Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. Gladstone: Cloth

Gladstone History Group
Mid North
Australian Red Cross. Gladstone
84cm x 84cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/c1940s
ID Number
Cloths,Machine Appliqué,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Ecru linen cloth with a large machine appliquéd red cross with bars 23cm x 8cm, in the centre. Signatures are stem stitched in red and salmon thread around the cross. On the bottom right side is the text '1st Gladstone Troop' and a circle enclosing stitched motifs of a pick and a 'V'. There is what looks like an '8' inside the 'V'. The cloth is framed under glass.

Theme and Purpose

Red Cross. World War II An embroidered cloth of Red Cross supporters. It is thought to be WWII vintage as the names are known and ages estimated according to women's maiden names and known relatives.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Appleton, Helen

Appleton, M R

Atkinson, R R

Bache, Annie

Bache, Mona

Bache, W D

Bails, L F

Ballantyne, W S

Barratt, A

Barrett, Bert

Barrett, R A

Barter, B J

Bawdin, W

Beckman, Merle

Berryman, J C

Biggs, P

Bishop of Willochia

Black, C E

Blessing, K

Botling, Mark

Botting, May

Bradock, E M

Brown, Tom

Budge, Lilian C

Builder, J I

Butler, R K

Chappell, A

Chenoweth, D

Chick, M

Clack, I E

Clancy, I J

Clothier, E

Coe, E L

Coe, Edith

Coe, Gordon

Cohen, E (Mrs)

Cook, Mina

Cook, P G

Cottle, G

Cottle, W D

Crawford, L E

Creber, B

Creber, J R

Creber, L T

Dalgleish, Reta

Darwent, L

Destree, K

Dodd, (Mrs)

Dodd, H E

Dodman, E

Dunston, C E

Dunstone, C

Duval, Joan

Duval, K

Edmunds, R J

Edmunds, W

Edson, D

Eley, Bert

Eley, E J

Eley, Jossie

Eley, Olive

Eley, Trevor

Fisher, E

Fitzsimmons, E

Flavel, Geo

Flavel, J A

Flavel, R

Flynn, D A

Gale, D

Gale, E M

Gale, I M

Gale, L H

Gale, O L

Gale, R

Ganley, C C

Garner, E A

Gillespie, W C

Gillis, J S

Glen, Doris Annie

Gobell, F

Gordon, M J

Grawden, Hurtle

Greber, E

Growden, E

Growden, H

Growden, M A

Growden, W

Grubb, F C

Gurney, W

Haines, R

Hamp, T

Harris, M

Harris, N

Harslett, E A

Harslett, H T

Harslett, R D

Harslett, T M (ATMA RBNA)

Harvey, A

Hawke, J L

Hawke, L

Heard, Gwen

Heaslip, Syd

Hewett, N C

Hicks, E

Hillard, G A

Hillard, M A

Hillard, Peter John

Hoare, Max

Hobbs, T

Hocking, Heather

Hocking, Verna

Holmes, H F

Holst, Fred

Holst, M J

Hopgood, E M

Hough, H

Hughes, Edgar B

Hughes, Ita M A

Hughes, Mary

Jackson, Tubby

Jarrett, W

Jenkins, C

Jolly, W

Jones, Amy E

Jones, L J

Kellock, J A

Klemm, E L

Knapp, J

Knoblet, J

Kupsch, M C

Landers, E L

Lange, M G

Lehmann, M L

Leo, C M

Leo, J W

Lessue, N

Lines, E G

Lines, G

Lines, H G

Lines, Merle

Lines, P A

Lines, R E

Lock, M B

Masters, E M

Matthew, Graham S

McGuire, F

Meaney, M J

Millard, E A

Miller, I M

Mitchell, Jack

Moore, J

Myatt, H

Nash, M

Nash, T M

O'Niel, J

O'Niel, Maureen

Oates, Grantley

Osman, H

Osman, Ivy

Osman, J J

Osman, Jeff

Osman, M

Osman, P P

Osman, R

Page, Colleen M

Page, Evelyn M

Page, J A

Page, J R

Page, Mary G

Pannell, Robt

Parham, H

Parkinson, Alma

Parkinson, F E

Parkinson, H M

Parsons, E C

Pascoe, H M

Pearce, J

Pearce, K

Pearce, W

Pinch, Dorrie

Pinch, E J

Potter, J R

Prior, J W

Pritchard, M

Read, A

Read, A C

Reischstein, T

Rice, C E

Richards, D M

Rock, F

Rodda, B

Ross, Dan

Ross, Shirley

Rudd, E A

Rundle, C

Rundle, R A

Sambell, B J

Sambell, L E

Sandow, G C

Sargent, D

Sargent, G J

Sargent, J

Sargent, M B

Schmidt, M A

Schumann, C G

Searle, M

Shephard, A

Shepherd, M

Shoesmith, G J

Simmonds, A

Skinner, G V

Smallacombe, E A

Smith, A H

Staker, Effie

Staker, G

Staker, W

Staples, H E

Steff, J E

Stephens, F

Stewart, J

Stewart, M

Symonds, K

Thomas, C W

Thomas, Sydney W

Thomas, T W

Thompson, H M

Thompson, J C

Thomson, Archibald

Thomson, G A

Tillen, A

Treasure, I

Trott, Frances

Turley, I

Wachtel, M

Wegner, H A

Wegner, H H

Weinert, Arthur Robert

West, K

Wight, C V

Williamson, W J

Winte, Joseph

Winter, E

Wirth, D

Young, Edith

Zanker, M R