anniversary (1989). Fundraiser. Created by the South Australian branches to emulate the signature quilt made by the NSW branches. The Appeals Department of the Red Cross SA wanted to 'undertake a combined fundraising project - the creation of an Embroidered Signature Patchwork Quilt' made up of 'as many signatures as possible from supporters of Red Cross in this significant year'. 'Almost every South Australian branch submitted a sewn square'. Donations sought for each name were either a $1.00 or .50c (Red Cross Circles and Junior Members). Actil Industries, Glad Products and Coates Semco were approached for donations of materials to make the quilt. The quilt was finished in 1990 and about $4000.00 was raised.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

?, ? (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

?, ? (Victor Harbor Primary School)

?, May (Mitcham)

?, Pauline

??, E (St Marys)

??, Mavis (Two Wells)

???, P T (Keyneton)

?arlin, M (Salisbury Central Branch)

?unge, Jill

?unge, Phillip & Jill

A, Sue (Waikerie)

A?bastolou, M (St Marys)

Abbott, L (Paskeville)

Abbott, M (Port Elliot Branch)

Abbott, Mavis (Glenelg)

Abbott, S (Paskeville)

Ackland, Jean (Broadview Branch)

Adams, Alan (Maitland)

Adams, Barbara (Frances)

Adams, E H (Yongala Branch)

Adams, Marion (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Adams, P (Tanunda)

Adams, R (Maitland)

Adams, Stan (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Adcock, Felicity (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Addison, Edna (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Agnew, K J (Port Elliot Branch)

Agr?, J M (Port Elliot Branch)

Agus, S (Port Elliot Branch)

Aikman, Joan (Mount Gambier)

Aistrope, Thelma (West Torrens)

Aitchison, Bet (Port Broughton)

Aitchison, Grace (Port Broughton)

Aitchison, L (Port Broughton)

Aitkin, G (Keith Red Cross)

Alder, Rae (Burra North Branch)

Alekna, Dolly (Lyell McEwin Hospital Telecross Opened 1987)

Alexander, J (Payneham Branch)

Alexander, S K (Salisbury Central Branch)

Allan, Ezme (Spalding)

Allen, A (Murray Bridge)

Allen, Arthur (Murray Bridge)

Allen, B (Arthurton)

Allen, E (Arthurton)

Allen, Gwen (Wudinna Telecross Opened 1989)

Allen, N (Murray Bridge)

Allen, Peter (Payneham Branch)

Allen, Sheila (Payneham Branch)

Allwright, J (Salisbury Central Branch)

Almond, Muriel (Gumeracha Branch)

Altree, Bill (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Amanda (Mundulla School Circle)

Amato, Toria (Port Pirie)

Anders, Grace (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Anderson, Connie (Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula)

Anderson, Diane (Keyneton)

Anderson, Elaine (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Anderson, Elaine (Halbury Branch)

Anderson, I (Halbury Branch)

Anderson, May (West Torrens)

Anderson, Ross (Halbury Branch)

Anderson, V J (Halbury Branch)

Andrew (Grange 1990)

Andrew (Grange 1990) (2)

Andrew, P (Paskeville)

Andrews, Mrytle (sic) (Broadview Branch)

Andrews, Patricia (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Andritzke, Frieda (Tanunda)

Angel, Doreen (Grange 1990)

Annears, David (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Annears, Pauline (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Anson, Arthur (Rostrevor)

Anson, R J (Rostrevor)

Appelt, May (Branch Wattle Park - Rosslyn Park)

Appleton, D (St Marys)

Appleton, H R (St Marys)

Arbon, Debbie (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Arbon, Katrina (Port Broughton)

Arbon, Noreen (Port Lincoln Branch)

Argent, Olive (Angaston Branch)

Arnold, Yvonne (Ingle Farm)

Arthur, A (Orroroo)

Arthur, D (Orroroo)

Arthur, E C (Burra)

Ash, Alex (Maitland)

Ash, Marion (Maitland)

Ashby, A (Allendale East)

Ashenden, Ros (Tanunda)

Astby, J (Hallett)

Athens, Leeanne (Gumeracha Branch)

Atkinson, D (Berri)

Atkinson, E & R (Arthurton)

Atkinson, R (Arthurton)

Atkinson, Tom (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Attwood, Anne (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Attwood, Jess (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Auricht, Aileen (Tanunda)

Austin, M (Tanunda)

Austin, Olive (Mount Gambier)

Avine, A K? (Flaxley)

Axer, M

Axford, C (1974 Bute Branch 1990)

Axford, Daphne (St Marys Branch)

Ayres, F (Rostrevor)

B Lange & Co (Arthurton)

B??, C F (Payneham Branch)

Backhouse, Peito? (Victor Harbor Primary School)

Backlet, Ruth (1990 Kingston South East)

Bailey, Meredith (Grange 1990)

Baillie, Elizabeth (Pooraka Red Cross)

Baker, A (Black Hill)

Baker, Glad (Pooraka Red Cross)

Baker, Hayley (Cowell Area School Junior Red Cross)

Baker, Hazel (Payneham Branch)

Baker, I (Arthurton)

Baker, Jean (Millicent)

Baker, Joan (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Baker, Marilyn (Black Hill)

Baker, Nina (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Baker, P (Black Hill)

Bakes, Hazel (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Balcomb, D (Salisbury Central Branch)

Balcomb, Daisy (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Baldwin, D (Lady Gowrie)

Baldwin, G (St Marys)

Baldwinson, Chas F (Whyalla)

Baldwinson, S I (Whyalla)

Ball, M (Port Elliot Branch)

Bampton, Margaret (West Torrens)

Bampton, Nell (West Torrens)

Bannear, Joan

Bannear, Julia

Banning, J (Frances)

Barber, Shelley (Morphett Vale)

Barclay, R (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Barclay, S (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Baring, Sylvie (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Barker, A E (Halbury Branch)

Barker, M (Halbury Branch)

Barnes, Gordon (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Barnes, H C (Salisbury Central Branch)

Barnes, Phena (Port Lincoln Branch)

Barrett, E

Barrett, F

Barrington, Florence (St Marys)

Bartholomaeus, Jenny (Inman Valley Red Cross, 1939-1990)

Bartholomaeus, M (Eden Valley)

Barton, L (Port Elliot Branch)

Barton, N (Whyalla)

Bartrum, N (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Bartsch, H J (Kulpara)

Barwick, L (Murray Bridge)

Basham, B (Port Elliot Branch)

Basham, N (Port Elliot Branch)

Bassenschutt, L (Paskeville)

Bateman, J (Furner)

Bateman, S (Furner)

Bates, B (Tumby Bay)

Battan, Mary (Keyneton)

Batten, Flora (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Batten, Rupert (Keyneton)

Batty, Flo (Burnside Branch)

Baum, Karen (Pooraka Red Cross)

Baumann, G (Paskeville)

Baumann, L (Eudunda)

Bawden, Denis (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Bawden, M R (Port Broughton Branch. In Memory of Past Members)

Bawdin, Madge (Mount Gambier)

Baxter, Doreen (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Be?een, H (Paskeville)

Beames, T (Port Elliot Branch)

Beare, V (Paskeville)

Beck, Joan (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Begdon, Betty (Angaston Branch)

Beil, H (Black Hill)

Beinke, Shirley (Hallett)

Beirlot, ?

Bell, Nyoli (1990 Kingston South East)

Bellhouse, Jean (Woodlands Park) (*)

Bellifemine, C (Port Pirie)

Bence, Muriel (Burra)

Bennett, H (Tumby Bay)

Bennett, Sue (Frances)

Bennetts, D (Keith Red Cross)

Bennetts, Selma (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Bentley, ?

Bentley, Joan (Kimba Telecross Opened 1988)

Beresford, J

Bernhardt, Monica (Burra North Branch)

Berry, Dianne

Berry, John

Bertel, Ruby (Myrtle Bank)

Beryl & Dennis (Murray Bridge)

Bested, A (Magill)

Bettess, J (1974 Bute Branch 1990)

Betts, Fay (Lyell McEwin Hospital Telecross Opened 1987)

Bia?, Ethyl

Bickle, L M (Halbury Branch)

Biedrick, Elsa (Grange 1990)

Bienke, Shirlei (Pooraka Red Cross)

Bigg, M D (Halbury Branch)

Biggs, Esme (Wudinna Telecross Opened 1989)

Biggs, Karyn (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Biggs, P L (Black Hill)

Bignell, Zillah (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Billing, E J (Spalding)

Billing, Jean H (Mitcham)

Billingsby, Myra (Gumeracha Branch)

Billingsley, Delcia (Gumeracha Branch)

Bilney, Karen (Whyalla)

Binkowski, L (Rostrevor)

Binney (Cowell Area School Junior Red Cross) (Mrs)

Bird, Tracy (Waikerie)

Bird, Yvonne (Waikerie)

Birne, Glad (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Bishop, E (Port Elliot Branch)

Bishop, Joyce (Payneham Branch)

Bishop, M (Port Elliot Branch)

Bishop, Mary (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Black, Kate (Lady Gowrie)

Black, Kath (Branch Wattle Park - Rosslyn Park)

Blackiron, M L? (Keyneton)

Blake, Isabel (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Blanks, F B (Orroroo)

Bleeze, Elva (Gumeracha Branch)

Bleeze, Phyl (Gumeracha Branch)

Blenkiron, Ida (Angaston Branch)

Blight, Grace (Branch Wattle Park - Rosslyn Park)

Blight, R (Hallett)

Bochmann, Eileen (Angaston Branch)

Bochmann, Jenifer (Angaston Branch)

Boehm, Colleen (Angaston Branch)

Boehm, Garry (Pooraka Red Cross)

Boehm, Pauline (Pooraka Red Cross)

Bond, A D (Black Hill)

Bonnar, J

Bonnear, Julia

Bonnier, Ethel (Clovercrest)

Boord, Olive (Branch Wattle Park - Rosslyn Park)

Boothey, M (Palmer Branch)

Boothey, N (Palmer Branch)

Borchardt, D (Murray Bridge)

Borchardt, R (Murray Bridge)

Bordeau, R A (Birdwood Red Cross 1990)

Bore, Merilyn R (Maitland)

Boril, Betty (1990 Kingston South East)

Borissow, Vivien (Tanunda)

Bormann, J (Murray Bridge 75)

Boston, Rosemary (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Bottraff, U J

Bottrill, H E (Flaxley)

Bottroff, E G

Bottroff, R

Boucher, M (Salisbury Central Branch)

Boucher, Peg (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Boughen, Maureen (Port Broughton) (Vice President)

Boulton, L F (Spalding)

Boulton, Phyllis (Myrtle Bank)

Boundy, M J (Tanunda)

Bourne, Ann (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Bouwers, Carol (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Bowden, Kath (Myrtle Bank)

Bowden, Maureen (Kybybolite)

Bowden, R (Acery Y P)

Bower, D A (Murray Bridge)

Bower, June (Red Cross Volunteers. Modbury Hospital)

Bowering, Jan (Southend Branch)

Bowey, R (Paskeville)

Bowey, S M (Paskeville)

Bowman, Chris (Mitcham)

Bowman, D J (Furner)

Bowman, J (Orroroo)

Bowman, L (Furner)

Bowman, M (Furner)

Box, Debra (Murray Bridge)

Boyd, Deborah (Modbury Branch)

Boyd, Jenny (Branch Wattle Park - Rosslyn Park)

Boylan, Jean? (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Boyle, E C (Whyalla)

Boyle, E R (Whyalla)

Bradbury, J (Whyalla)

Bradbury, J A (Whyalla)

Bradley, Fay (Kybybolite)

Bradley, Les (Ingle Farm)

Bradley, Loris (Ingle Farm)

Bradley, Loris (Pooraka Red Cross)

Bradley, Loris (The United Effort of Members Joined Together on July 17 + 29 1991 by)

Bradley, Yvonne (Victor Harbor Primary School)

Bradtke, Gloria (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Braithwaite, Chris (1990 Kingston South East) (Treas)

Bramberger, Trudy (Keyneton)

Bramwell, J

Brandan, Lorna (Mt Barker Branch 1990) (Red Cross Baby Entrant)

Branson, Moira (Pooraka Red Cross)

Brereton, Brenda (Morphett Vale)

Brice, Aileen (Grange 1990)

Brice, M J (Orroroo)

Bridges, Thelma (Millicent)

Brinkworth, Pat (1990 Kingston South East)

Brockwell, Ruth (Waikerie)

Broe, Lillian (Waikerie)

Brogemuller, Sue (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Bromage, M W (Birdwood Red Cross 1990)

Bronen-Brown, Maxine? (Southend Branch)

Brooks, Dot (Broken Hill)

Brooks, E (Hindmarsh Branch)

Brooks, Fay (Happy Valley)

Brooks, Phyl (Murray Bridge)

Brophy, E

Brougham, V (Tumby Bay)

Brown, D I (Murray Bridge)

Brown, David

Brown, Dorothy (West Torrens)

Brown, Irene (Salisbury Central Branch)

Brown, J L (Tantanoola)

Brown, Lela (Acery Y P)

Brown, Lellee

Brown, M A (St Marys)

Brown, Pat (Lyell McEwin Hospital Telecross Opened 1987)

Brown, Sue (Burnside Branch)

Brown, Trudi (Pooraka Red Cross)

Browning, Rosemary (Acery Y P)

Bruce, H

Brun, A

Brundell, Barb (Stansbury)

Brus, I L (Port Pirie)

Bryan, Margaret (1990 Kingston South East)

Bryan, R T (Paskeville)

Bryant, Iris (Mitcham)

Bryant, Ruby (Port Lincoln Branch)

Buckberry, Sue (Pooraka Red Cross)

Budarick, J A (Watervale Branch)

Budarick, L F (Watervale Branch)

Buddle, J (Keith Red Cross)

Budge, H (Payneham Branch)

Bullen, Rita (Pooraka Red Cross)

Bun Huot Tan (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Bungey, Wendy (St Marys Branch)

Burfield, Jill (Grange 1990)

Burford, A (Paskeville)

Burford, Julie (Yacka)

Burford, Marie (Yacka)

Burford, Yvonne (Yacka)

Burgess, E (Port Pirie)

Burgess, Eona (Milang Branch)

Burgess, G K (Watervale Branch)

Burgess, P J? (Watervale Branch)

Burke, Bridget (Clovercrest)

Burns, Jack (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital, Daw Park)

Burns, Lorna (St Marys Branch)

Burse, Margaret (Two Wells)

Burton, Darren (Cowell Area School Junior Red Cross)

Burton, P

Burton, Viv (Hallett)

Burzacott, R (Murray Bridge 75)

Bussenachutt, Thelma (Broadview Branch)

Butcher, Bev (Millicent)

Butcher, Jennette (Millicent)

Butcher, K J (Millicent)

Butcher, Lyndsay (Millicent)

Butler, Amelia (Broken Hill)

Butler, G (Tumby Bay)

Butler, Rita (Mount Gambier)

Butters, Kathy (Grange 1990)

Buttler, Doreen (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Button, ? Q (Keyneton)

Button, Beryl (Port Broughton)

Button, C J (Murray Bridge)

Button, J (Keyneton)

Button, Muriel (Tanunda)

Butzbach, C (Burra North Branch)

Buyrn, Dianne (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Buyrn, Heidi (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Buzza, Lee (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Byles, Nathan (Cowell Area School Junior Red Cross)

Byos, Jean (Grange 1990)

Byrt, Laurel (West Torrens)

C??, ? (Rostrevor)

C??h, A (St Marys)

Caddick, K (Berri)

Cadgow, M (Spalding)

Cain, Jo-ann (Waikerie)

Caldicott, Aileen (Craft Volunteers, Queen Victoria Hospital)

Callahan, R J (Victor Harbor Primary School)

Callen, Evelyn (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Callij, Anniemarie (Angaston Branch)

Cameron, Jean (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Campbell, B E (Murray Bridge)

Campbell, D W (Murray Bridge)

Campbell, I (Paskeville)

Campbell, Ilene (Burra North Branch)

Campbell, K (Murray Bridge)

Camplin, Olive (Wudinna Telecross Opened 1989)

Candy, P (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Candy, Sue (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Cane, Marjorie (Mitcham)

Cappoi, Jerase (Broadview Branch)

Caputo, A (Port Pirie)

Caputo, R (Port Pirie)

Caputo, S (Port Pirie)

Carly (Mundulla School Circle)

Carmody, Travis (Cowell Area School Junior Red Cross)

Carnie, J K (Tantanoola)

Carol (Pooraka Red Cross)

Carr, R (Clovercrest)

Carr, S (Tumby Bay)

Carrols, Rita (Two Wells)

Carslake, Evelyn (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Carter, C R (St Marys)

Carter, Garland? (St Marys)

Carter, Kay (St Marys)

Carter, Kym (Victor Harbor Primary School)

Carter, L M (Rostrevor)

Carter, Reg (St Marys)

Carter, Stephanie (A P S)

Carthew, A H (Tantanoola)

Carthew, K G (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Carthew, Kel (Lyell McEwin Hospital Telecross Opened 1987)

Carulile, H? (Whyalla)

Caruso, B (Black Hill)

Caruso, R (Black Hill)

Carzner, Darryl (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Case, Lyn (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Casey, L (Burra North Branch)

Casey, Nora (Port Broughton Branch. In Memory of Past Members)

Casper, Florrie (Broadview Branch)

Casper, P (Port Elliot Branch)

Castellari, C (Red Cross Volunteers. Modbury Hospital)

Castine, Carlene (Kybybolite)

Cates, Joy (Waikerie)

Cates, Lauren (Grange 1990)

Cates, Sharon (Grange 1990)

Catford, Edna (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Catford, K E (Halbury Branch)

Catford, M (Halbury Branch)

Catmur, A (Murray Bridge)

Catmur, L (Murray Bridge)

Cause, E (Berri)

Cave, M (Port Elliot Branch)

Cavenett, Betty (Kimba Telecross Opened 1988)

Cederblad, Bill? (Largs Bay Telecross Opened 1985)

Chadburn, G M (Whyalla)

Chaffey, R

Chandler, T (Tanunda)

Chaplin, Margaret (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Chaplin, Stan (St Marys Branch)

Chapman, Barbara (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Chapman, Cathy (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Chapman, Edna (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Chapman, Gay (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Chapman, Karen (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Chapman, T (Palmer Branch)

Chappel, H L (Murray Bridge)

Chappel, J B (Murray Bridge)

Chappel, J R (Murray Bridge)

Chappel, J S (Murray Bridge)

Charles, Denysse (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Charlick, Marjorie (1990 Kingston South East)

Charmaine (Victor Harbor Primary School)

Chellew, Ida (Modbury Branch)

Chenowith, D (Tanunda)

Cherry, Elaine (Ingle Farm)

Chesson, I L (Halbury Branch)

Chester, Betty (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Chester, Peter (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Cheyne, Flora (Myrtle Bank)

Childs, Margaret (West Torrens)

Chilton, S C (Burra)

Chivell, Edna

Chomel, A (Port Broughton Branch. In Memory of Past Members)

Chomel, B (Port Broughton Branch. In Memory of Past Members)

Chomel, C (Port Broughton Branch. In Memory of Past Members)

Chomel, S (Port Broughton Branch. In Memory of Past Members)

Chomel, S J (Port Broughton)

Chomel, T (Port Broughton Branch. In Memory of Past Members)

Chris (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Christie, Vera (Pooraka Red Cross)

Clark, Anne (Salisbury Central Branch)

Clark, Betty (West Torrens)

Clark, C (Payneham Branch)

Clark, E A (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Clark, M J (Watervale Branch)

Clark, N E (Yongala Branch)

Clarke, B (Tantanoola)

Clarke, Beryl (Clovercrest)

Clarke, C E (Tantanoola)

Clarke, Carolyn (Clovercrest)

Clarke, Chris (Clovercrest)

Clarke, Edie (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Clarke, G J (Tantanoola)

Clarke, Glenn (Clovercrest)

Clarke, I E (Clovercrest)

Clarke, J (Port Pirie)

Clarke, Laurel (Broadview Branch)

Clarke, Norm (Clovercrest)

Clasholm, J (Arthurton)

Clayton, Thelma (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Clements, Pat (Murray Bridge)

Clezy, E (Mount Gambier)

Clieel, Peg (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Clifford, B (Furner)

Clist, Barbara (Nairne)

Clogg, T (Port Elliot Branch)

Cluse, Lorna (Modbury Branch)

Cnaubl, Nivlet? M (Hindmarsh Branch)

Coad, Lorna (Gumeracha Branch)

Coad, Marie (Gumeracha Branch)

Cobbledick, Bronte (Kybybolite)

Cobby, Jean (West Torrens)

Cochrane, A (Black Hill)

Cock, Aaron (Port Broughton)

Cock, Mary Anne (Port Broughton)

Coe, Maude (Maitland)

Cogan, Valda (Port Broughton)

Cole, M (Morphett Vale)

Coles, Francie (Modbury Branch)

Collins, E M (Spalding)

Collison, Ruth (Stansbury)

Colliver, B (Arthurton)

Colliver, Helen (Arthurton)

Colliver, Lucy (Arthurton)

Colliver, Rita (Arthurton)

Colliver, T J N J S J (Arthurton)

Colton, H (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Colvill, Mary (Morphett Vale)

Colyer, Libby (Happy Valley)

Conduit, Kaye J (Rostrevor)

Connell, Vee (1990 Kingston South East)

Connors, Marj (Pooraka Red Cross)

Connors, Peter (Pooraka Red Cross)

Conroy, Rosemary

Cook, B (Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula)

Cook, Colin (Pooraka Red Cross)

Cook, Doreen (Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula)

Cook, Edith (Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula)

Cook, H (Whyalla)

Cook, Hazel (1974 Bute Branch 1990)

Cook, Helen (Clovercrest)

Cook, Lyn (Pooraka Red Cross)

Cook, Mary

Cook, Nell (Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula)

Cook, Shirley (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Coombe, C (Murray Bridge)

Coombe, Peter (Murray Bridge)

Coomes, Eleanor (Grange 1990)

Cooper, Alice (Grange 1990)

Cooper, Arthur (Halbury Branch)

Cooper, Bob (St Marys)

Cooper, Cynthia (Gumeracha Branch)

Cooper, Dorothy (Grange 1990)

Cooper, Laticia Kaye (Halbury Branch)

Cooper, Lenore R (Halbury Branch)

Cooper, T V (Halbury Branch)

Corby, A (Salisbury Central Branch)

Cornelius, Shannon (Cowell Area School Junior Red Cross)

Corner, Betty (Burra North Branch)

Cornish, Barbara (Pooraka Red Cross)

Cornish, Ive (Gumeracha Branch)

Cornish, Joan (Gumeracha Branch)

Corps, J (St Marys)

Correll, Beth (Port Broughton Branch. In Memory of Past Members)

Correll, D M (Kulpara)

Correll, Margaret (Acery Y P)

Cottle, M

Coverdale, Molly (Acery Y P)

Cowley, Marion (Pooraka Red Cross)

Cox, B C (Orroroo)

Cox, C E (Salisbury Central Branch)

Cox, Di

Cox, Julie Ann (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Cox, Kenneth (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Cox, Nance (Branch Wattle Park - Rosslyn Park)

Coxall, Lorna (Waikerie)

Cozens, H (Keith Red Cross)

Cozens, I G (Orroroo)

Cozens, R F (Orroroo)

Crabb, Pat (Waikerie)

Cram, A (Orroroo)

Cramuck, E J (Tanunda)

Crane, G (Murray Bridge)

Crane, T (Murray Bridge)

Cranwell, M B (Tanunda)

Crask, Mona (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Crawford, J (Port Elliot Branch)

Crawley, J (Watervale Branch)

Creed, Sylvie (Wednesday Sewing Group formed Feb. 1986. Smocks, Tabards, Jubilee Uniforms, Miscellaneous)

Creeper, Elizabeth (Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula)

Crichton, Julie (Inman Valley Red Cross, 1939-1990)

Crisp, Millie (Inman Valley Red Cross, 1939-1990)

Crocker, Nancy (Woodlands Park)

Croft, Betty (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Crook, Jenny (1990 Kingston South East)

Crosby, Betty (Milang Branch)

Croser, Floss (Tanunda)

Cross, Irene (Milang Branch)

Cross, Noelene (Clovercrest) (Apsley Vic)

Cross, Paula (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Cross, Tricia (Craft Volunteers, Queen Victoria Hospital)

Crosser, Doreen (Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula)

Crossing, C (Berri)

Crossman, M E (Hindmarsh Branch)

Crossman, Marion (Branch Wattle Park - Rosslyn Park)

Crowhurst, A

Crowhurst, Hilda (Woodlands Park)

Crowhurst, I

Crowhurst, Marj (Waikerie)

Cucuk, Wendy (Grange 1990)

Cumming, May (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Cummings, Kathleen (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Curkpatrick, Deborah (Kybybolite)

Curnow, Fay (Port Pirie)

Curtis, P (Berri)

Curtis, R (Waikerie)

Cusack, S (Port Elliot Branch)

Daecke, Moira (Millicent)

Dahlenburg, J (Port Elliot Branch)

Dains, Pamela (Clovercrest)

Dallison, M (Watervale Branch)

Damhuis, Fay (Millicent)

Damhuis, G T (Millicent)

Daniel, B R (Kulpara)

Daniel, Betty (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital, Daw Park)

Daniel, D (Port Broughton)

Daniel, E R (Kulpara)

Daniel, F (Paskeville)

Daniel, H J (Kulpara)

Daniel, J (Kulpara)

Daniel, J (Paskeville)

Daniel, M G (Kulpara)

Daniel, Susan (Port Broughton)

Daniele, Jasmin (Two Wells)

Danielsen, Eric (West Torrens)

Danielsen, Phyl (West Torrens)

Danter, Glad (Myrtle Bank)

Darby, Joy (Tanunda)

Darby, L (1974 Bute Branch 1990)

Darby, M (Tanunda)

Dare, Joan (Burra)

Dare, Juliana (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Dare, Rosemary (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Dareing, D I (Paskeville)

Davey, Carol (Tanunda)

Davey, Kay (Stansbury)

Davey, Mary (Grange 1990)

Davey, S (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Davey, S T (Murray Bridge)

Davidson, D (Keith Red Cross)

Davidson, Roma (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital Daw Park)

Davies, Flo (Port Lincoln Branch)

Davies, I O (Murray Bridge)

Davies, Lulu (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Davies, M (Tumby Bay)

Davis, R S (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Davis, Rebecca (St Marys Branch)

Davis, Val (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Davy, Casey (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Dawe, Hazel (Tanunda)

Dawkins, G K (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Dawson, Jean (Hindmarsh Branch)

Day, Don (Red Cross Volunteers. Modbury Hospital)

Day, E (Black Hill)

Day, Ethel (Mitcham)

Day, Kristy Lee (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Dayman, A (Paskeville)

de Dear, Ian (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Deafhalt, J (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital, Daw Park)

Dean, Gloria (Salisbury Central Branch)

Dean, M G (Mount Gambier)

Dean, R (Mount Gambier)

Deane, Bronwyn (Rostrevor)

DeBrenni, N

Degioia, N (Port Pirie)

Degner, B (Tumby Bay)

Dehier, Debbie (Waikerie)

Deigert, Patricia (Hallett)

Dennis (Murray Bridge)

Dennis, J (Lady Gowrie)

Dennis, Jean (Port Broughton)

Dennis, L (Berri)

Dennis, L E (Port Elliot Branch)

Denton, Betty (Wudinna Telecross Opened 1989)

Denton, Marylyn (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Devenport, B

Devlin, V A (Murray Bridge)

Dewhirst, Debbie (Kybybolite)

Dhillon, Skindo (Branch Wattle Park / Rosslyn Park)

Diamaites, Wendy (Broken Hill)

Dibb, Nancy (Branch Wattle Park - Rosslyn Park)

Dick, June (Gumeracha Branch)

Dickeson, Fred (Pooraka Red Cross)

Dickinson, Beryl (Pooraka Red Cross)

Dickinson, Tony (Pooraka Red Cross)

Dilbery, ? Pat (Rostrevor)

Dinnison, Norma (West Torrens)

Dixon, Alice (Grange 1990)

Dobbins, B K (Spalding)

Dodd, Coralie (Stansbury)

Dodd, P (Port Elliot Branch)

Dodd, V (Lady Gowrie)

Dodd, Y (Tanunda)

Doecke, Nita (Eudunda)

Doeckel, Dorothea (Eudunda)

Dohnt, C (Watervale Branch)

Dolan, K (Morphett Vale)

Dolphin, Nigel (Cowell Area School Junior Red Cross)

Donisthorpe, Lynton (Pooraka Red Cross)

Donlon, Glad (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Donnel, R (Paskeville)

Donoghue, Kath (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Doogue, Barbara (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Doran, Joyce (Grange 1990)

Dougal, Brenda (Gumeracha Branch)

Dougas, Brenda (Salisbury Central Branch)

Douglas, M L (Flaxley)

Dovey, E D (Furner)

Downing, B D (Flaxley)

Downing, L M (Flaxley)

Doyle, Jean (Largs Bay Telecross Opened 1985)

Dr?ra, C (1974 Bute Branch 1990)

Drew, D J (Burra)

Drewett, M (Paskeville)

Driver, Irene (Yacka)

Drummond, Linda (Campbelltown 1939)

Drury, Betty (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Duffield, Doris (Port Broughton Branch. In Memory of Past Members)

Duffy, D (Orroroo)

Duggan, C M (Yongala Branch)

Duggan, S F (Yongala Branch)

Duggan, V M (Yongala Branch)

Duldig, Wilma (President) (Eudunda)

Duncan, M (Lady Gowrie)

Dunk, Heather (Pooraka Red Cross)

Dunk, Meg (Milang Branch)

Dunk, Roger (Pooraka Red Cross)

Dunn, Jean (Port Lincoln Branch)

Dunne, Carol (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Dunsford, Julia (Southend Branch)

Dunstan, J (Berri)

Dunstan, Jill (Kybybolite)

Dunstan, M J (Pooraka Red Cross)

Dunstan, Nat (Pooraka Red Cross)

Durbridge, C

Durdin, J (Paskeville)

Durdin, M (Whyalla)

Durdin, O (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Dutschke, Joan (Maitland)

Dynan, Myra (Pooraka Red Cross)

E, Scott (Victor Harbor Primary School)

Eagle, Mollie (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Eames, N (Murray Bridge)

Earkler, P S (Palmer Branch)

Earle, Phyllis (Burra North Branch)

Eberhard, Connie (Yacka)

Ecclestone, E F (Halbury Branch)

Ecclestone, Eilein (sic) (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Eckel, Marie (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Eden, Helen (Acery Y P)

Eden, W A (Acery Y P)

Edmonds, Bev (Wudinna Telecross Opened 1989)

Edwards, Andrea (Cowell Area School Junior Red Cross)

Edwards, Bob (Pooraka Red Cross)

Edwards, Eva (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Edwards, Jack (Maitland)

Edwards, Jean (Maitland)

Edwards, Merle (Pooraka Red Cross)

Edwards, P J (Victor Harbor Primary School)

Edwards, R J (Victor Harbor Primary School)

Egarr, B A (Inman Valley Red Cross, 1939-1990)

Egarr, Brenda (Inman Valley Red Cross, 1939-1990)

Egel, Beverley (Pooraka Red Cross)

Egel, U (Black Hill)

Egel, Vern (Pooraka Red Cross)

Ellery, P (Yongala Branch)

Elleway, Gavin (Cowell Area School Junior Red Cross)

Elliott, I (Keith Red Cross)

Elliott, Jean (Mount Gambier)

Ellis, Bev (Southend Branch)

Ellis, G (Keith Red Cross)

Ellison, Colin (Grange 1990)

Ellison, Nicar? (Grange 1990)

Elston, Marleen (Yacka)

Engel, J (Tantanoola)

England, Edna (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

England, Keith (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

England, Liz (1990 Kingston South East)

England, Nancy (1990 Kingston South East)

English, Rachel M (Hindmarsh Branch)

Erskine, B A (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital, Daw Park)

Ettyn, Jill? (Hindmarsh Branch)

Evans, Christine (The United Effort of Members Joined Together on July 17 + 29 1991 by)

Evans, D

Evans, Dorothy M (Port Broughton) (Vice President)

Evans, F (Port Broughton) (Vice President)

Evans, Fan (Woodlands Park)

Evans, Ivy (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Evans, J (Magill)

Evans, Ken & Fan (Woodlands Park)

Evans, S Y (Keyneton)

Evans, Vernon (Port Broughton)

Eve, Winifred (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Everett, Rose (Gumeracha Branch)

Eweys, Peggie (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Ewing, Jim (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital, Daw Park)

Excell, E (Tumby Bay)

Eyles, Joan E (Grange 1990)

Fabris, Anna Maria (Southend Branch)

Fabris, B M (Southend Branch)

Fabris, Maria (Southend Branch)

Fabris, Patsy (Southend Branch)

Fabris, T (Southend Branch)

Faggotter, A (Tanunda)

Faggotter, I J (Tanunda)

Fahey, B (Spalding)

Fahey, Mary (Hallett)

Fairchild, B & N (Pooraka Red Cross)

Fairchild, Christine (Pooraka Red Cross)

Fairchild, Dennis (Pooraka Red Cross)

Fairchild, Dulcie (Pooraka Red Cross)

Fairchild, Maxine (Pooraka Red Cross)

Fairchild, N (Pooraka Red Cross)

Fairfax, D R (Eden Valley)

Falkenberg, Nola (Angaston Branch)

Falkenburg, I G (Black Hill)

Falkenburg, Kay E (Black Hill)

Farley, Hazel J (Halbury Branch)

Farley, Joan (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Farley, Lois (Gumeracha Branch)

Farrant, Judy (Clovercrest)

Farrelly, Laurie (Burra North Branch)

Farrest, Pearl (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Feimingham, Alma (Tanunda)

Fenn, S (Berri)

Fennell, E C (Southend Branch)

Fennell, K

Fennell, Val (Burra North Branch)

Ferguson, Ann (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Ferguson, Joan (Wednesday Sewing Group formed Feb. 1986. Smocks, Tabards, Jubilee Uniforms, Miscellaneous)

Ferguson, Malcolm (Mt Barker Branch 1990)

Ferguson, Mavis (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Fidge, J (1974 Bute Branch 1990)

Fiebiger, Claire (Keyneton)

Fiebiger, H M (Keyneton)

Fiebiger, T M (Keyneton)

Fiedler, Mona (Eudunda)

Fiegert, L (Murray Bridge)

Filmer, Hilda (Stansbury)

Finlay, Jean (Myrtle Bank)

Finnie, Barbara (West Torrens)

Fischer, E E (Tanunda)

Fischer, Eileen (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Fischer, Eileen R (Two Wells)

Fischer, L (Berri)

Fitly, Judith? (Burnside Branch)

Flatman, J (Magill)

Flavel, M (Tumby Bay)

Fleming, Brian (St Marys)

Fletcher, P (Port Broughton)

Flinn, Vonnie (St Marys)

Flint, Glenys (1990 Kingston South East)

Flintoff, G (Keith Red Cross)

Flippance, Eileen (Happy Valley)

Flippance, Les (Happy Valley)

Floridis, Con (Pooraka Red Cross)

Floyd, Liz (Jamestown Branch 1990)

Footer, Glad (St Marys Branch)

For?, Merl (Two Wells)

Forgan, Joan (West Torrens)

Forrest, J (Tanunda)

Forsyth, Betty (Morphett Vale)

Forsyth, Claire (Morphett Vale)

Forsyth, Kay (Morphett Vale)

Foster, J (Paskeville)

Fox, Jill (Rostrevor)

Frahn, Beryle (Tanunda)

Frahn, H

Frahn, H E (Murray Bridge)

France, L (Tumby Bay)

Francis, B (Largs Bay Telecross Opened 1985)

Francis, E (Maitland)

Francis, I & S (Maitland)

Francis, P N (Maitland)

Francis, R E (Hindmarsh Branch)

Francis, S (Maitland)

Francome, M (Waikerie)

Franklin, Carolyn (Victor Harbor Primary School)

Franklin, Jean (Clovercrest)

Fraser, Barbara (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Fraser, Mary (The United Effort of Members Joined Together on July 17 + 29 1991 by)

Freak, Beryl (Happy Valley)

Freeman, Mary E (Two Wells)

Freeman, May Mary

Freeman, R (Tumby Bay)

Freeth, Joyce (Kimba Telecross Opened 1988)

Frinsdorf, Alice (Burnside Branch)

Fromm, Vera (Tanunda)

Frost, R F (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)

Fry, Betty (Mitcham)

Fry, Carol (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Fry, Susan (Rostrevor)

Fulham Village Greens (Grange 1990)

Fuller, Anne

Fuller, B (Keith Red Cross)

Fuller, Dawn (Yacka)

Fuller, Jean (Yongala Branch)

Fuller, Mavis (Angaston Branch)

Fuller, Norma

Fuller, R (Keith Red Cross)

Fulton, Jean (Grange 1990)

Furst, J (Spalding)

Fuss, Kaye (Acery Y P)

G??, A (St Marys)

G??lielmin, Linda (Grange 1990)

Gadaleta, Maria (Branch Wattle Park - Rosslyn Park)

Gadalita, Y (Port Pirie)

Gagel, Doris (Tanunda)

Gagliardi, Lenny (Port Pirie)

Gagliardi, T (Port Pirie)

Gagliardi, Vanessa (Port Pirie)

Gago, Joyce ? (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Galbraith, B (Orroroo)

Gale, G (Port Elliot Branch)

Gale, Jean (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Gale, M (Tumby Bay)

Gallagher, L (Burra)

Gallas, E M (Salisbury Central Branch)

Galli, M (Southend Branch)

Galli, S (Southend Branch)

Gambell, Chris (Kybybolite)

Gambell, Pat (Kybybolite)

Gamble, H (Whyalla)

Gameau, Betty (Two Wells)

Gameau, Dora (Two Wells)

Gameau, Shirley (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Gann, Teresa (Port Pirie)

Ganser, D I (Palmer Branch)

Gard, R (Furner)

Gardner, Ann (1990 Kingston South East)

Gardner, Pat (Burra North Branch)

Garnett, Peter (Mt Bryan Junior Red Cross)

Garrard, J (Watervale Branch)

Garrard, Mayore (Auburn-Undalya Branch

Garrard, R (Watervale Branch)

Garrard, Rachel (Auburn-Undalya Branch

Garrett, Dora (Tanunda)

Gars, Joyce (Yacka)

Gates, G (Burra)

Gauci, C (Port Pirie)

Gava?, Pete (Payneham Branch)

Geary, Evelyn (Modbury Branch)

Geddie, T (West Torrens)

Gegenhuber, H

Gehan, B (Halbury Branch)

Geisler, L G (Palmer Branch)

Gengea, Dede? (Rostrevor)

Geog, Irma (Tanunda)

Gerhardy, C (Keyneton)

Gerhardy, M J (Keyneton)

Gerhardy, R I (Keyneton)

Gericke, J K (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Gericke, Pat (Naracoorte Red Cross Branch. October 1990)

Gerlach, Eileen (Angaston Branch)

Gerlach, M (Eudunda)

Germinsrio, J (Port Pirie)

Germinui, M? (Port Pirie)

Gersch, May (Pooraka Red Cross)

Gersch, Muriel (Pooraka Red Cross)

Gersch, Win (Pooraka Red Cross)

Geyer, Myra (Eudunda)

Gibb, V F (Orroroo)

Gibbons, Glenda (Woodlands Park)

Gibbs, A (Murray Bridge)

Gibbs, Raelene (St Marys Branch)

Gilbert, L (Mount Gambier)

Gilbert, Rene (Mount Gambier)

Gilchrist, Lesley (Red Cross Volunteers. Modbury Hospital)

Giles, A H (Kulpara)

Giles, A H (Paskeville)

Giles, Craig (Burnside Branch)

Giles, Diane (Burnside Branch)

Giles, Joyce (Campbelltown 1939)

Giles, Noel (Burnside Branch)

Gill, C (Paskeville)

Gill, Dorrie (Yacka)

Gill, I M (Spalding)

Gill, I N (1974 Bute Branch 1990)

Gill, Jessie (A P S)

Gill, Joyce L (1974 Bute Branch 1990)

Gill, K

Gillard, K (Orroroo)

Gillen, K (Glenelg)

Gillen, Kathleen (Lyell McEwin Hospital Telecross Opened 1987)

Gillen, Vera (West Torrens)

Gillie, P (Paskeville)

Gillis, B J (Maitland)

Gilman, A (Burra)

Gladigan, Judy (Birdwood Red Cross 1990)

Glasson, Bob (Grange 1990)

Glasson, Heather (Grange 1990)

Glasson, Irene (Grange 1990)

Glasson, Jack (Grange 1990)

Glasson, Jack (The United Effort of Members Joined Together on July 17 + 29 1991 by)

Glasson, John (Grange 1990)

Glasson, Kath (Grange 1990)

Glasson, Kath (The United Effort of Members Joined Together on July 17 + 29 1991 by)

Gleeson, Barbara (Kybybolite)

Glossop, Heidi (75th Anniversary Celebration. Hoyleton 14-9-90)

Glover, Sheila (Lyell McEwin 1981-1990)

Glynn, E (Magill)

Gnatter, Karen (Red Cross Repatriation Hospital. Daw Park)


Gobbett, Joy (Payneham Branch)

Gobbett, Keith (Payneham Branch)

Gobell, R (Morphett Vale)

Goddard, D (St Marys Branch)

Godden, Bobbie (St Marys)

Gogel, A R (Murray Bridge)