Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Curramulka Unit: Banner

Curramulka Cultural Heritage Group
Yorke Peninsula
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Curramulka
87cm x 118cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1939
ID Number
Appliqué,Back Stitch,Banners,Running Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream banner with a large blue 'V' appliquéd in the centre. 'F.F.C.F.' is appliquéd above the 'V' in large red letters and similarly 'Curramulka Unit' is applied below the 'V'. Signatures are stitched with red and blue thread with either back, stem or running stitch. The banner is heavily framed.

Theme and Purpose

Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. World War II. Fundraiser.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Bailey, Betty

Ball, E G

Ball, W T

Barclay Harvey, Muriel

Barclay-Harvey, C M

Bayliss, P L (Mrs)

Bitner, B G

Bitner, E R

Boehm, C E

Boehm, Maureen

Boehm, V

Borgmeyer, C

Boyd, F (Mrs)

Boyd, Helen

Boyd, Jean

Boyd, Nola

Brechin, A

Brechin, D

Brechin, M (President 1944-1946)

Brechin, M E

Cameron, A M

Cameron, C M

Cameron, D D

Cameron, R M

Campion, M

Carpenter, D L

Causby, A L

Causby, R E

Clift, G

Clift, G (2)

Clift, L (Mrs)

Colliver, H L

Conlon, Esther

Coombe, H R

Correll, D H

Correll, G E

Correll, Helen

Correll, Josephine

Correll, R H

Correll, T H

Davey, Hedley G

Dempster, M

Edwards, E A

Faulkiner, G A

Forrest, V

Germein, Walter

Goldsworthy, E L

Goldsworthy, F P

Goldsworthy, K

Goldsworthy, Lila

Goldsworthy, Maurice

Goodes, Roy

Goodes, Vincent

Gordon, David S

Gordon, I

Gordon, I (President 1940-1943)

Gower, G

Gower, J

Gower, S

Gregor, Bill

Gregor, H M

Gregor, Len (Mrs)

Gregor, Roma

Grundy, C

Grundy, I M

Grundy, V J

Gully, Amie

Haitjema, L

Hanold, D C O

Hanold, E G

Hanold, W A S

Hart, Hilda L

Hart, Jack

Hart, V

Hawke, F E

Hawke, Harold

Hayles, A

Hayles, E

Hayles, Edwin

Hayles, K

Hayles, Mary

Hayles, Ruth

Hickman, N

Horne, S

Howard, A W

Howard, B M

Howard, H E

Hutton, L

Juers, L

Kemp, E

Kemp, G

Kemp, J

Kemp, Jean

Kemp, Shirley

Keynes, N

Kirby, E

Kirby, E (2)

Kirby, F

Lafsky, A

Lehmann, A L

Lehmann, Allen

Lehmann, Bill

Lehmann, Joyce

Lehmann, Merle

Lloyd, B

Lockyer, Mary

Lovelock, Max

Lovelock, Peter

Lovelock, S K

Mahar, H M

Mahar, Patricia

Manthorpe, C A

Manthorpe, Dion

Manthorpe, Doris A

Manthorpe, E M

Manthorpe, Jillian D

Manthorpe, Preston

Martin, S A

Matheson, R S

May, Clara (Sister)

May, D M

McBurney, E D

McBurney, Lola

McBurney, W (Mrs)

McGregor, H

Miller, Phoebe M

Mills, E

Mills, Vic

Newbold, Sid G

Nixon, I

Nixon, Jenifer

Nixon, Ray

Nixon, Rodney

Parsons, D H

Parsons, Ernie

Parsons, Graham

Peterson, C

Peterson, Dawn

Peterson, G M

Peterson, Jim

Peterson, Maureen

Peterson, R

Phillips, B

Phillips, G G

Phillips, S (President 1943-1944)

Phillips, S L

Pike, J

Pointon, H W

Pointon, K W

Pointon, Max

Pointon, O

Pointon, S W

Polkinghorne, Bob

Polkinghorne, V G (Mrs)

Poole, Hazel

Poole, J G

Poole, J H

Poole, M L

Poole, Ron

Randall, Bill

Renfrey, Lin

Schneider, W E

Secker, Joan (Sister)

Shepherd, L

Shepherd, V

Short, F B

Short, George

Short, Ross

Short, W

Sires, Maz

Sires, V P C M

Spafford, C M

Sparrow, C M

Sparrow, H P

Stein, Brian A

Stone, A G

Talbot, A A

Talbot, Barbra

Talbot, Max

Talbot, N

Talbot, N (2)

Thomas, James

Thrower, E

Tischer, Helen

Travis, B

Travis, Jim

Treblicock, A M

Tucker, H C

Tucker, H C (2)

Tucker, I L

Tucker, Jack

Tucker, Jean

Tucker, Kath M

Tucker, Keith

Tucker, Len

Tucker, O (Secretary)

Tucker, R G

Tucker, S D

Tucker, S F

Tucker, V H G

Wapper, W A

Watters, Cynthia

Watters, Ella

Watters, L R

Watters, Lloyd (Mrs)

Watters, Lorna

Whyte, Pat

Williams, Joan

Williams, Mary

Williams, Peter

Witmitz, E C

Witmitz, K G