Embroidered Signatures ProjectIda Klemm: Cloth

National Trust. Koppio Branch
Eyre Peninsula
Ida Jericho (nee Klemm)
85cm x 85cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1903
ID Number
Cloths,Needle Lace,Running Stitch,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A white linen cloth with a 5cm machined hem. In the lower right corner is a cutwork white butterfly. The red signatures, some with dates (1904, 1905 and 1906), are scattered through the cloth.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative Klemm family - "an autographed cloth by friends and relatives of Ida Klemm, made in the early 1900s and now displayed in 'Heritage Hall', one of the display areas in the [Koppio] museum complex".


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Bauer, A

Bauer, Eleanore

Bauer, W

Brown, Margaret


Dallwitz, Berthold

Dohler, Albin (06)

Dohler, Alma (27.2.04)

Dohler, Alma (31.3.04)

Dohler, Ludwig

Dohler, Tina (24.2.04)

Edwards, Clara (29.1.05)

Edwards, Ernest

Elies, Bruna

Elix, Annie

Elix, Aug

Feige, Kurt

Fiedler, Alma (1906)

Fox, Arthur

Fox, Minna

Gallasch, Charles

Gallasch, Pauline

Gersch, Agnes

Gersch, H

Gersch, Johann (15.4.06)

Hasting, Olga

Heinrich, Emma

Heinrich, Lydia (1904)

Heinrich, Waldemar

Helbig, Paul

Hutton, Gracie

Hutton, Louisa

Jaeschke, Emma

Jaeschke, H Carl

Jaeschke, Martha

Jericho, Adolph (April 17.05)

Jericho, Adolph (Oct 23)

Jericho, Bertha

Jericho, Emilie

Jericho, Emma

Jericho, Fred

Jericho, Heinrich

Jericho, Ida

Jericho, Jerico

Jericho, Lydia

Jericho, Otto

Jericho, Samuel

Kaibel, H

Kearn, Dora

Keller, A

Keller, Gustave

Keller, J

Keller, Louise

Keller, Vera

Keppler, A

Keppler, Rosette

Keuther, Arthur

Kleman, Henry

Kleman, Martha

Klemm, Anna

Klemm, Elizabeth

Klemm, Gottfried

Klemm, J F

Klemm, Karl

Klemm, Louisa

Klemm, Theoder

Koschade, Alec

Koschade, Gertrude

Koschade, Herbert

Koschade, Magdalene

Koschade, Theo

Krichauff, Auguste

Krichauff, C

Krichauff, Marie

Krichauff, Martha

Kruger, Bertha

Kuss, Felix Daniel

Kuss, Martin

Laidig, Immanuel

Laidig, Maria

Launer, Wihelmina

Lehmann, Arthur

Lehmann, Franz

Leidig, Paul

Leidig, Willie

Leilig, F



Mann, Clara (Oct 23)

Marks, Louie

Marks, Muriel

Mathias, Hetty

McDonald, E

Meier, Augusta

Meier, Selwa

Mickan, Herbert (23.8.04)

Modra, Emily

Modra, F W

Niemz, Ernestine

Olsen, Sophie

Pech, Anna

Pfeiffer, Arthur

Pfitzner, Julius

Pfitzner, Lydia

Pyman, Walter

Rathe, A

Rechner, Nesher (Light Pass)

Reuther, Albert

Reuther, Frieda

Reuther, M

Reuther, Oscas

Roennfeldt, Frank

Roennfeldt, Martha

Saegerschnitter, Johannis

Sauer, Ida (1.10.05)

Schaefer, Clara

Schilling, B

Schilling, F A

Schultz, Gottfried

Schulz, Adolf

Siegert, Auguste

Standish, Hilda

Stolz, Margarethe

Vogt, Alma

Voigt, Mathilde (6.3.04)

Wilksch, P Berthold

Zena, Bernhard (23.8.04)