Embroidered Signatures ProjectEffie Edna Smith. Port Broughton 1980: Cloth

Port Broughton Heritage Centre
Yorke Peninsula
Effie Edna Smith
85cm x 85cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1980
ID Number
Back Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A yellow cotton cloth named for its instigator. Embroidered in blue, "Effie Edna Smith Port Broughton 1980" is centred on the cloth under a brown arch or semicircle. Multicoloured signatures encircle this text and cover the cloth. Cotton thread was used to work the signatures in stem and back stitch. The cloth has a machine stitched scalloped border.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. The cloth commemorates all the Meals on Wheels volunteers who visited Effie. Each volunteer was asked to sign the cloth and Mrs Cavell Bennier then embroidered the signatures.


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Aitchison, Bill

Aitchison, Edna

Aitchison, Jean

Aitkins, L


Allen, Gwen

Andrews, Frank (Pommie Painters Pty Ltd)

Arbon, Hartley

Arbon, Lil

Arbon, Maxine

Arbon, Robert

Bennier, Cavell

Bennier, Derek

Bennier, Doug

Bennier, Jenny

Bennier, Kathleen

Bennier, Mark

Bennier, Michael

Bennier, Norm

Bennier, Robert

Bond, E

Boughen, Maurene

Bowden, Daniel

Bowden, David

Bowden, Sally

Bowden, Susanne

Bowley, Barbara

Bowley, Coralie

Bowley, Lynley

Bowley, Wendy

Brereton, Esther

Brewster, Cliff

Brewster, Linda

Briggs, Chas

Briggs, Eva


Brown, Cyril

Brown, Mary

Brown, Win

Button, Joy

Cat, Sam


Cichon, Alf

Clark, Norma

Clarke, Dick

Clarke, Eunice

Clarke, Jan

Coad, Val

Cock, Elva

Cock, Mary Anne

Cornelius, Avis

Daniel, Ettie

Daniel, Mary

Davidson, John

Davidson, Kaye


Dennis, Jean

Dennis, Wendy

Dolling, Mavis

Duffield, Maureen

Dunstan, Kath

Edwards, Gloria

Evans, Pat

Evans, Zeta

Flowers, Sadie

Garnett, Mary

Garnett, Rosemary E

Gordon, Margaret

Gosling, B C

Grace, Cameron

Grace, Dean

Grace, Jeffery

Grace, Jenny

Grace, Pasmina

Green, Lorna

Greig, Rosanne

Harris, Jean

Harvey, Mary

Heddle, Audrey

Hewett, Bet

Hewett, Clem

Hewett, Colleen

Hewett, Val

Hewett, Violet

Hinter, Kath

Hobbs, Joyce

Hornby, Chris

Hornby, Ethel

Hornby, Janice

Hughes, Kaye

Hughes, Mollie

Humphreys, Faith

Humphreys, J W

Humphreys, Lucy

Ireland, Basil

Ireland, Darren

Ireland, Harriet

Ireland, Jean

Ireland, Jim

Ireland, Maureen

Ireland, Narrelle

Ireland, Paddy

Ireland, Rachel

Jamieson, Arch

Jamieson, Vera

Johnson, Joyce

Johnson, Ted

Kelly (dog)

Kerley, Dot

Kerley, Jack

Kerley, Kev

Kerley, Mavis

Kerley, Ron

Kerley, Yvonne

Knob, Ian

Krieger, Nora

Kuchel, Alison

Kuchel, Rebecca

Kuchel, Tamara

Kuchel, Trevor

Lloyde, Brenda

Lloyde, Tracy

Loechel, Norm

Loechel, Sally

Mates, Bill

Mates, Gwenyth

Mathews, Rosalie

McDonald, Ian

McDonald, Jim

McDonald, Jodie

McDonald, Kristie

McDonald, Lenice

McDonald, Lorna

McDonald, Margaret

McDonald, Peter


Mildren, Olive

Morse, Irene

Munzer, Joan

Noble, Beryl

Osbourn, Maggi

Osbourn, Pippa

Pearce, Nanna

Pearce, Poppa

Peter, Bronte

Peter, Jean

Peter, John

Pontifax, Glenice

Price, Gwen


Richards, Barrie

Richards, Edith

Roberts, Mandy

Rout, Pat

Sabdia, Alex

Sabdia, Sarah

Sammons, Zeta

Schmitt, Bryan

Schmitt, Gary

Schmitt, Iris

Schmitt, Karon

Schmitt, Ron

Schmitt, Roslyn

Schuppan, Carol

Scotch Margaret

Simounds, Olive

Sims, Christine

Sims, Greg

Siviour, Craig

Smith, Don

Smith, Effie Edna (Pt Broughton 1980)

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, Janeen

Smith, Trevor

Stehbens, Glen Henry

Strawbridge, Mary

Strawbridge, R H

Stringer, Marion

Stringer, Sharon


Tancock, Verity

Tapp, Chris

Taylor, Eilleen

Veall, Molly

Veall, Noel

Wade, Digger

Wade, Madge

Warren, Mona

Weber, Joan

Winen, Joy

Winen, Leanne

Wishart, Pat

Wood, Kath

Woods, Anne

Young, Jean