Embroidered Signatures ProjectAdelaide Rifles. 2/10 Battalion Unit 35: Banner

Keswick Barracks. Army Museum
86cm x 132cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/c1940
ID Number
Banners,Machine Appliqué,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Framed cream banner with a large blue 'V' machine appliquéd in the top centre. Similarly the text '2'10 Battalion Unit 35' is machine appliquéd across the bottom in large blue letters. Columns of names have been stitched over the entire cloth with red cotton thread. A black cross has been used to signify that a person is deceased, DCM that the Distinguished Conduct Medal has been awarded or MC, the Military Cross.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Commemorative. 'The 2/10th Battalion ("The Adelaide Rifles") was an infantry battalion of the Australian Army that was raised for overseas service as part of the all-volunteer Second Australian Imperial Force (2nd AIF) during World War II. Formed in October 1939, it was the first 2nd AIF unit raised from the state of South Australia during the war.' from Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2/10th_Battalion_(Australia)


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Abbot, A F W (SX18579 PTE)

Abraham DCM, A J (SX10515 PTE)

Abraham, E (SX7896 PTE)

Aivaliotis, N (SX4 CpL)

Alcock, E C (SX70 PTE)

Alexander, C H (SX66 PTE)

Allanson, W G (SX964 L/CpL)

Allchin, E F (SX1429 CPT)

Armour, D T B (SX1210 SGT)

Armour, M (SX439 S/SGT)

Arnold, A W S (SX1468 MJR)

Arsenon, R B (SX304 SGT)

Ashby, V E (SX1970 PTE)

Atkinson, F (SX638 SGT)

Badcock, R P (SX6078 PTE)

Baker, R J (SX993 SGT)

Balfour Ogilvy, D G (SX LT)

Ball, E J (SX12209 PTE)

Barber, P (SX1900 PTE)

Barnes, A B (SX2382 PTE)

Barter, L F (SX634 L/CpL)

Bennetts, L P (SX16913 PTE)

Best, G M (SX1391 PTE)

Bickle, H A (SX398 PTE)

Bidstrup MC, M L (SX4500 CPT)

Binns, R (SX1062 PTE)

Blackburn, C F (SX1729 DRIV)

Bloffwitch MM, H (SX1071)

Bollen, J E (SX1504 PTE) (Deceased)

Bond, J H (SX6114 CpL)

Bosworth, C L (SX1400 L/CpL)

Bottomley, J (SX744 PTE)

Brocksopp, J E (SX1431 CPT)

Brocksopp, W A (SX1430 CPT)

Brokensha, C W G (SX1556 CpL)

Brooksby, R A (SX334 PTE)

Brown, N R (SX27 PTE)

Bruer, L G (MJR)

Brummitt, D W (SX1433 CPT)

Burgess, J (SX549 PTE)

Burley, A (SX551 PTE)

Burman, L C (SX12225 LT) (Deceased)

Butler, V (SX1804 PTE) (Deceased)

Buttery, A D (SX207 PTE)

Byrne, P (SX420 CpL) (Deceased)

Callard, A (SX730 PTE)

Calnan, L (SX SGT)

Chard, R A (SX1775 PTE)

Charnstrom, R L (SX941 PTE)

Clarke, J R (SX10355 CpL)

Clarke, M H (SX843 PTE)

Clarke, P T (SX843 PTE)

Cluse, A (SX PTE)

Coffey, C H (SX1659 CpL)

Colbig, H D (SX1574 PTE) (Deceased)

Connell, F C (SX6212 CpL)

Cooper, G D T (SX1435 CPT)

Cornelius, G C (SX10356 CpL)

Cox, F C (SX556 PTE)

Cox, K C (SX1548 PTE)

Cox, S (SX10817)

Cox, W T (SX559 PTE)

Craigie, J (SX10335 LT)

Cranwell, F J (SX40 PTE)

Cranwell, M (SX100 CpL)

Cromey, W (SX2370 SGT)

Crosby, H G (SX '120 L/C)

Crouch, C H (SX12404 CpL)

Cullen, V L (SX1778 PTE)

Cundell, R G (SX1152 CPT)

Davis, F W (SX1685 PTE)

Denison, A (SX500 W/O)

Dittmar, J L (SX248 SGT)

Dobbs, J G (SX2929 LT COL)

Donaldson, G R (SX28 SGT)

Doris, C (SX1144 CpL)

Edwardes, F E (SX394 QM SGT)

Edwardes, G E (SX707 SGT)

Edwards, T (SX2318 PTE)

Ellenby MC, R M (SX1166 LT)

Elliot, E (SX72 PTE) (Deceased)

Ellis, H N (SX360 SGT)

Ely, E O (SX11867 PTE)

Evans, A A (SX SGT)

Eylward, D R (SX1425 PTE)

Fee, R C (SX190 SGT)

Fielden, L J (SX311 PTE)

Fitzgerald, G G (SX18458 PTE)

Flinn, W P (SX10443 PTE)

Foreman, L P (SX1252 PTE)

Francis, B (SX1194 PTE) (Deceased)

Freaux, C W (SX340 L/CpL) (Deceased)

Freebairn, J L E (SX1131 PTE)

Furber, F L (SX1621 CpL)

Gibbins, T W (SX1934 PTE)

Gould, G J (SX856 PTE) (Deceased)

Green, R L (SX10358 CpL)

Guley, D E (SX641 SGT)

Haggett, J H (SX849 SGT) (Deceased)

Hallion, M J (SX1084 PTE)

Hammond, C (SX789 PTE)

Hannam, J (SX212 PTE

Harding, H O (SX11032 PTE)

Hardy, W C D A (SX16929 PTE)

Harrington, H G (SX247 PTE)

Harrington, S (SX196 SGT)

Harvey, J (SX1292 PTE) (Deceased)

Harvy, A H (SX521 CpL)

Hatchard, L J (SX115 CpL))

Hayward, Ian Dudley (SX1438)

Hearn, C (SX12495 LT)

Hearne, W H (SX356 SGT)

Heffernan, J C (SX10397 PTE)

Helmore, R (Padre)

Hodder, L D (SX82 SGT)

Hodge, J (SX891 PTE)

Hodson, J C (SX324 PTE)

Holton, G R (SX1347 PTE)

Hondow, C H (SX614 PTE)

Howe, F E (SX20530 PTE)

Howlett, J H (SX1104 SGT)

Huey-Williams, A F (SX1290 PTE) (Deceased)

Inglis, F (SX218 CpL)

Inglis, M (SX87 SGT) (Deceased)

Jacka, H J (SX504 PTE)

Jackson, J F (SX6148 PTE)

Jacob, K R (SX1157 LT)

Jeffreys, S A (SX1716 CpL)

Jennings, J C (SX9253 PTE)

Jessop, N J (SX213 PTE)

Johnson, R (SX112)

Johnston, H F (SX1304 PTE)

Jones, D (SX18003 PTE)

Jones, H C (SX11991 L/CpL)

Jones, M (SX3158 PTE)

Jones, S R (SX4998 DVR)

Jones, T B (SX11879 PTE)

Julian, L (SX20027 PTE)

Kelly, E N (SX1542 PTE)

Kelly, J M (SX642 SGT)

Kelly, W T (SX566 PTE) (Deceased)

Kenney, E L (SX2167 PTE)

Kerwin, J (SX18291 PTE) (Deceased)

Kilworth, C (SX11011 CpL)

King, D M (SX5833 CpL)

Kingston, W L (SX10380 PTE)

Koch, W (SX427 L/CpL)

Koch, W K (SX427 PTE)

Kumnick, P A (SX1158 LT)

Lang, R A D (SX PTE)

Larsen, N C (SX209 SGT)

Lawrence, F A (SX2125 PTE) (Deceased)

Leggett, S V (SX10033 PTE)

Lethbridge, S D (SX11766 LT)

Lillecrapp, D G (SX5285 PTE)

Linke, V J (SX1167 SGT)

Little, C D (SX1037 W/O)

Luke, M E (SX342 DVR)

Mackie, C H (SX1198 LT)

Mallyon, A R S V (SX661 LT)

Marklew, D J (SX1991 SGT)

Marshall, E B (SX21170 PTE)

Marshall, J O (SX368 SGT)

Martin, S (SX21492 PTE) (Deceased)

Masters, J R (SX462 SGT)

Matheson, H R (SX1441 CpT)

Matthews, C P (SX18521 PTE)

Matthews, G R (SX1442 MJR)

McAuliffe, W H (SX929 SGT)

McConnachie, J M (SX6573 PTE)

McConnachie, P A (SX10469 PTE)

McConnachy, P A (SX10469 PTE)

McIntyre, J D (SX1405 PTE)

McLachlan, A (SX2 PTE)

Mealy, J C (SX1992 SGT)

Miethke MC, G R (SX1461 CPT)

Miller, F (SX PTE)

Miller, H H (SX6098 PTE)

Miller, R (SX1108 PTE)

Mitchell, J (SX395 SGT) (Deceased)

Moffatt, J (SX392 PTE)

Molloy, J E (SX11993 PTE)

Molloy, R J (SX11856 PTE) (Deceased)

Moore, R E (SX6520 CpL)

Munro, J (SX1312 PTE)

Munroe, J G (SX396 CpL)

Nadebaum, R N (SX245 PTE)

Nagel, N J (SX10541 PTE)

Nancarrow, R N (SX14514 PTE)

Neate, W M (SX19 L/CpL)

Nitschke, E S (SX792 SPR)

O'Connor, F J (SX935 PTE)

Oliver, F C (SX1995 CpL)

Osborne, A R (SX130 L/CpL)

Parkinson, A R (SX11761 LT) (Deceased)

Partridge, L W (SX2293 PTE)

Payne, K H (SX1130 SGT)

Paynter, C L (SX10471 PTE) (Deceased)

Penny, H L (SX1593 PTE) (Deceased)

Pepper, H W (SX1764 PTE)

Perkins, H J (X10665 SGT)

Peterson, L J (SX637 PTE)

Peterson, T G (SX13223 PTE)

Pickett, E (SX20537 PTE)

Pollock, W W (SX1861 PTE)

Potter, E W (SX1031 PTE)

Powell, S S (SX601 PTE)

Priest, J H (SX682 L/CpL)

Prout, F C (SX745 PTE)

Pudney, D K (SX6111 PTE) (Deceased)

Ramsden, A W (SX855 PTE)

Richards, W R (SX1014 PTE)

Richardson, T R (SX6110 PTE)

Ridings, A B (SX11273 SGT) (Deceased)

Rilen, B C (SX651 DVR)

Roach, C P (SX10392 PTE)

Roads, R E (SX21801 PTE)

Robertson, H H (SX12171 SGT)

Robinson, H M (SX49 S/SGT)

Roe, C A (SX1927 PTE)

Roe, J H (SX1956 PTE)

Rogers, C (SX536 PTE)

Rogers, H C (SX1890 PTE)

Rogers, R L (SX1791 PTE)

Rosenberg, P (SX6085 CpL)

Ross, A W (SX50 PTE)

Roworth, J A R (SX269 SGT)

Ryan, J P (SX1936 L/CpL)

Sanders, G (SX6391 CpL)

Sanderson, R W (SX1469 CPT)

Scott, A (SX6330 LT)

Scott, H M (SX754 PTE)

Seddon, R J S (SX1741 LT)

Seddon, R W (SX620 LT)

Shannam, J (SX212 PTE)

Shell, H (SX1536 PTE)

Shepherd, R (SX2716 PTE)

Shepley, D N (SX1199 CpL)

Shinnick, T M (SX15770)

Slade, L G (SX15 PTE)

Small, L E (SX10478 PTE)

Smith, D McL (SX1443 CAPT)

Smith, E W (SX15907 PTE)

Somers, A J D (SX1620 SIG)

Spencer, G G (SX1193 SGT)

Spender, F R (SX743 LT)

Squires, A J (SX865 PTE)

Stanford, J A (SX5061 PTE)

Stanford, L W (SX1668 PTE) (Deceased)

Steele, H N (SX1580 PTE)

Stoodley, E W (SX12037 CpL) (Deceased)

Strangway, O (SX1384 PTE)

Sulzmann, R (SX1247 CpL)

Sutton, R G (SX2539 PTE)

Syme, D M (SX4856 LT)

Tanner, R W (SX116 CpL)

Thomas, J R S (SX1617 PTE)

Thompson, D E (SX605 PTE)

Thomson, R C (SX194 CpL)

Tompkins, J J (SX17001 CpL)

Toon, J (SX76 PTE) (Deceased)

Tregloan, J F (SX519 PTE) (Deceased)

Trivivian, J H (SX1444 CPT)

Truman, R A (SX1260 LT)

Tyley, C G (SX1855 PTE)

Van Heytheuysen, A (SX1116 PTE)

Vaux, C (SX166 PTE)

Verrier DCM ED, A D (SX1445 LT COL)

Verrier, A H (SX6266 SGT)

Waanders, A C (SX1925 PTE)

Wasley, H J (SX1052 PTE)

Watson, H J (SX1780 PTE)

Way, K H (SX1126 PTE)

Wellington, J (SX150 PTE)

Weston, A J (SX1975 PTE)

White, B H (SX1173 L/CpL)

Whittaker, R B (SX252 PTE)

Wilkinson, S (SX966 SGT)

Wilkinson, S J (SX966 SGT)

Williams, J H (SX1444 LT)

Wilson, F P (SX 1447 CPT)

Winslet, H S (SX1902 PTE)

Wissell, W R (SX91 LT)

Wylie, M K (SX1388 PTE)