Embroidered Signatures ProjectSACWA. Torrens Group. Salisbury Branch: Cloth

South Australian Country Women's Association
South Australian Country Women's Association. Salisbury Branch
164cm x 166cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1975
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Running Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Ecru linen cloth with 7.5cm hem. Names are stitched in red. Text in a centred circle reads "25th Birthday 1975 August 28th". The circle is worked in running stitch alternating with red and silver thread. The bottom right hand corner of the cloth bears the cipher (CWA) within the emblem of the Country Women's Association and "Salisbury", also worked in red thread.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. South Australian Country Women's Association. Torrens Group. Salisbury Branch. 25th Birthday of Salisbury Branch.


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?, Millie

?ffert, Pauline

Ackby, Margaret

Adams, J V

Alders, Dorothy

Angel, Betty

Angel, Doreen

Axford, J M

Ball, Joyce

Barker, Isa

Barnes, Jack

Barry, Harry

Bowey, Elizabeth (Mayoress)

Bowman, Joanne

Braunach, Linda

Burton, Beryl M

Burton, Hilda

Butler, Joan

Castle, Dianne

Collins, Alison

Cook, Jean

Dambell, Ivy G

Davis, E

Davis, Mollie

Dundin, Hilda

Edwards, Joyce

Emmerson, F

Evans, Joan

Finkler, A

Fisher, Linda

Flavel, Mary F

Fletcher, Betty

Florina, U (SN/5108)

Forsyth, Eileen

Frost, Maud

Fry, Blanche

Gee, Sheila M

Gibbs, Heather

Godwin, Thelma

Golding, Hilda

Goodway, Gillian E

Goodway, Pam

Harding, Nola

Harman, Dot

Harris, Yvonne

Heaslip, Marjorie

Hefinatell, Dot

Hills Johnes, Dorothy

Holland, Dulcie

Hooper, Freda

Hopkins, Doreen

Howard, Ivy

Hunst, Rita

Irvine, E M

Jackson, Mildred L

Jeffs, ?

Jenkin, Laura

Jenkins, Hettie (President)

Jones, G H

Jones, Irene

Kinet, Pat

Klauber, Gwen

Klein, Phylis

Lawson, Mary

Litchfield, Audrey

Longley, L

Magor, L

Marchant, Eunice

McIntyre, Winnifred

McLeod, A M

McNiel, Jean

Murdoch, Catherine

Murphy, Lois

Murphy, Rose

Nicholls, Irene

Nichols, Norma

Parson, Linda

Pasmore, J

Pedler, Jennie

Phillips, Mary B

Porter, Eunice

Post, Norma

Prior, M D

Quinn, Joyce

Rennay, Georgina

Rice, Gert

Robinson, Olive

Rodney, Jenifer

Rohnluch, Rita

Rootoey, Kerrie

Rouland, Mildred

Saint, J

Savell, Jean

Schneider, Elaine

Scott, Fay

Scott, Joy

Simpson, Emily

Sinclair, Nell

Smith, Amy

Smith, Sonia

Stainer, Violet

Stakes, Janet

Stephens, June

Thomas, Betty

Thomas, R M

Trevithick, Freda

Twitchen, Betty

Urbrae, Peggy

Usher, Hilda

Waddington, Beth

Walker, ?

Waller, Sally

Walsh, P Glory

Ward, Edna

Wayland, Doris

Webb, Norma

Webster, Anne

Westman, Hera

Whyte, Jean

Williams, V

Wilson, Margaret

Wohlers, Jessie

Wood, R M

Wragg, Alia

Wright, Dorothy G

Wright, Dot