Embroidered Signatures ProjectKranz Family: Cloth

Private Collections
Gladys Mary Kranz (nee Both)
88cm x 87.5cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1930s
ID Number
Back Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Square ecru linen cloth with signatures embroidered in red cotton thread. Three signatures and a date, written with a blue pen have not yet been embroidered. The names are placed randomly over almost the entire cloth. The edges of the cloth have been folded to the front with mitred corners, turned over and machine stitched to create a 5.5cm border.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative A record of names of the Kranz family, their neighbours and friends most of which were collected and embroidered by Gladys Mary Kranz nee Both in the 1930s. Her daughter, Moira Dawn "Dawn" Birtley nee Kranz added more embroidered signatures after Gladys died.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

?ay, Celia (RGH)

Allmond, M

Basedow, Eleanor M

Batten, H V

Batten, Ida

Batten, M C

Berrill, ? A

Berrill, Ida G

Birtley, D

Birtley, Jim

Birtley, M

Birtley, M E

Birtley, Moira (22.6.74)

Blunsden, Kathleen

Both, A I

Both, Allen J

Both, Dudley

Both, Dulcie V

Both, E F

Both, G M

Both, Howard

Both, Joan

Both, John H

Both, M L

Both, Milton Jack

Both, O

Both, S L

Both, Winifred J

Bratten, R W

Carmichael, Ruth


Chapman, Lillie A

Denny, F

Dickinson, Alice

Dillon, Frank

Draper, M M

Dunstan, John

Edwards, Claire

Edwards, Elaine

Farrands, S

Foord, Bert

French, F R

Gannon, Melita

Goldfinch, Phyllis M ?

Guy, Louisa

Hemmings, Arthur

Hendrik, P

Hockey, G

Hockey, J C

Hockey, Sylvia G

Hoffmeister, Helen M

Jew, Lorna

Jew, Reg

Kearney, Alice

Keddie, I J

Kelly, John M

Kotz, A M

Kranz, C F

Kranz, D

Kranz, D H

Kranz, Dawn

Kranz, Elaine

Kranz, Gladys

Kranz, Martin H

Kranz, Rodney

Kranz, Rosalind G

Lake, Octavius

Lawrence, S C

Lehmann, E D

Leopold, A O

Leopold, V

Lock, Amy

Lorraine (RGH)

Marsh, C L

Marshman, C L

Marshman, W M

Maunder, H

Medlin, J

Mitchell, Agnus

Mitchell, J H

Mitchell, M L

Morros, E

Nayda, G F G

Neale, C F

Newton, E (Engleterre)

O'Neill, James Joseph

O'Rourke, L C

O'Rourke, Norm

Oxford, L M

Pfeiffer, Norman

Prosser, I G

Prull, A

Pruul, Meta R

Pruul, Vaike

Ramsey, Allen R

Ramsey, Elston O

Richardson, M L

Rigby, Mona

Rundle, Edith E


Shackley, Florrie

Shopley, William T

Smith, Clement W

Smith, Mabel

Smyth, Margaret

Symonds, Ruth

Thompson, A V

Thurston, G W

Trenoweth, Martha A

Waghorn, M L

Watts, Gethla

Weaver, R

Wenhah, E M

Wilkinson, Elsie M

Wilson, Clara