Embroidered Signatures ProjectWomen’s Fellowship 1957 to 1991: Cloth

Kingston Uniting Church Fellowship
South East
Kingston Uniting Church Fellowship
134cm x 137cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1957
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White polycotton cloth with lace edging. Text and dates relating to the fellowship group are in the centre of the cloth: 'Women's Fellowship May 10th 1957 to 12th November 1991'. Multicoloured embroidered signatures are stitched diagonally across the corners of the cloth. Underneath one name, 'Helen Collins', is the date '2001'. 6cm hem.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Members of the Women's Fellowship. Possibly created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the group. The current Kingston Uniting Church Fellowship was formed from an evening fellowship group (Methodist) that was amalgamated with the church guilds under the Uniting Church. The guilds were established to support church ministers.


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Anderson, Beth

Atkinson, Judy

Aylesbury, Pat

Back, Eileen

Backler, Bev

Backler, Ruth

Barnett, Dawn

Barnett, Margaret

Barnett, Molly

Bell, B M

Blenkiron, Valmai

Blowes, Jean

Booth, Maggie

Braunack, Judy

Brockhoff, Helen

Brockhoff, June

Browning, Eileen

Burgoyne, Nance

Burt, Nita

Cameron, Barbara

Cameron, Gladys

Cameron, Kathleen

Cameron, Pam

Cameron, Rosalie

Carslake, Margaret

Christensen, Marian

Clark, Deni

Clifford, Joy

Cobiac, Bev

Collins, Helen

Cooper, Connie

Cooper, Dorothy

Cooper, G

Crawford, Marjorie

Creaser, June

Criddle, Jan

Criddle, Kathleen

Curkpatrick, Margaret

Curkpatrick, Una

Curkpatrick, Una (2)

Davies, Heather

Dawkins, Reta

Dempster, Sonia

Dillon, Lorraine

Dorrington, Dorothy

Doyle, Hazel

Edwards, Jan Rankine

Edwards, Margaret

Edwards, Norma

Fletcher, Anne

Flint, Gwen

Flint, Helen

Flint, Mary

Gartrell, Anne

Gepp, Lois

Gibbs, Flo

Giddings, Jean

Gilson, Doris

Goode, Gladys

Graetz, Ruth

Gribble, Hilda

Groot, Nel

Guscott, Yvonne

Haines, Mona

Hall, Helen

Hancock, Margaret

Hancock, Margaret (2)

Hards, Kay

Head, Dawn

Heinrich, Bev

Heinrich, Gladys

Heinrich, Hazel

Henriks, Helen

Hensel, Brenda

Hill, Elaine

Hill, Marie

Ingram, Barb

Jackson, Robin

Jewell, Laurel

Jones, Rita

Keller, Zola

Kempster, Mary

Keyte, Norma

Kotarski, Erna

Lane, Maxine

Lawrie, Ida

Lawrie, Janet

Lisk, Edith

Lloyd, Mary

Lohmeyer, Joan

Long, Shirley

Lowe, Glenys

Maczkowiack, Anne

Maczkowiack, Marj

Madex, Margaret

Mason, Pauline

McGorm, Mary

Mckenzie, Joan

McLaren, Jean

McLaren, Marjorie

Miegel, Althea

Miller, Avis

Mitchell, Joan

Moellers, Desilee

Moffatt, Ruth

Morriss, Marjorie

Mules, Shirley

Murdock, Val

Norman, Chris

Oakley, Mary

Ogilvie, Joy

Packer, Gwen

Parker, Ann

Parker, Beth

Parker, Bev

Parker, Chris

Parker, Jean

Parker, Lynn

Peake, Claire

Pinches, Betty

Pitt, Jean

Poole, Rosalie

Randall, Maureen

Ratcliff, Margaret

Ratsch, Ann

Reed, Freda

Richards, Edna

Rogers, Edith May

Rogers, Jean

Saunders, Kay

Schaefer, Joyce

Scott, Joan

Shearer, Helen

Shirley ?

Shurdington, Avis

Sibly, Glenda

Simpson, Pam

Slade, Carol

Sly, Dawn

Smith, Kath

Smith, Kathleen

Smith, Margaret

Smith, Sue

Sporn, (Mrs)

Standfield, Virginia

Starkey, Phyll

Starling, Ronda

Staude, Carine

Stewart, Marilyn

Stoneman, Betty

Taylor, Kit

Thompson, Mary

Thorpe, Cynthia Lauren

Thorpe, Mavis

Thorpe, Merle

Thredgold, Evie

Traeger, Joy

Usher, Betty

Vanderlee, Susan

Vansetten, Kathy

Wallace, Pamela

Walton, Rosemary

Ward, Margaret

Watts, Margaret

Whan, Merle

White, Kathleen

Wicks, Isobel

Woodhouse, Nina