Embroidered Signatures ProjectSenior Citizens’ Club. Kingston: Cloth

Kingston & District Senior Citizens Club Inc
South East
Kingston & District Senior Citizens' Club
223cm x 135cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1970s
ID Number
Cloths,Machine Embroidery,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Yellow cotton cloth. Central motif of a green tree within a heavy red circle containing the text 'Senior Citizens Clubs of South Australia' in Hobbytex. Embroidered signatures are worked in red and green stem stitch in a circular fashion around the central motif. Some machine embroidered names. Machine embroidered border around the edge. 7cm hem.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Kingston & District Senior Citizens’ Club. Membership. Could have been created when the Club built their own premises, possibly in the 1970s. The Red Cross initiated seniors’ dinner events. This started the social interaction amongst senior citizens in Kingston. They initially used a caravan clubhouse until the Council approved a purpose-built club building. The cloth is in current and constant use as a tablecloth in the clubrooms.


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Backler, A

Backshall, Audrey

Baker, June

Barber, Mary

Barber, Stan

Baseley, Bert

Baseley, Gwen

Bell, Beryl

Bell, Lou

Bray, P

Burton, Dory

Cameron, Mary

Cooper, Ella

Curnow, Barbara

Davies, Ella

Dawkins, Reta

Dening, Daisy

Dixon, Dulcie

Doyle, Mary

Edwards, Ern

Edwards, Jean

Ellery, Kathleen

Ellery, Vernon

England, Sheila

Fellenberg, G

Fellenberg, I

Flint, Fred

Flint, Jean

Flint, Vic

Foster, Betty

Foster, Ken

Gerhardy, Doreen

Gerhardy, Lou

Gibbs, Bert

Gibbs, Cliff

Gibbs, Eileen

Gibbs, Flo

Gibbs, Flora

Gibbs, Harold

Goldfinch, Len

Goldfinch, Mollie

Haggett, Gwen

Haines, Mona

Haines, Perce

Heinrich, George

Heinrich, Gladys

Hensel, Brenda

Higgins, Bill

Hill, F

Hill, M

Holloway, Joan

Holme, Linda

Holme, Maurice

Jarrad, Len

Jarrad, Thelma

Jones, Pearl

Jordan, Del

Judd, Molly

Judd, Ray

Keller, Zola

Kirkland, Edna

Kirkland, Les

Long, Ray

Long, Shirley

Lyell, Dulcie

Martin, Ron

Martin, Rona

McGrice, Gwenyth

McKay, Alma

McLeod, A

McLeod, M

McRostie, Rhonda

Nankivell, Arthur

Nankivell, Margaret

Newton, Mary

Ormsby, Ellen

Pearson, Harry

Possingham, Lyn

Ramsay, Belle

Ramsay, Isobel

Randall, Flo

Randall, Roy

Ratsch, Wal

Redman, Pat

Redman, Ron

Reed, Freda

Reed, Reg

Rehn, Beryl

Rehn, Bill

Rehn, Jacalyn

Richards, Edna

Richards, Phyl

Rogers, Jean

Sadler, Bob

Sadler, Melva

Saunderson, Maureen

Saunderson, Peter

Sharky, Gladys

Shuttleworth, Harold

Smith, Beryl

Smith, Deane

Smith, Dorothy

Smith, Dulcie

Smith, Eileen

Smith, Kath

Smith, Kathleen

Smith, Locky

Smith, Mary

Smith, Neville

Smith, Pat

Smith, Ronda

Smith, Ross

Starling, Daph

Staude, Bob

Staude, Carine

Talbot Smith, Brian

Talbot Smith, Rae

Thorpe, Cliff

Thorpe, Hilda

Thorpe, Mavis

Vandepeer, Kira

Victory, Val

Warner, Brian

Warner, Rona

Wehl, Heather

Whitcher, Barb

White, Amy

White, John

Wilkinson, Rona

Woods, Max

Woods, Tom

Wright, Max

Wright, Pat