Embroidered Signatures ProjectBrentwood Australia Day 1942: Cloth

Private Collections
Yorke Peninsula
Kathleen Caroline Nankivell (nee Watters)
128cm x 116cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1942
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,

Physical Description

White damask tablecloth with 12cm aqua border. Signatures are stitched in chain stitch mostly around the border in various shades of green, yellow and brown thread. An aqua stitched outline of Australia is in the centre with 'K Watters" stitched in pale apricot, 'Army Queen' stitched in dark apricot and 'Brentwood Australia Day 1942' stitched in brown.

Theme and Purpose

World War II Fundraiser. Worked by Kathleen Caroline Nankivell (nee Watters) to raise funds. Each of the 133 signatures earned sixpence and the cloth was auctioned for fifty pounds and returned to the creator as a keepsake. See the history in the object file for further details.


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Alderman, C V

Alderman, J

Anderson, L C

Ar?, B

Ashhurst, W J

Balbage, A

Balbage, A J

Balbage, F

Balbage, F M

Borgmeyer, D A

Borrell, E E

Bowndy, F R

Bowndy, M F

Bowndy, M M

Bowndy, P M

Brawnd, E G

Brindell, F E

Brundell, J M

Burman, F

Burnett, A

Buttfield, H J

Button, D

Button, L

Button, M

Button, R

Button, W

Cornish, G

Cornish, H

Cornish, J

Cornish, R

Cornish, S

Cranwell, M

Croser, T E

Downdy, F F

Downdy, G C

Dubbar, W F

Dutton, W E

Faggotter, N W

Fuller, F

Hamlyn, M A

Honner, J J

Honner, V

Jouhne, A H

Kemp, G R

Kemp, J L

Kemp, M L

Kemp, M W

Kemp, R C

Koop, W L

LePoidiven, W M

Longbottom, C

Longbottom, M

Longbottom, W

Lovelock, G

Martin, A L

Martin, J E

Martin, K

Martin, M

May, D A

May, H

May, J M

May, K

May, R

Mumford, E G

Nankavill, R

Nankivell, A M

Nankivell, D M

Nankivell, E W

Nankivell, R

Nash, K M

Nation, A

Nation, M

Palmer, E

Pinburthy, E E

Rowland, M C

Russell, J

Russell, R

Sawyer, A M

Slasinowsky, A A

Slehbers, C S

Stasinousky, W

Tarrant, G

Tarrant, G F

Thompson, H

Thompson, R

Tilbrook, F

Treasure, J M

Treasure, L J

Tucker, G R

Tucker, H L

Tucker, R M

Twarty, G R

Twarty, J

Twortly, E

Vansie, T A

Vanstone, C

Vanstone, V M

Walters, W F

Wanou, C A

Warby, M

Warly, A

Warren, A

Warren, L

Watters, C

Watters, E

Watters, H

Watters, H M

Watters, P

Watters, R

Watters, S

Watters, S C

Watters, W

Whistly, V

White, V

Wilson, R A

Wilson, S C

Wilson, W

Wilson, W (2)

Wyly, G M