Embroidered Signatures ProjectPort Broughton School Welfare Club 1962: Cloth

Port Broughton Heritage Centre
Yorke Peninsula
Port Broughton School Welfare Club
120cm x 128.5cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1962
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Square white cotton cloth with "Port Broughton School Welfare Club 1962. President Valda Edwards. Secretary Estelle Aitchison" embroidered in dark blue cotton thread around a centred circle. Text and circle are in chain stitch. Mulitcoloured stem stitched signatures cover the cloth. They have been worked both inside and outside the circle.

Theme and Purpose

Fundraiser. Port Broughton School. Organised by the Welfare Club.


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Adams, Doug

Adams, Jean

Aitchison, Allan

Aitchison, Ann

Aitchison, Bet

Aitchison, Bill

Aitchison, David

Aitchison, Debbie

Aitchison, E

Aitchison, Edna

Aitchison, Estelle

Aitchison, G

Aitchison, Heather

Aitchison, Jean

Aitchison, Jim

Aitchison, John

Aitchison, Kathleen

Aitchison, Ken

Aitchison, Michael

Aitchison, Mollie

Aitchison, Murray

Aitchison, Neville

Aitchison, Peter

Aitchison, Robert

Aitchison, T L

Andrews, Maureen

Arbery, Anne

Arbery, Jan

Arbery, Judith

Arbery, Margaret

Arbery, Susan

Arbon, Bev

Arbon, C J

Arbon, Christopher

Arbon, David

Arbon, Elaine

Arbon, Geoffrey

Arbon, George

Arbon, Grace

Arbon, Hart

Arbon, Howard

Arbon, Jeff

Arbon, Kathleen

Arbon, Lance

Arbon, Lil

Arbon, Lucy (Mrs)

Arbon, Mary

Arbon, Netta

Arbon, Pat

Arbon, Robert

Arbon, Stuart

Arbon, Trevor

Atkinson, M A

Bails, Edna

Baker, Jean

Bampton, Jenny

Banfitt, Arch

Banfitt, Eileen

Barker, Minnie

Barnes, Bob

Barnes, G E

Barnes, Gwen

Barnes, Lewis

Barnes, Lynda

Barnes, Min

Barnes, Mona

Barnes, P K

Barnes, Sadie

Bartlett, Lois

Beinke, Josie

Bennier, Brian

Bennier, Cavell

Bennier, Christine

Bennier, Darren

Bennier, Denise

Bennier, Douglas

Bennier, E W (Mrs)

Bennier, Ethel

Bennier, Hedley

Bennier, Jennifer

Bennier, John

Bennier, Maureen

Bennier, Mavis

Bennier, Norm

Bennier, Philip

Bennier, Ray

Bennier, Robert

Benton, Graham

Berridge, Wendy

Bettess, Jim

Bettess, Judyth

Biddell, Carol

Biddell, Denise

Biddell, Jeff

Biddell, Trudy

Biddell, Vic

Block, Arthur

Block, Daphne

Bond, Peter

Bond, Susan

Bougham, Maureen

Bowley, Andrew

Bowley, Coralie

Bowley, David

Bowley, Dianne

Bowley, Lynley

Bowley, Max

Bowley, Philip

Bowley, Rosslyn

Bowley, Wendy

Briggs, Charles

Briggs, Eva

Brown, Ben

Brown, Margaret

Brown, Marj

Brown, Pauline

Brown, Peter

Bryant, Barry

Buckley, Peter

Button, Adrian

Button, Doris

Button, Jennifer

Button, Joy

Button, L

Button, Merv

Button, Rex

Button, Verna

Casey, N (Mrs)

Castle, Stan (Mr and Mrs)

Clarke, Geoff

Clarke, Graham

Clarke, Jill

Clarke, Paul

Clarke, Raelene

Clifton, Deana

Clifton, Ethel

Clifton, Leigh

Clifton, Max

Clifton, Terry

Cock, Allan

Cock, Bob (Mundoona)

Cock, Elva

Cock, Hazel

Cock, Kevin

Cock, Mary Anne

Cock, Maxine

Cock, Owen

Cornelius, Eric

Cornelius, Shirley

Correll, Ken

Correll, Margaret

Cotton, Michael

Cotton, Phillip

Cotton, Ray

Cotton, Val

Cox, Anne

Cox, Pauline

Cox, Rosemary

Crosby, Kath

Crouch, Con

Crouch, Joe

Cummings, Cyril

Cummings, R

Cunningham, D

Cunningham, Iris

Dalling, Lola J

Daniel, Clem

Daniel, Dawn

Daniel, Ettie

Daniel, Eunice

Daniel, Glen

Daniel, Jane

Daniel, Kerrie

Daniel, Laurie

Daniel, Lynne

Daniel, Mary

Daniel, Michelle

Daniel, Nick

Daniel, Stuart

Daniel, Trevor

Davies MBE, L E T

Deland, Sue

Dennis, George

Dennis, Kelvin

Dennis, Millie

Dennis, Valerie J

Dickerson, Elizabeth

Dickerson, John

Dickfos, Gary

Dickfos, Inez

Dickfos, John

Disher, Susan

Dobbs, Stan

Doherty, Maxine

Doherty, Nora

Dolling, Adrian

Dolling, Don

Dolling, Kaylene

Dolling, Leanne

Dolling, Lyndon

Dolling, Mavis

Dolling, S G (Mr and Mrs)

Dolling, Vera

Duffield, (Mr and Mrs)

Duffield, Beverley

Duffield, Brian

Duffield, Kaylene

Duffield, Maureen

Duffield, Paul

Edwards, Annette

Edwards, Dean

Edwards, Gloria

Edwards, Helen

Edwards, Jeffrey

Edwards, Joy

Edwards, Judith

Edwards, Leanne

Edwards, Leon

Edwards, Lindy

Edwards, Marcia

Edwards, Pauline

Edwards, Tom

Edwards, Valda

Edwards, Wayne

Evans, Anne

Evans, Betty

Evans, Darrel

Evans, Dorothy

Evans, E J

Evans, F E

Evans, George

Evans, Heather

Evans, Jane

Evans, Josie

Evans, Joyce

Evans, Leon

Evans, Michael

Evans, Peg

Evans, Ray

Evans, Ted

Evans, Thomas

Evans, Zeta

Excell, Doreen

Farrow, R E (Mr and Mrs)

Filmer, Jan

Fletcher, Cyril

Fletcher, Ian

Fletcher, Kathy

Fletcher, Mary

Flowers, Arnold

Flowers, Kym

Flowers, Roma

Flowers, Ron

Flowers, Sadie

Flowers, Vicky

Gardner, N R

Garnett, (Mrs)

Gibbons, John (England)

Gill, Cyril

Gill, Deborah

Gill, Diana

Gill, Julie

Gill, Pauline

Gillies, A

Gillies, T

Goss, Barbara

Goss, Jennifer

Goss, Julianne

Goss, Max

Grace, Jeffery

Grace, Laura

Grace, Norman

Grace, Rodney

Green, Allan

Green, Bruce

Green, C M (Mrs)

Green, Jeanette

Green, June

Green, Lindsay

Green, Lorna

Green, Ted

Griffith, Penny

Grope, Bronwyn

Grope, Mark

Grope, Pat

Grope, Simon

Grope, Wilf

Haggett, Rosalie

Hall, Ann W

Hall, Steele

Harley, Harry

Harris, Beverley

Harris, Christine

Harris, David

Harris, Jean

Harris, Louise

Harris, Philip

Harris, Sue

Haslam, R A

Hawkes, Ella

Hawkes, George

Hawkins, Ray

Hawkins, Velga

Heather, Cynthia

Hewett, Betty

Hewett, Christine

Hewett, Clem

Hewett, Cliff

Hewett, Cynthia

Hewett, Doug

Hewett, Fay

Hewett, Garth

Hewett, Graeme

Hewett, H (Mr and Mrs)

Hewett, Janette

Hewett, Joan

Hewett, John

Hewett, Lyndon

Hewett, Marilyn

Hewett, Michael

Hewett, Nedra

Hewett, Paul

Hewett, Robin

Hewett, Ron

Hewett, Ruth

Hewett, Shane

Hewett, Sharyn

Hewett, Stephen

Hewett, Tahnya

Hewett, Tony

Hewett, Trevor

Hewett, Valerie

Hewett, Violet

Hewett, Wayne

Hickey, Joan

Hickey, M G (Mrs)

Hobbs, Clifton

Hobbs, Joyce

Hobbs, Tom

Holtz, M E

Hornby, A W (Mrs)

Hornby, C A

Hornby, Clarice

Hornby, Ethel

Hornby, Gordon

Hornby, John (Mrs)

Hornby, Serce

Hudson, Joyce

Humphreys, Lucy (Mrs)

Hurst, Anne

Illman, Barry

Ireland, Ailleen

Ireland, Albert

Ireland, Angela

Ireland, Basil

Ireland, Bet

Ireland, Brenton

Ireland, Emma (Mrs)

Ireland, Geoffrey

Ireland, Gregory

Ireland, H (Mr and Mrs)

Ireland, Harriet

Ireland, Jean

Ireland, Jim

Ireland, Lorna

Ireland, Lynton

Ireland, Maxine

Ireland, Michelle

Ireland, R G

Ireland, Ralph

Ireland, Rick

Ireland, Rosemary R

Jackson, P A (Mr)

Jamieson, Colin

Jamieson, Desma

Jamieson, Karen

Jamieson, Maurice

Jamieson, Tracey

Jenkins, Elizabeth Fay

Jones, John

Kelly, Clancy

Kelly, Dermott

Kelly, Gabrielle

Kelly, Gladys

Kelly, John

Kelly, Kym

Kelly, Paddy

Kelly, Pam

Kelly, Patrick

Kent, Brian

Kerley, Dot

Kerley, Jack

Kerley, Janet

Kerley, Mavis

Kerley, Sandra

Kirby, Brian

Kirby, Colin

Kirby, Dorothy P

Kirby, Henry

Kirby, Ron

Kirby, Yvonne

Kirk, Bob

Kirk, Don

Kirk, Sally

Kirk, Shirley

Kostalnik, Marie

Krieger, Allen

Krieger, Cheryl

Krieger, Michael

Krieger, Nora

Lamshed, Colin

Lamshed, Dorothy

Lamshed, Eric

Lamshed, Josephine

Lamshed, Malcolm

Langley, Ian

Larcombe, Kev

Laurie, Jim

Leak, Marian

Leane, L

Leane, Marion

Lee, Ollie

Lee, Paul

Lee, Sharyn

Lee, Syd

Lewis, Beryl

Lewis, Connie

Lewis, Jack

Lewis, Lola

Lewis, Rex

Lewis, Vern

Lovell, (Constable)

Lovell, G G

Low, Colin

Low, Dot

Malycha, Mary

Manners, Allen

Manners, Coral

Manners, D D (Mr)

Manners, D D (Mrs)

Manners, Stuart

Manners, Win

Maskell, D S

Masters, Julie

Masters, Kathryn

Matheson, A J

Matheson, Colin

Matheson, Kath

Matheson, Roger

Matheson, Wendy

McDonald, Alec

McDonald, Barbara A

McDonald, Cameron

McDonald, D O

McDonald, Debra Lee

McDonald, E G

McDonald, Francis

McDonald, Frank

McDonald, Ian

McDonald, Ilean

McDonald, Jack

McDonald, Jennifer

McDonald, Jim

McDonald, Kathleen

McDonald, Lorna

McDonald, Malcolm

McDonald, Mary

McDonald, Maxime

McDonald, Peter

McDonald, Ronda

McDonald, Valerie

McDonald, Vern

McGrath, Robert

McIntosh, Dan

McIntosh, Maria

McIntosh, Nacia

McMartin, Pam

Messenger, Lorna

Mildren, Mostyn

Mildren, Olive

Molloy, Thomas

Molloy, Winifred

Monks, Roger

Monks, V (Mr and Mrs)

Monson, Dave

Monson, Vera

Morse, Bryan

Morse, Dallas

Morse, Irene

Morse, Julie

Munzer, Fred

Munzer, Michael

Munzer, O (Mr and Mrs)

Munzer, Roy

Munzer, Russell S

Murray, Carolyn

Murray, Glenn

Murray, Ian

Murray, Lorraine

Naughton, Rosalie

Newbury, Don

Newbury, Lucy

Newton, Chris

Newton, Doris

Newton, Nerillee

Ninnes, A R

Noble, Beryl F

Noble, Hadley (Mr and Mrs)

Noble, Rosalie

Noble, Shirley

Nunan, Douglas

Nunan, John

Nunan, Ken

Nunan, Mona

Nunan, Robin

O'Connor, Kathleen M

O'Connor, Patrick

O'Donahue, Brenton

O'Donahue, Carol

O'Donahue, Grant

O'Donahue, Rosemary

O'Donahue, Shane

Paterson, Elspeth

Paterson, Gilbert

Paterson, Judith

Paterson, Kym

Paterson, Margaret

Paterson, Roma

Pattingale, Daniel

Pattingale, John

Pattingale, M T (Mr and Mrs)

Pattingale, Madeleine

Pattingale, Mavis

Pattingale, Nita

Pattingale, Stephen

Pattingale, Virginia

Paul, H

Payne, Margaret

Payne, Terry

Peter, Bronte

Peter, Jean

Peter, Jenny

Peter, John

Peter, Steven

Petherick, Brian

Petherick, Carol

Petherick, Kay

Petherick, Leah

Petherick, Murray

Pinchbeck, Lawton

Price, Carolyn

Price, Gwen

Price, Pamela

Price, Tracey

Price, Vince

Purdie, E

Rattley, Don

Rattley, Geoff

Read, (Mrs)

Read, Carolyn

Reardon, Lynn

Reardon, Mark

Richards, Adrian

Richards, Bradley

Richards, Caroline

Richards, David

Richards, Dawn

Richards, Doreen

Richards, Esme

Richards, George

Richards, Glenn

Richards, Lindsay

Richards, Pam

Richards, Ruby

Richards, Tom

Richards, Trevor

Richards, Valma

Richards, Wendy

Richardson, Bertie

Richardson, Joyce

Ridley, Cynthia

Ridley, Darrel

Ridley, Ruth

Roberts, Mandy

Robertson, Graham

Rorsich, Patti

Rorsich, Ruby

Routley, Barbara

Routley, Colin

Routley, Kevin

Routley, Robin

Routley, Ronda

Routley, Russell

Rowe, Peter J

Russell, Leslie

Ryan, Chris

Sara, Anne

Sara, D

Sara, Julie

Sara, Nicholas

Saunders, Chas

Saunders, Hilda

Sawtell, Gary

Sawtell, Karen

Sawtell, Myrtle

Sawtell, Robyn

Sawtell, Sydney

Schmitt, Bryan

Schmitt, Colleen

Schmitt, David

Schmitt, F W (Mr and Mrs)

Schmitt, Fred

Schmitt, Gary

Schmitt, Iris

Schmitt, Karen

Schmitt, Ron

Schmitt, Roslyn

Schmitt, Susan

Schuppan, Clarice

Schuppan, Monica

Sclansters, Val

Seeley, Anne

Siviour, D (Mr and Mrs)

Smart, Deborah

Smart, Geraldine

Smart, Josephine

Smart, Lynette

Smart, Murray

Smart, Sheila

Smith, Christine

Smith, Don

Smith, Edna (Mrs)

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, Heather

Smith, Janeen

Smith, Ken

Smith, Susanne

Smith, Trevor

Smyth, Andrew

Smyth, Audrey

Smyth, Don

Smyth, Stephen

Spackman, Cheryl

Spackman, George

Spackman, Joe

Spackman, John

Spackman, Joyce

Spackman, Kym

Spackman, Lou

Spackman, Lynette

Spackman, Ventris

Stennett, Lou (Adelaide)

Stennett, Thelma (Adelaide)

Stringer, A (Mr and Mrs)

Stringer, Ashley

Stringer, Bevin

Stringer, Bronte

Stringer, Carol

Stringer, Chris

Stringer, Daphne

Stringer, Debra

Stringer, Dennis

Stringer, Don

Stringer, Eric

Stringer, Freda

Stringer, Gavin

Stringer, Gregory

Stringer, H E (Mr and Mrs)

Stringer, Isla

Stringer, Jack

Stringer, Jeanette

Stringer, Joan

Stringer, Joyce

Stringer, Kelvin

Stringer, Lynton

Stringer, M B

Stringer, Mary

Stringer, Mervyn

Stringer, Michael

Stringer, Michelle

Stringer, Mick

Stringer, Norm

Stringer, Owen

Stringer, Pamela

Stringer, Paul

Stringer, Ronda

Stringer, Shane

Stringer, Sharlene

Stringer, Shirley

Stringer, Terry

Stringer, Viv

Summerton, Beryl

Summerton, Bill

Summerton, Elsie

Summerton, Leo

Summerton, Leonne

Summerton, Maxine

Summerton, Ollie

Summerton, Pearl

Tancock, (Mrs)

Tancock, Ada (Mrs)

Tancock, Adrian

Tancock, Brenton

Tancock, Bruce

Tancock, Elaine

Tancock, Garry

Tancock, Kevin

Tancock, Maude

Tancock, Sherin

Taylor, Brian

Taylor, Jan (Miss Australia 1964)

Thomson, Maida M

Tilka, Maxine

Tilka, Pauline

Tippins, Geoff H

Tod, Alistair

Tod, Fiona

Tod, Iain

Tod, Margaret

Tod, Pat

Tod, Philip

Tolosa, Lou

Tonkin, Mary

Tonkin, May

Tonkin, Pat

Tucker, Beth

Turner, Brian

Turner, Pat

Veall, Deborah

Veall, Mary

Veall, Michael

Veall, Noel

Verzish, Lorna

Verzish, Wal

Vida, Silva

Wall, E C (Mr and Mrs)

Watson, Carmel

Watson, Carol

Watson, Kathryn

Watson, Pat

Watson, Rodney

Watson, Thelma

Watt, Frank

Watt, Jennifer

Watt, Judith

Watt, Thelma

Wehrman, Hans

Westlake, E M

Willshire, M

Wilson, Belinda

Wilson, Beth

Wilson, Catherine

Wilson, Felicity

Wilson, John

Wilson, Lyn

Wilson, Margery

Wilson, Matthew

Wilson, Meredith

Wilson, Ross

Wilson, Shirley

Wilson, Veronica

Winen, Ailsa

Winen, Frank

Winen, Greg

Winen, Josie

Winen, Joy

Winen, Judith

Winen, Kaye

Winen, Keith

Winen, Leanne

Winen, Nelson

Winen, Robert

Winen, Rodney

Winen, Tony

Winen, Wayne

Witty, Angus

Witty, Helen

Wolfe, Jessie M

Woods, Andrew

Young, Christine

Young, Colin

Young, Jean

Young, John

Young, Ross C

Young, Thelma D