Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Gladstone. RSA Unit 341: Banner

Gladstone History Group
Mid North
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Gladstone
80cm x 80cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1945
ID Number
Banners,Chain Stitch,Machine Appliqué,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

An ecru cotton banner with a central round medallion. The round blue appliquéd centre with 'FFCF' stitched in gold is encircled by 6 ecru triangles. Red inserts between the triangles complete the medallion. All applied fabric sections of the medallion are chain stitched along each edge. 'Gladstone' is stitched in blue above the medallion and 'Unit 341' is stitched below. 'RSA' and 'Unit' is stitched either side. In the centre at the top is a machine appliquéd 'V' with 'For Victory' stitched in gold on it. The cloth is framed behind glass. The cloth has three borders starting with a dark blue border at the outer edge. Inside this blue border is an ecru border covered with signatures in gold thread and then inside this border is there is a further 3cm red border. The bulk of the signatures are stitched in red over the entire cloth, predominantly in vertical rows inside the red border.

Theme and Purpose

Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. World War II. Fundraiser. An embroidered list of contributors to the Fighting Forces Comforts Fund.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Abell, R

Albrutt, M

Alchin, J C

Anderson, F W

Arthur, F A

Arthur, J C

Atkinson, E

Atkinson, R R

Badger, S

Ballantyne, E

Ballantyne, E D

Ballantyne, H

Ballantyne, J

Ballantyne, M

Ballantyne, R

Ballanyne, Jean E

Ballanyne, M

Ballanyne, R A

Ballanyne, W S

Barrett, A

Barrett, Bert

Barrett, F

Barrett, R A

Bawden, R

Becker, B R

Becker, D R

Berrymen, J C

Biggs, E

Biggs, G

Biggs, Mary

Black, C E

Black, I A

Blesing, H E

Blesing, M E

Both, L J

Botting, M

Bradock, A G

Branson, B

Brown, G

Brown, J

Brown, J G

Brown, W

Budge, G

Budge, Jean

Budge, Lilian

Budge, Lilley

Bywaters, F H

Chappell, E

Chappell, H

Clancy, I

Clothier, E M

Cockburn, G M

Cockburn, G M A

Cockburn, J A

Coe, R H

Coleman, F W

Colliss, A

Cook, Mildred

Cook, W G

Cottle, G

Cox, C M

Cox, I G

Crawford, L E

Creber, E M

Creber, J R

Creber, L

Creber, W B

Dalgleish, R M

Dalitz, E M

Danielsen, E

Deeble, J G

Dennis, P G

Dodd, H

Dodman, E

Drage, A

Drage, F

Drage, M

Drage, M (2)

Drage, P

Drage, V

Duffy, J H

Duffy, T

Dunstan, C E

Durick, H

Edson, C R

Edson, D

Eley, H J

Eley, O E

Evans, E

Evans, J H

Ewens, L R

Fisher, C

Fitzsimmons, L

Flavel, George

Flavel, R

Flavell, J A

Francis, J A

Francis, M

Gale, D

Gale, J M

Gale, S M

Gales, A l

Garner, E

Garrad, A

Garrad, J L

Giddings, E M

Giddings, J B

Giddings, J T

Giddings, K V

Giddings, M R

Giles, Pat

Giles, Peter

Gillespie, C M

Glen, D

Glenn, J G

Glenn, R H

Gobell, G

Gravestocks, A

Greber, B

Growden, E M

Growden, W

Grubb, F C

Grubb, M E

Hacket, Margaret

Hamilton Smith, A

Hancock, W

Harris, Betty

Harris, V

Harslett, G

Harslett, H T

Harslett, Mavis

Harslett, Rita

Harslett, T M

Harslett, Warren

Harvey, A

Hawke, A G

Heaslip, I

Henschke, E M

Hewitt, N C H

Hicks, C E

Hillard, G

Hillard, Paulyne

Hillard, Peter

Hoare, Max

Hobbs, G

Hobbs, J

Hocking, Grant

Hogg, O

Hogg, Roma

Hollitt, C H

Hollitt, Moira

Hough, H V

Humphris, D A

James, Colin

James, L B

Jarrett, H G

Jarrett, W S

Jenkins, C

Johnston, H H

Jolly, C A

Jolly, C R

Jolly, Cyril

Jolly, F

Jolly, M S

Jolly, W S

Jolly, W W

Jones, L N

Jones, L T

Jones, M

Junge, P E

K, Fred

Keller, E E

Kidd, Zelma

Klemm, P

Kupschke, M C

Landers, J

Law, E J

Leesue, M E

Lehmann, M L

Leo, C M

Lewis, Alex

Lines, C G

Lines, G

Lines, K G

Lines, M

Lock, A J

Madigan, C

Madigan, F

Madigan, J

Madigan, L

Magner, M

Masters, Betty

Masters, H M

Millard, E

Miller, I M

Morcom, M P

Morison, C J

Mudge, E V

Mudge, V L

Mundy, R A

Mundy, V A

Mutton, E

Nairse, W

Nash, M

Nash, S

Norwood, T J

Nowise, E J

O'Connor, G

O'Niel, J F

Oates, G H

Octoman, B H

Ogilvy, A K

Osman, H

Page, Evelyn

Pannell, Jack

Parham, H

Parkinson, H M

Parsons, V

Pascoe, E O

Pascoe, H M

Pascoe, M

Peace, J C

Peace, W

Phillips, E G

Phillips, E T

Phillips, M

Pinch, Darnie

Pinch, E J

Pitman, S

Pitman, T

Poole, G

Pratt, C E

Pritchard, A J

Read, A C

Read, Pamela

Rice, A R

Rice, A W

Rice, Bobby

Rice, C E

Richards, E M

Robinson, G I

Robinson, R G

Rock, G

Rundle, C

Sanders, H G

Sanders, L L

Sandow, G C

Sargant, M B

Sargent, Irene

Sawbell, L E

Schmidt, M A

Schneider, E

Schreider, V R

Sheperd, L

Shetlat, Bennet C

Shetlat, M J

Shetlat, Mavis J

Shetlat, W B

Skinner, M

Smallacombe, L

Smith, G H

Stewart, M

Stewart, P

Thiselton, F W

Thiselton, O

Thomas, J

Thompson, A M

Thompson, H M

Thompson, R S

Thomson, J

Thomson, M

Thomson, Ruth

Treasure, J

Turley, J R

Tyler, M

Vanning, Kathleen

Waldeck, J

Weaver, J

Wegner, C M

Wegner, K A

Weinert, R

West, K

Wharton, C M

White, J G

Wight, C V

Williamson, M

Wurst, A R

Yates, A M

Yates, H

Yates, R

Young, Edith

Zanker, B R