Embroidered Signatures ProjectSummertown Methodist Church 1963: Cloth

Summertown Uniting Church
Adelaide Hills
Summertown Methodist Church
99cm x 99cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1963
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Square white voile cloth with multicoloured embroidered names and signatures in cotton thread. Groups of family members. Embroidery in chain stitch and stem stitch. Edge and border worked by machine in white: scalloped edge and two wavy lines with a regular stepped (castellated) line of stitching in between.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Summertown Methodist Church congregation. Fundraiser for the church.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Anson, Jane

Anson, Wendy

Bagley, Ian

Bagley, Jean

Bagley, Pauline

Bagley, Susan

Bagley, Wal

Baker, Ailsa

Barns, Nancy

Beauchamp, Kathleen

Bonython, Lynette

Bonython, Peter

Charlesworth, Lynn

Charlesworth, Ruth

Cobbledick, Arthur

Cobbledick, Joan

Cobbledick, Maisie

Collins, Jenny

Collins, Karen

Coombe, Mona

Cornish, Beryl

Cornish, Charlie

Cornish, Christine

Cornish, David

Cornish, May

Crammond, Jim

Crammond, Julie

Crammond, June

Crammond, Mandy

Cramond, Barbara

Cramond, David

Cramond, Eleanor

Cramond, Ralph

Davies, Glynn

Davies, Leanne

Davies, Lorraine

Davies, Steven

Driver, Forest

Driver, Glenda

Driver, Harold

Driver, Muriel

Driver, Philip

Driver, Rosalie

Driver, Russell

Driver, Valerie

Driver, Wallace

Essex, Jessie

Freer, Carmen

Freer, Gary

Freer, George

Freer, Reg

Freer, Scissley

Frost, Laurel

Frost, Lianne

Frost, Muriel

Frost, Nicol

Geier, John

Goodfellow, Emily

Gore, Deirdre

Gore, Jennifer

Gore, Sandra

Hancock, Joan

Hanks, Cathryn?

Helps, Roma

Holliday, Gail

Holliday, Hilda

Joyce, Mark

Joyce, Winifred


Leatch, Myrtle

Leslie, Audrey

Lovend, Alvar

Lovend, Helvi

Lovend, Kym

Lovend, Michael

Lovend, Susan

Makings, Lorna

McCollins, Emily

Miller, Ethel

Nicol, Muriel

Oliver, Mae

Powell, Joyce

Roschke, Elizabeth

Schultz, Kath

Schultz, Mary

Schultz, Max

Scott, Madge

Scott, Valma

Squiers, Maud


Sutton, Lynette

Sutton, Neville

Sutton, Rodney

Sutton, Rosslyn

Trenorden, Audrey

Trenorden, Connie

Trenorden, Dick

Trenorden, Evelyn

Trenorden, Glory

Trenorden, Hazel

Trenorden, Helen

Trenorden, James

Trenorden, Julie

Trenorden, Len

Trenorden, Leslie

Trenorden, Llew

Trenorden, Lynn

Trenorden, Margaret

Trenorden, Mary

Trenorden, Olive

Trenorden, Phil

Trenorden, Rob

Trenorden, Rosalie

Trenorden, Stephen

Trenorden, Steve

Trenorden, Vivy

Vince, Clarry

Vince, Jeane

Vince, Jim

Vince, Olive

Vince, Penton

Vince, Robyn

Whitbread, Avis

Whitbread, Carol

Whitbread, Geoffrey

Whitbread, John

Whitbread, Judith

Whitbread, Phillip

White, Andrew

White, Margaret

White, Mary

White, Vernon

Wotton, Keith

Wotton, Pamela