Embroidered Signatures ProjectMinna Ridgway et al: Cloth

Keswick Barracks. Army Museum
72cm x 72cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A heavily starched square white linen supper cloth with a fringe created by fraying threads extending out from the edge of the cloth. Signatures are stem stitched in red cotton thread, generally in groups but also singly and are randomly positioned across the whole cloth.


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Alcorn, R

Anderson, Marjory

Bigg, J T

Cannell, Alan

Cannell, S

Chapman, Clarice G

Chapman, Ella G

Churchward, C M

Downing, E J

Griggs, Bert

Grovermann, E S

Haines, C H

Haines, Florence E

Heard, A V

Herbert, H C

Hilyer, W

Hudd, Linda

Johnson, Gweneth

Johnson, Mabel

Johnson, S M A

Knowling, F J

Lock, Trixie

McMurtrie, Sophie J

Morgan, Mary B

Nicol, W F

Pillar, Clara G

Pitman, E J

Possingham, L F

Possingham, T J (Brid?)

Potter, Beatrice

Reaves, E W

Reeves, P J

Reynolds, Ettie

Reynolds, F

Reynolds, Selma

Ridgway, Emma

Ridgway, Minna

Rofe, Ila

Rofe, R E

Rogers, C W

Rogers, Jean C

Rogers, K G

Semmens, Stella

Stace, Fred

Stokes, P A

Thomson, A B

Virgo, James E

Warnery, Clarice

Williams, L

Williams, M

Wiltshire, F M

Wiltshire, Florence

Wiltshire, J L

Wiltshire, J N

Wiltshire, Tom

Wiskine, Thomson ?