Embroidered Signatures Project9th/23rd Light Horse Regiment. Balaclava: Cloth

Balaklava Museum
Mid North
155cm x 190cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1939
ID Number
Appliqué,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Large white calico cloth with a 4cm machine stitched hem using red cotton. In the centre of the cloth is a machine stitched circle with a map of Australia, machine satin stitched, with 'Cheerio from Balaklava' hand stitched in red stem stitch with a dot to show its location on the map. Radiating out from the central circle is a 7cm band with the rising sun emblem hand stitched in yellow at top and bottom and with the blue colour patch of the 9th / 23rd Light Horse appliquéd on either side. The topmost rising sun emblem has '9th/23rd' stitched to its left and 'Light Horse' stitched to its right. This band is further divided into segments with red machine stitching for names. A second 7cm band creates an outer circle and has a hand stitched red Australian flag and the Union Jack on either side of the text 'Balaklava, South Australia' and ' Militia 1939'. It is also divided into segments for names by machine stitching. The remainder of the cloth has been machine stitched with lines divided into segments using red thread. Names have been hand stitched in each segment. All names are in red using stem stitch. The 2 flags are worked predominantly with chain stitch.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Australian Light Horse. Fundraiser. Cost was 1 shilling per name. 'The 23rd Light Horse Regiment (Barossa) was a Citizens Military Force (CMF) unit of the Australian Light Horse, formed during the 1912 reorganisation of the Australian Army. The regiment traces its origins back to the militia cavalry units raised in the colony of South Australia, specifically the South Australian Mounted Rifles'. 'In 1936, the 23rd was linked with the 9th Light Horse Regiment to form the 9th/23rd Light Horse Regiment'. 'The 23rd was unlinked from the 9th on 1 December 1941. As part of the wider mechanisation of the Australian Light Horse, the unit was converted to a motorised reconnaissance role and was retitled the 23rd Reconnaissance Company (Barossa Light Horse) at this time'. From Wikipedia.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Addems, Joan

Addems, Vera

Ahrns, Martha A

Alexander, Phillis

Anders, Irene

Auricht, Catherine

Auricht, Clare

Balaklava Football Club

Bansemer, R

Barker, W G

Baum, L

Berry, Lola

Bird, N H (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Bowden, Hilda

Bowden, Valma

Bowers, H

Bridgeman, Kevin

Bromley, Margaret

Brus, Mildred

Brus, Wanda

Budge, H

Burnley, Ann

Burton, Marie G

Burton, Patric

Burton, Stephanie

Busbridge, Clarice

Busbridge, Queenie

Butler, Florence

Callaghan, Nellie

Camp, Marjorie

Carmody, R

Carter, Jean

Catford, Merle

Catley, Carlien

Charlesworth, Jean

Clark, R (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Cleary, Kath

Cleary, Mary

Clements, James

Congee, Patricia J

Cottington, Esther

Cottle, Dorothy

Cottle, Joyce

Cousin, A (Captain)

Cousin, Edith

Cox, Ruby

Croft, Ida

Cruber, W B

Crystal, Marjorie

Cullan, Rona

Cullen, Lily

Cullen, May

Deitman, R

Dewdner, M M

Dickman, Jessie

Diecks, Mary

Diercks, Geo

Dixon, Carry

Drew, Gwen

Dunn, Joyce

Dunsford, R

Dunstan, G (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Dunston, Mabel

East, Beryl

Edwards, Snow

Edwards, Stella

Evens, Marjorie

Fenner, C L

Fricker, C

Gardiner, Peter L

Gardiner, Rae M

Gibson, Shirley

Gifford, Edith

Gilchrist, Brian

Gilchrist, Florence A

Girsch, Phillis

Greenless, Rollo

Haffer, Mary

Hall, Mary

Hallion, Lucy

Hallion, R

Hallion, W (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Hamlet, Mary

Hannah, (Sister)

Hanrahan, Helen

Hansen, Elsie

Harris, Edna

Hay, Peggy

Healey, Jessie

Healey, Keith

Henry, Mona

Henry, Pat

Hill, Olive

Hillibrand, Dorothy

Hood, Neville

Hore, Joy

Hore, Vida

Innes, Bessie

Innes, June

Jackson, Sarah

Jarvis, Dorothy

Jarvis, Jean

Jarvis, Lorain

Johncock, Fay

Jones, A

Jones, Brewster

Jones, F H

Joske, Hazel

Joske, Mary

Julge, Beryl

Jupp, W

K, A W

K, L W

King, Allan

King, L (Corporal)

King, Mary

King, Peter

Kraft, Doris

Kraft, E F

Kraft, Rita

Laffer, Jean

Lampe, Frances E

Langdon, Dawn

Laub, Emma

Lee, Mary

Leverington, W G

Lewis, Lillian

Lock, R J

Mader, G

Maitland, W

Manoel, Mary

March, Edna

Marriott, Avis

Marriott, Kathleen

Marshall, Dulcie

Marshman, Ian

Marshman, Judith

Martindale, Aileen

McGann, T

McKee, James

McKenzie, Henrietta

McKenzie, L

McLachan, Maragret

McMahan, Eileen

McMahan, Kathleen

McPharlin, Elsbeth

McPhie, Elsbeth

McPhie, John

Metcalf, Ruth

Mitchell, G

Mitchell, R (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Munday, Gertrude

Nancarrow, Len

Napier, Antony

Napier, John

Neville, Diana

Neville, Mary

Newton, I

Newton, R

Newton, Ruth

Nolan, F J (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Nolan, Mollie

Nowlan, A D

Offen, Marie

Overton, Jessie

Padman, Katherine

Partridge, Jean

Paterson, E

Paterson, N

Peek, Vera M

Pennington, Barbara

Pennington, Margaret

Pepper, (Corporal)

Reid, Max

Rhodes, Elizabeth

Robinson, A W

Robinson, Margaret

Robinson, Mary

Rutt, Gladys

Sabey, Shirley

Saint, Effie

Saint, Patty

Saint, R

Sellan, S (Corporal)

Shepherd, Mary

Sherwood, Beryl

Shrubsole, H

Smith, Hetty

Smith, Mary

Smith, Ruby

Smith, W A

Spillane, C (Corporal)

Steinke, Barbara

Steinke, Florence

Sutton, Lyla

Sutton, Nellie

Sutton, Ruth

Sutton, Shirley

Sutton, William (Jr)

Swan, George J

Swan, Julia

Tanner, Barbara

Tanner, W F

Tanner, Winefride

Thompson, Joan

Thorpe, A U

Thorpe, Jaye

Tiller, A (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Tiller, M (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Treasure, L R

Treverton, May

Tucker, R (Captain)

Tullock, Blanche

Tunkin, Avis

Tunkin, May

Turner, Joan

Twelftree, Zoe

Uppill, Doreen

Uppill, Lou

Uppill, Mary

Uppill, Sophie

Urlwin, Joyce

Veitch, Evelyn

Veitch, G (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Veitch, Marvin

Venning, Nell

Vogt, Maureen

Waegner, Joan

Webb, Gwen

Weetra, Valma

Wilkins, Connie

Williams, D (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Williams, M R (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Williams, R (Lance Corporal)

Wilson, Adelaide

Wilson, Alice

Wilson, R F

Wilson, W A (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Wilson, Winifred

Wood, A

Wood, A (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)

Wreford, Joan

Wright, Winnie

Yendall, Myrtle

Young, T C (Balaklava South Australia Militia 1939)