Embroidered Signatures ProjectSoldiers’ Mothers’ Memorial Rest Home: Cloth

Keswick Barracks. Army Museum
Mrs E Bawden
107cm x 101cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1920
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Ecru linen cloth with signatures embroidered in blue thread in randomly placed rectangular boxes, also embroidered in blue. A centred cross contains the following text worked in red thread "The Unknown Warrior. Verdun. 11.11.20. Lest We Forget". Centred at the top of the cloth is a blue stitched outline of the Vickers 'Vimy' bomber aircraft with the text "Vickers 'Vimy' Landed 23.3.20". The names embroidered along the top edge are "Grace Weigall", "Archibald Weigall" and "Priscilla Weigall" being the 18th Governor of South Australia (9 June 1920 to 30 May 1922), Sir Archibald Weigall, his wife Lady Weigall and their only daughter. Stitched along the lower edge is "S. M. Memorial Rest Home. Opened 20.11.20. Worked by Mrs E Bawden".

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Fundraiser for the SM Memorial Rest Home. Official opening of the SM Memorial Rest Home: 20.11.20 Unknown Warrior, Verdun. Anzac Day 11.11.20 Vickers 'Vimy' landing 23.3.20


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Aldgate, G H T

Anderson, O C (Geelong 1914)


Bawden, B

Bawden, H L

Bawden, H M

Bawden, H M (2)

Bawden, Ralph

Benella 1916

Berrima 16-2-16

Bidgood, K

Boliths, A C

Boliths, E


Borlace, C

Borlace, J H

Bremen 27-6-16



Caley Smith, O E ?

Carn Brae Aldgate 18-2-20

Carraill, A

Carraill, L

Carraill, M A

Carraill, S

Catterall, J

Catterall, M

Ceramic 1-11-19

Cheney, E G

Cheney, Jack

Collins, F M

Collins, L T

Cook, E

Cooke, E

Cooke, H

Cowell, L J

Cowell, M A

Cowell, P

Dawes, A

Dawes, S

Dawkins, (Dr)

Dec 4th 1916

Dummy Hill

Evans, E O

Evans, I O

Evans, M A

Evans, W O

Eyles, (Mrs)

Eyles, H J

Eyles, W C

Fox, J

Greet, C

Hammer, (Mrs)

Hammer, A J

Harris, (Mrs)

Harris, C A

Harvey, E

Harvey, W

Horsley, D

Horsley, M J

Howe, A (27th Batt)

Howe, E

Howie, A

Howie, L B

Impett, L S (sailed Dec 1914)

Impett, R K (sailed Oct 1914)


Kurr, K W

Le Lant, C

Le Lant, G

Lest We Forget

Lowrie, A

Lowrie, F

Lunn, Sammy (Diggers' Pal)

Marks, S

McCann, E

McDonald, J

Menhennett, (Sis)


Miller, G F

Miller, N

Mongolia 1916


Murphy, C

Murphy, Sydney


Noble, C A

Noble, M

Noble, M S


Parak, W

Parham, G

Parham, H

Parham, W

Passchendale 16-10-17

Patten, (Mrs)

Patten, A H

Patten, B D

Patten, C D

Patten, G F

Peace 1918

Pearson, F W

Prettejohn, B A

Prettejohn, G J

Prettejohn, H C

Reubenicht, E

Reubenicht, J

Reubenicht, P

Reubenicht, R

Ronayue, (Sis)

Scott, C J

Scott, F J

Scott, F R

Scown, F

Scown, V

Searle, D

Shepard, L P

Smart, I

Smart, M

Smith, C O

Smith, E

Smith, F

Smith, F B

Smith, G

Smith, T

Somerset, N J (Cpt A D C)

Stewart, C

Stewart, H

Symon, (Lady)

Symon, O S (27th BATT)

The Unknown Warrior "Verdun" 11-11-20

Thomas, D C

Topham, M

Vickers Vimy Landed 23-3-20

Watson, E

Watson, F

Weigall, Archibald

Weigall, Grace

Weigall, Priscilla

Wigg, L

Wigg, R

Williams, F

Williams, M

Young, D

Ypres 25-9-17