Embroidered Signatures ProjectErrington. Memorabilia of Family and Friends: Cloth

Private Collections
Rosalie Errington
147cm x 197cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1992
ID Number
Cloths,Running Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A rectangular ecru cotton cloth with the outline of the main title "MEMORABILIA" in capital letters in different colours in stem stitch. "FAMILY" in green stem stitch and "FRIENDS" in orange stem stitch, also for the outlines below the main title. The left half with "ERRINGTON" left of centre is embroidered and embellished with the interests and family of Rosalie Errington’s husband. The right side with "OSBORNE" is also embroidered with stem and features Rosalie’s interests. The large cloth has embroidered signatures and names. The outlines of an Emmanuel school shirt, a golliwog, a school blazer, golf bag, a cactus, map of Australia, slouch hat, boot and a flower. There are also a great number of applied and attached buttons (around the edge). Badges, both cloth and metal including Royal Show Steward and Judges, small toy dog, doiley, school army, clubs, boy scouts, Pigs SA etc.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Errington family and friends, living and deceased. Also trips and travel and clubs with which they are associated. Worked by Rosalie Errington.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

?, Clyde

?, David

?, Dean & Dorothy

?, Jackie

Abolulta, Kingsley

Ackerman, Anita

Adams, Valerie


Alcock, Betty

Alexander, Bruce

Allan, Patty

Andrews, Ina

Appleby, Gerry (Vic)

Appleby, Reg (Vic)

Austin, Neil

B??d?, Shirley

B?ell, Frank

Bagshaw, Cherryl

Baker, Dulcie

Balch, Betty

Balch, Malcolm

Banks, Robert

Barnett, Melissa

Barnett, Rob

Barnett, Troy

Bartolic, Pinna

Bartolic, Rob

Beck, Dennis

Beere, Georgie

Bickler, Margaret

Bickler, Simon

Bills, Brian ?

Bing, Janet

Bing, Peter

Birch, Alan

Blake, Lorraine

Blaschke, M L

Bohm, T

Bowden, Arthur

Bowden, Von

Brand, Brian

Brand, Shirley

Brian, Steve

Bridges, Bill

Bridges, Pamela

Brion, Denis

Brodie, Max

Broughton, Julie

Brown, Maurie

Bryce, Harry (2009)

Bryce, Iain (2008)

Bryce, Joya (2009)

Buch??, Peter D

Budgen, Linda

Burgess, Christine

Carr, Alf

Carr, Joyce

Catton, Doris

Cheetham, Dora

Cheshire, Nigel

Cheshire, Nigel (2)

Claire (1945)

Clara (1920-1983)

Clarke, Rodney

Clarke, Shirley

Clement, Helen

Cocks, Marg

Cogan, W Y L


Cooper, Kevin

Cooper, Kim

Cooper, Ledna

Cox, Jessie (1875)

Crocker, Max

Curiel, Lola

Curiel, Luc

Davey, Amy (Phyllis) (1893-1937)

David, Chloe

Davies, Peter

Davis, Meryl

Devereaux, Jim

Devereaux, Lorna

Dickson, Bryce

Dobbie, Hazel

Dreer, ?

Drew, Rae ?

Drewett, John

Duck, Alex

Duell, Julie

Eames, Alan

Eames, Freda

Edwards, E D

Ellen (1929)

Errington, Dianne

Errington, E H

Errington, Geoff

Errington, Geoffrey

Errington, Hilda F M (nee Williams)

Errington, Jodie A

Evans, Tenille (Ben girl)

Eylander, Bronwen

Fitzpatrick, Carmen

Fitzpatrick, Gerald

Fleet, Gary

Fletcher, Malcolm J


Foster, Bert

G??, Pat

Gallina, Craig

Gallina, Margaret

Gartner, Julie (your hairdresser)

Gates, Glen


Gilder, Geoff (Bar Manager)

Girard, Denis

Girard, Karen

Glastonbury, Jill


Gracie, G J

Gray, Tom

Grose, Tina

Gunther, Janet


Halber, Alan

Hall, Laurie

Hammer, Jennifer

Hardingham, Alf

Harrison, Les (80th birthday)

Harrison, Margaret

Harrison, P M

Harrison, William Arthur (1893-1981)

Haynes, Ronnie

Hea??, George

Heard, Donald

Heard, Jean

Hefferan, Kathy

Henderson, E

Herriott, John

Hocking, Dave

Hodson, Graham

Hodson, Margaret

Hogg, Patricia

Holland, John H

Holland, Val

Hollow, Yvonne

Howland, Arthur

Howland, Barbara

Huf, Ivan (Ramco SA)

Huf, Suzi (Ramco SA)

Hunt, Peter (Mayor)

Hurst, May

Jackman, Helene

Jackman, Peter

Jenneys, Sandra

Jill (28-8-1952)


John (1949)

Jones, Brian

Jones, Trevor

Just, Joyce

Kastinas, Chris (Local electrician)

Kelly, Pat

Kemp, Peter

Knight, Joy

Knight, Ken

Knowles, Brenton

Knowles, Lynn

Kriaris, Desi

Kriaris, Steve

Kruger, Teresa

Lahiff, Tony

Lamb, John

Lamb, John E

Lamb, Margaret

Lange, Phill

Laredo, Robin

Lathrope, Gracie

Lathrope, Robert George (1864)

Leahy, Brian

Leditschke, Anna

Leditschke, Brenton

Leggett, Linda

Lillie, M G

Lillie, Pam

Litepol, Bob

Litepol, Patsy

Loney, B Ke? (Bremerton, WA, USA)


Lothian, Viv

Lynagh, Patrick

Majowski, Gary (Indian Pacific)

Marks, Doreen

Marks, Phil

Marshall, Fay (1977)

Martschink, E H (Harry)

McFarlene, Don (2003)

McFarlene, Sheila (2003)

McL?, John

McLat, Scott

Megins, Jim (13-9-24)

Menzel, Anne

Menzel, Brenton

Menzel, John

Menzel, Mark

Menzel, Otton Anton

Millard, Maureen

Milton, David

Mitchell, Sue

Moore, Hilda

Morris, Natasha

Morrison, J (Vic)

Morrow, Shane

Mullan, V A

Myall, Hoss


Nitschke, Graham

Norton, Betty

Norton, Cecil

Norton, Ross and Claire

Nott, A G

Nowell, Allen

O'Connor, Bob

O'Neill, Barry

O'Neill, Elia

O'Neill, Raelene

Ogle, Michael

Olsson, Murray

Orr, Pauline

Osborn, Christopher Petherick (1958)

Osborne, Anthony (1983)

Osborne, Barry

Osborne, Candice (1982)

Osborne, Heather

Osborne, James (1877)

Osborne, Rosalie

Osman, Jeanne

Osman, Russ

Parry, A M

Parson, Wayne (Soccer Director)


Pelgrave, Mary

Philbety, Shirley

Phyllis (1910 15-5-27)

Pitt, Allan

Play?, Charles (1981)

Pretoria, Veronica

Price, Tom

Pritchard, Pat

Pursche, Sue

Purvis, Marjory

Qui???, L E

Radetti, Wally

Ramsey, Ann

Ramsey, Ken

Reay, Brian

Reay, Frances

Reid, Kathy

Richardson, Ann

Richardson, John

Richardson, John (2)

Robert (1902)

Robertson, Bennie

Robertson, Delia

Robertson, Neil (1935-2009)

Robinson, Ann Marie

Rose, June

Rowe, Lisa (30-9-94)

Salter, Gary

Saunders, Chris

Scott, ? Jean

Scott, Adrian

Scott, Carolyn

Scott, Doc

Scott, Norm

Selge, Michael

Sharp, Gwen

Shillabeeer, Ian R

Sigal, Robyn

Smith, Maria

Smith, P

Stedman, Moorna

Stephens, Pam

Stevens, Kath (31-7-22)

Stoddard, Margaret

Summerton, Jane (2002)

Summerton, Jean

Summerton, Kevin

Sutton, Coral

Sutton, R??

Swan, Inge

Swan, Tony

Taylor, Irene

Taylor, J B


Thilleray, J M (?)

Thomas, Doreen

Thomas, Gilda

Thompson, Lindsay

Tilbrook, Brenton

Tilbrook, Tiffany Ann (8.02pm 31st January 1994 5lb 13oz 18" long)

Tonkin, Rhonda

Tonkins, Russell


Tothill, Joanne

Townsend, Jack

Townsend, Jenny

Townsend, M J

Treloar, A

Trenwith, Anne

Trenwith, Jo

Trenwith, Ryan

Vanhoo, Barry

Vasilleff, Peg

Vasiloff, Lea

W, Geoffrey (1947)

W?, Jeanne

Waddington, Kath

Walmsley, Jan

Walsh, Brin

Walsh, June

Weling, William Wilson

Wells, Chris

Wells, Helen

Welsh, Gerry

Wh?, Margaret

White, L??

White, Rex

Wilkins, Rosetta Elizabeth (1866)

Williams, Harold

Williams, Jeanette

Williams, Les

Wills??, Jeanette

Wilson, Lynne

Wilson, Mark (2018)

Wright, M?

Yeing, Alvin

Yeing, Dot