Embroidered Signatures ProjectSACWA. Hills and Murray Group. Jervois Branch: Cloth

South Australian Country Women's Association
Fleurieu Peninsula
South Australian Country Women's Association. Jervois Branch
121cm x 117cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century
ID Number
Appliqué,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Hemstitch,

Physical Description

Fine white linen cloth with the "CWA" cipher hand appliquéd in red satin. The cipher is encircled by a decorative border created by two rows of chain stitch worked with a single strand of red cotton thread and is in the bottom right hand corner of the cloth. The names are embroidered in chain stitch with the same red thread and are randomly placed over the entire cloth. A 4.75cm hem has been hemstitched by hand with mitred corners.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. South Australian Country Women's Association. Hills and Murray Group. Jervois Branch. Members' signatures.


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Afford, Barbara

Afford, Gloria


Barry, L

Bartlett, J

Bartlett, R

Darling, K M

Dow, B E


Facey, W

Forster, G

Goeler, Dora

Grivell, Margaret

Hameister, G

Harding, G

Harris, A C

Horley, Shirlie T

Huggins, J

Inwood, E

Jenke, P

Jenks, Patricia

Johns, M I


Kitchin, C D

Kluske, S

Knight, Gwen

McCabe, L

McDulloon, R J

Meritt, V

Mitchell, J

Nuske, Phyllis

Parker, R

Peltze, K

Piper, Blanche

Pridham, Shirley

Reddin, Bette

Richards, A C

Richards, G V


Skinner, W

Smith, G

Tothill, Betty

Triete, Carlene

Valladares, S

Wannop, Rosie

Watson, T

Whatman, Jean

Williams, Fay

Williams, G

Williams, L

Wynen, S