Embroidered Signatures ProjectWarooka Memorial Hall 1927: Cloth

Warooka and Districts Museum
Yorke Peninsula
1001cm x 1001cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1927
ID Number
Cloths,Satin Stitch,

Physical Description

Square white linen cloth with satin stitched names worked with blue or pink threads. Cloth has been laundered and starched. A central diamond shaped outline contains the text 'Warooka Memorial Hall 1927' stitched in blue.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative Created to commemorate the laying of the foundation stone of the Warooka Memorial Hall. The stone was laid by the then Premier of South Australia, The Honourable R. L. Butler on 6 July 1927.


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Anderson, A M

Anderson, A S

Anderson, E R

Anderson, P D

Baker, A

Baker, B

Baker, D C

Baker, D J

Baker, E S (Trustee)

Baker, L E

Baker, M M

Baker, R

Baker, R M

Baker, R S

Baker, W H

Baker, W H (Trustee)

Ball, A

Ball, A D

Ball, F

Ball, H K

Ball, J

Ball, M

Ball, N W

Ball, W M

Barclay, A S

Barlow, E T (Trustee)

Barlow, I M (Trustee)

Barrett, A A

Barrett, D E

Barrett, L

Barrett, S G

Barrett, W K

Bryne, B G

Bryne, J

Byrne, A

Byrne, J A

Collins, H G

Collins, M C

Conlin, A T

Conlin, C F

Conlin, L G


Croft, E

Croft, O

Croser, G L (Trustee)

Croser, J M (Trustee)

Dawson, A E

Garrett, L M

Gobell, E

Gobell, L E

Golden, J

Grabia, B

Grabia, D

Grabia, D M

Grabia, P R

Hale, G R

Hale, R I

Hughes, A E

Hughes, A R

Koennecke, A S

Koennecke, C B

Koennecke, F W

Koennecke, K R

Koennecke, M

Koennecke, M G

Koennecke, V C

Koop, L C

Lethbridge, A

Lethbridge, E D

Liddicoat, R L

McKenzie, B M

McKenzie, E M

McKenzie, E M (2)

McKenzie, J A

McKenzie, M

McKenzie, M (2)

McKenzie, R

McKenzie, R H

McKenzie, R H (2)

Murdoch, A W

Murdoch, E I

Murdoch, E J

Murdoch, M M

Murdoch, R L

Murdoch, T A

Murdock, A

Newbold, C (Trustee)

Newbold, M J C (Trustee)

Penhale, J D (Trustee)

Penhale, L E (Trustee)

Phillips, R

Ramsay, A M

Ramsay, D R

Ramsay, E

Ramsay, E E

Ramsay, E T (Trustee)

Ramsay, G E

Ramsay, N J

Ramsay, R T (Trustee)

Rollins, M

Sadler, J P

Sheppard, C F

Sheppard, F D

Sheppard, G

Sheppard, S W

Spry, R K

Stevens, F A

Stevens, L

Taheny, F (Trustee)

Taheny, M A (Trustee)

Thateher, H

Vigar, A I

Vigar, E A

Vigar, H J

Vigar, J L

Vigar, J S

Vigar, L

Vigar, R E

Vigar, R I

Vigar, S G

Vigar, S S

Wallis, A G

Ward, V M

Warren, J R H

Williams, J H