Embroidered Signatures ProjectWoodville January 1904: Cloth

Southern Fleurieu Historical Museum
Ada G Ekers
87cm x 91cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1904
ID Number
Buttonhole Stitch,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A square ecru linen cloth with ten scalloped edges per side finished with pink buttonhole stitch edging. A centred diamond contains the title text "Woodville January 1904" which is stem stitched with pink cotton thread. The diamond lozenge is defined by two close rows of stem stitch with small scallops all around its outer row. Signatures are scattered over the entire cloth, radiating out from the centre. They have been worked in a mixture of stem stitch and chain stitch in pink cotton thread. The cloth is mounted in a frame.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative - Ekers family and visitors. Commenced in 1904 by Ada G Ekers when the family moved from Mount Barker to Woodville. A similar Mount Barker cloth was commenced in 1902.


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Allan, Mary A

Allen, C

Annells, E F

Annells, Frank H

Annells, H E

Annells, Lila

Atkinson, Lyd B

Baker, Arthur W

Berry, Agnes

Botten, Edith F

Bower, Annie

Bower, Florence P

Brady, Lydia

Brady, Robert

Bridgwood, A

Bridgwood, D B

Bridgwood, F A

Brown, E B

Brown, Henrietta

Browning, Flo

Browning, Wilson

Carmichael, A G

Carvosso, Alice M

Cocks, F A

Cocks, G

Cook, Annie

Cornelius, Annie

Cornelius, E

Cornelius, W J

Crossman, Annie

Densley, A M

Densley, E

Dolling, M A

Dunn, Amy

Dunn, G M

Dunn, W A

Dunstan, Lillian

Ekers, Ada G (1-1-04)

Ekers, C

Ekers, C E

Ekers, C O

Ekers, Chas

Ekers, G H

Ekers, J E

Ekers, Lena E

Ekers, W L

Ewart, Ada

Fry, A B

Fry, Alice M

Gartrell, Jessie E

Gartrell, Lillian

Gartrell, Marion

Gates, Stanley

Gold, A M

Gowling, Addie

Gu???????, H A

Gunter, Florrie M

Harris, A C

Harris, H M

Heywood Smith, May

Heywood Smith, W G

Hodge, E

Horne, Bertha

Howe, E M

Ingamells, Chas H

Ingamells, Hannah

Jeanes, H

Jeanes, W H

Johns, F S W

Johns, Ida

Johnson, P A

Kemp, A

Kessell, Annie

Kessell, Stephen

L????, Constance

Lean, B S

Lean, N W

Lean, Roy

Linn, Edith E

Littha June, E V

Little, Janet

Main, Chas F

Main, Hilda

Malzard, M

Marlett, Ellen

Marston, A E

Marston, Flo

Marston, Fred C

Martin, Chas

McEwen, Rose

Mincham, May C

Mitchell, G E

Mitchell, Harriet ? (1849)

Mitchell, Thos J (1821)

Newman, Estella

Newman, K I

Newman, M E

Palmer, Harriett E

Panrucker, Florence W

Parnell, M E

Perry, C M

Perry, F J

Perry, Ira S

Perry, Isaiah

Pickett, H

Pickett, J G

Pope, Gracie Holman

Pope, Hyjas

Prisk, Ethel M

Prisk, Mary A

Reed, Charles

Reed, Ruth

Richards, Geo

Richards, Lillian

Rofe, C Hildaline

Rofe, Clare E

Rowe, Flo J

Rowe, W Tidd

Ryan, Bertha

Ryan, Emma

Ryan, S E

Sexton, Katie M

Shapley, Alice

Shapley, William T

Steadman, H ?

Sutton, H E

Sutton, Rich

Thomas, Bartie

Thomas, Netta

Thomas, P G

Todd, Clara

Todd, H V

Tregenza, A G

Tregenza, Geo C

Tregenza, K E

Treleavey, Bessie L

Treweek, J C

Treweek, S

Vernon, J C

Warren, Agnes E

Warren, E H

Welfare, Florence A

Weston, G

Weston, Jessie

Williamson, Ada

Willis, W J

Willsmore, ?

Willsmore, A J

Willsmore, Ada

Willsmore, E A

Willsmore, Elsie V

Willsmore, J

Willsmore, P G

Wiston, Alice