Embroidered Signatures ProjectPort Adelaide Wesleyan Church Rainbow Festival 1896: Cloth

Port Adelaide Library. City of Port Adelaide Enfield
Port Adelaide Wesleyan Church
172cm x 310cm
Historical Period/Date
19th Century (1870-1999 Late)/1896
ID Number
Back Stitch,Braid Embroidery,Cloths,

Physical Description

Ruby cloth with names and stylised floral motifs within a central oval and two round medallions plus a twisted border with a pattern in each corner, worked with Russian braid stitched to woollen ground. Names are machine stitched in yellow.

Theme and Purpose

Port Adelaide Wesleyan Church Rainbow Festival 1896. Made to raise funds for church repairs or possibly the addition of a steeple. Local notables signed it for a fee and then it was auctioned.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Adams, Henry

Addison, R A

Allen, Anna Maria

Allen, J

Allen, James

Archibald, W O

Armstrong, A E?

Asplin, Isaac Sackfield

Batchelor, E L

Batchelor, H C R 

Bawden, J

Bearcroft, A?

Begg, W J A

Berry, Joseph

Bickers JP, John

Bickers, John

Bickford, William

Bishop, Henry

Blacker, W J

Blair, J B

Blancroft, M?

Blau, H

Bollen, E E

Bollen, Percival


Bower, David

Boyce, R J

Bray, A  

Bray, R

Bristow, A L

Brook, Elizabeth

Brook, Fred D

Brooker, Thomas H

Brooker, William

Brown, Duncan

Brown, F J?

Brownlow, S V?

Bumby, John W?

Burge, A

Burge, H 

Burgoyne, Thos

Butler, Alfred E

Butler, C

Butler, J B

Butler, John J

Butler, Lou?

Butler, Olive

Butler, R V

Butler, W J

Butterfield, W

Buxton, Constance V

Buxton, Harrold J

Buxton, Leland William Wilberforce

Buxton, Mabel

Buxton, Noel

Buxton, Thomas Fowell

Buxton, Victoria

Buxton, Victoria A

Caire, J W

Caldwell, Robert

Campbell, Allan

Carter, T B

Casey, John

Castle, E

Catt, Isaac C

Champion, W

Chany, F S

Chany, S

Chany, T


Charleston, D Morley

Charleston, J

Charleston, Mary

Charleston, May

Chasfeed, J?

Chester, H A

Cleave, J

Cockburn, J A

Cole, James G

Coleman, J

Coles, E A

Coles, Jenkin

Colton, J W

Darling JP, J W

Darling, John

Davies, Fred

Dempster, James E A

Deslandes, John

Deslandes, W F

Dewhirst, E N?

Dixon, J T

Drew, George C

Duckworth, Arthur James?

Dudley, C R

Eckers, H L?

Eckers, W L

Edwards, J A?

Ellis, Fred

Eustis, Bert

Eustis, G H

Evans, Arthur

Evans, R O

Fitzgerald, H G

Formby, John

Foster, R W

Fraser, R

Gill, Thomas

Goode, Chas R

Gordon, J M

Grose, Thos

Haines, Joseph

Hains, John

Hall, P (Mrs)

Hall, Wm

Hanton, F 

Harry, A H

Headding, C E

Headding, Charles

Henderson, J

Hocart Jnr, Thomas

Hocart, Thomas

Hocart, W?

Hooper, R

Hopkins, Hop? 

Horton, T

Hounslow, H

Hounslow, W R?

Jacob, Lily A A 

James, Elsie

James, J I

James, J T

James, Mary R

James, R P

James, Thomas A

Jenkins, J G

Jenkins, Jenny Mary

John, W D

Johnson, Alfred J

Jones, A B

Jones, David (Wesleyan)

Jones, John S

Jones, Z H

Jurs, F

Jurs, H

Jurs, J C G

Jurs, Wm Chapman

Kelly, R? 

Kestel, R W O

Kirby, J C

Knowles, Robt

Lathlean, W

Le Messurier, Alfred

Le Messurier, E

Lean, J N

Leask, J

Leaver, F

Leech, G V

Leishman, E

Leng, Thomas P?

Little, E V

Lloyd, Mary

Lloyd, R

Loan, James Hugh

Lun, J W?

MacGillivray MP, I

Madge, I J

Malin, Sidney

Marlin, Marian

Marston, Anne E

Marston, Fred

Martin, James

Matthew, F

Matthew, Thomas

McAuley, Eliza 

McColl, Jas R

McGraith, T

McLachlan, J

Mclennan, C 

Meipers, Harry I

Meyers, Henry

Mitchell, E E

Monkhouse, J

Morphett, W

Morris, Chas R

Morrison, G?

Mort, John Chas

Motteram, A

Mursell, A R

Neill, J C

Newton, Harold T

Norhaf, Thomas?

O'Loughlin, Lawrence

Ottoway, John

Pike, F G

Pittard, E

Pittard, M

Pudney, Charles

Randell, Alice

Randell, William

Rann, John

Reed, William

Reid, Malcolm

Rhodes, F M

Rofe, Clara E

Rofe, J G

Rofe, James

Rofe, W L

Rofe, Will T

Rose, Alice G

Rose, Arthur

Rose, Lillian G

Sanders, Eliza A

Sanders, Henry

Saunders, W H

Selby, Geo C H 

Shaw, John

Shorney, B M

Shorney, E A

Shorney, E G

Shorney, H

Sinclair, Jas H

Skinner, W H

Smith, E

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, G W

Stephenson, J B

Stirling, J Lancelot

Stone, A J

Stubbs, Albert

Sweeney, John

Tainsh, W

Tassie, Chas D

Teague, H Henwood

Teague, M C

Thain, W

Thomas, H

Thomas, John

Thompson, Henry W

Thomson, B

Todd, Ada Jillian

Todd, Charles

Tregenza, Geo C

Tucker, C W

Wald, Clara

Wald, James I

Wald, M

Walker, E 

Walker, Theo J

Warrington, A G?

Waterman, A

Watts, Laura

Webb, W Buckley

Weman, H

Whitburn, M

Widdop, F C

Williamson, E

Wilson, Geo S?

Woolnough, R

Wright, C J H

Wright, P H