Embroidered Signatures ProjectSummertown Uniting Church 1992: Cloth

Summertown Uniting Church
Adelaide Hills
Summertown Uniting Church
84.5cm x 79cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1992
ID Number
Back Stitch,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Square yellow linen cloth with the letters "S", "U" and "C" worked in stem stitch in blue cotton thread diagonally across each of three corners of the square voided centre and the date "1992" in the fourth corner. The outline of a religious cross is similarly worked in blue diagonally in each corner. Names and signatures are embroidered in multicoloured cotton thread in back, chain and stem stitches over the rest of the cloth. There is a small stem of flowers embroidered on each side of a list of Bonythons. Machine stitched hem.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Summertown Uniting Church (congregation?) Possibly a fundraiser for the translation of the New Testament into the Tawala language (New Guinea).


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Baidoo, Cecilia

Baidoo, James O

Bailey, Lena

Baker, Andrew

Baker, Lawrence

Baker, Margaret

Baker, Mark

Baker, Ruth

Battye, Dylan

Battye, Linda

Battye, Lucienne

Battye, Maac

Battye, Oscar

Beswick, Alice

Black, Archie

Black, Jeannie

Bonython, Amberly

Bonython, Nancy

Bonython, Owen

Bonython, Peter

Bonython, Queen

Bonython, Stella

Bonython, Wayne

Bourne, Evelyn

Boyle, John

Boyle, Margaret

Boyle, Mary

Boyle, Mick

Boyle, Temali

Brookes, Kynan

Brown, Beryl

Brown, Jean

Coosens, Cor

Coosens, Jenny

Cornish, Brianna

Cornish, Charlie

Cornish, David

Cornish, E May

Cornish, H May

Cornish, Jenny

Cornish, Lynda

Cowan, Josh

Cowen, Graeme

Cowen, Jill

Cramond, Audrey

Cramond, Eleanor

Cranwell, Andrew

Cranwell, Des

Cranwell, Johanna

Cranwell, Leanne

Cranwell, Matthew

Cranwell, Naomi

Cranwell, Nora

Cranwell, Norman

Cranwell, Paul

Cranwell, Peter

Cranwell, Rae

Cranwell, Sue

Dawsly, Andrew

Driver, Clare

Driver, Coralie

Driver, Greg

Driver, Joshua

Driver, Simon

Ellery, Geoff

Ellery, Marilyn

Ellery, Petrea

Ellery, Shane

Engler, Daniel

Engler, Dieter

Engler, Elizabeth

Engler, Marianne

Engler, Mary

Engler, Philip

Engler, Timothy

Engler, Wolfgang

Frost, Betsy

Gepp, Floss

Geytenbeek, Darren

Geytenbeek, Jan

Geytenbeek, Phil

Geytenbeek, Robin

Geytenbeek, T J

Goodwin, A

Goodwin, Jane

Goodwin, Janet

Goodwin, Matthew

Goodwin, Robert

Hannaford, Merrilyn

Harding, Alison

Harding, Catherine

Harding, Doris

Harding, Greg

Harding, Janet

Harding, Kevin

Hartridge, Madelyn

Hartridge, Rob

Hartridge, Virginia

Heynes, Kathy

Heynes, Ros

Holliday, Alan

Holliday, Hilda

Holliday, Jeanette

Holliday, Ken

Holliday, Kym

Holliday, Nikki

Holliday, Suzanne


Kilsby, Roma

Knox, Jeff

Knox, Narelle

Kozman, Florence

Kozman, Viktor

Laszlobiki, Donna

Laszlobiki, Frank

Laszlobiki, Tera

Lindner, Doff

Little, Sybil


Mansfield, Natalie

McGregor, Andrew

McGregor, Carol

McGregor, Iain

McLeay, Kathy

Merrigan, Andy

Merrigan, Laura

Merrigan, Paul

Muller, Valda

Nelson, Alf

Nelson, David

Nelson, Freda

Nelson, Leah

Parker, Evelyn

Parker, Roslyn

Post, Steven

Probert, Kathy

Ravesteyn, Keith


Richards, Eirona

Richards, Jon

Richards, Les

Richards, Marc

Richards, Paul

Ritter, Doris

Rivett, Cora

Rowley, Emily

Saimon, Kathryn T

Schmitz, Catherine

Schmitz, Jenny

Schmitz, Joanna

Schmitz, Karl

Schocroft, Pearl

Seiboth, Sandra

Spencer, Annie

Staniford, Ann-Marie

Staniford, Barbara

Staniford, Elizabeth

Staniford, Katrina

Staniford, Lachlan

Staniford, Miranda Ann-Marie Katrina

Staniford, Nathaniel

Staniford, Peter

Staniford, Richard

Staniford, Valerie

Stentiford, Elsie

Sutherland, Marj

Sutherland, Megan

Sutherland, Ted

Thomas, Russell

Trenorden, Damien

Trenorden, Hazel

Trenorden, Heather

Trenorden, Nicki

Trenorden, Rob

Truran, Cath

Truran, David

Vince, Betty

Vince, Fred

Vince, Jeane

Vince, Jim

Wade, Maxine

Whitbread, Avis

Whitbread, John

White, Andrew

White, Margaret

White, Tresna

White, Vern

Willsmore, Cari

Willsmore, Dene

Willsmore, Dianne

Willsmore, Don

Willsmore, Sam

Willsmore, Shirley

Winter, Ann

Winter, Ivan

Winter, Jason

Winter, Matthew

Winter, Robyn

Wissell, Maria

Woolcock, Glenn

Wotton, Jessie

Wotton, Keith

Wotton, Noelene

Wotton, Pam