Embroidered Signatures ProjectSACWA. Hills and Murray Group. Woodside Branch: Cloth

South Australian Country Women's Association. Woodside Branch
Adelaide Hills
South Australian Country Women's Association. Woodside Branch
120cm x 121cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White damask cotton cloth with the CWA motif machine stitched in one corner. Hand stitched below the motif is: 'Country Womens Association / Woodside / South Australia'. The signatures are stitched randomly all over the cloth in shades of red.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. South Australian Country Women's Association. Woodside Branch. Membership.


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Ainsworth, Margaret

Baile, J E

Bailey, R

Baker, D E

Basford, Lorna

Bennet, D

Bichens, Jean

Billing, M E

Bolmer, Jean

Bottrill, C

Boye, Lydia

Bradbrook, B

Brensder, Keatha

Briggs, Janine

Bruce, C I

Bryan, P M

Burls, D

Busby, Beth

Butcher, M

Carr, Dorothy

Chandler, Megan L

Clarke, B I

Clarke, M P

Collins, S J

Colmer, A

Cox, Cheryl

Cox, Lynette

Cox, Phyl

Cranwell, N R

Davids, A H

Day, J L

Dewhurst, Jean

Disher, D

Dolling, Dorothy B C

Drummond, J

du Plessis, Junette

Duffield, J N

Dunn, Laura

Dunston, F

Durning, M L

Dutton, A

F, D E

Facktell, Sue

Fairhead, M

Filsell, Irene J

Fountain, M O

Fox, M M

Francis, E

Francis, J

Frith, E C

Fry, M G

Fry, Margaret

Gale, Jan

Gale, L M D

Gertig, V

Gitsham, W

Goldsworthy, A R

Graeber, Ruth

Green, E

Green, M

Greenslade, Helene

Hall, Audrey

Hancock, Val

Hannaford, A

Harrison, W

Harten, Neta

Harvey, Faith

Hughes, J C

Hutchens, G I

Ide, Marg

Jarrett, D L

Jeffrey, Ruth

Jennings, Lorna

Johnson, Mo

Jones, C

Jones, M

Kidd, Mattie

Kimpton, E A L

Klaer, A

Klose, Thelma

Lang, J A

Langbeim, A G

Lautenbach, C

Leslie, May

Lewis, Molly

Lowe, Angela

Lush, A

Manzeldorf, R M

Martin, Mollie

Masters, G J

Matthews, J

Matthews, L

McAllen, R

McGuire, Nell

McLachlan, B

McPhee, D

Medhurst, V B

Muller, Joan

Muller, Sharyn

Muxlow, Ruby

Negman, T

Newell, Joyce

Newman, Lorna

Nuske, Erna

Oberholzer, G

Om, N

Packer, Mem

Paine, Nancy

Palmer, Dot

Pasche, D O

Peacock, Gwen

Peacock, L M

Perrin, Melva

Pfeiffer, D S

Pfeiffer, E

Pfeiffer, Lola M

Phillip, D

Pike, Olga

Pinnark, M L

Plummer, Jo

Polkinghorne, N

Poulton, A M

Prosser, E M

Read, F M

Redden, E

Reeve, Barbara

Renton, B

Rosenchal, W

Ross, C

Ross, C (Mrs)

S, A R

Sandercock, J

Sanders, Laila

Saxan, Elma

Schoell, G L

Schutz, I

Selby, E

Selwartz, Lorna

Shillabeer, A

Shillabeer, B

Smith, A E

Smith, Lorna F

Souter, Nadie

Stone, Dorothy

Teakle, B

Teakle, Ivy E

Thomas, Gloria

Thomas, Harriet

Thompson, B

Timmins, D A

Townsend, H

Turner, Gwen

von Bertosch, A

W, G J

W, V C

Wade, Joan

Walker, D

Wallace, J

Ward, M E

Welsh, w

Whimpress, M H

Whitbread, Avis T

Wilson, Z M

Winch, Ivy

Woodcock, Karen

Woodgate, Roma

Woodrow, C M

Woolcock, H

Wuttke, Ann

Wuttke, Cherie

Wuttke, G

Wyatt, D