Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. Port Broughton: Cloth

Port Broughton Heritage Centre
Yorke Peninsula
130cm x 213.5cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A rectangular cream cloth with a large red centred cross which is superimposed on a blue circle within a blue rectangle. The outlines of the three shapes are worked in chain stitch with cotton thread. Three of the quarter circles created by the cross contain blue and brown signatures worked in stem stitch, the fourth is void. The signatures radiate out from the centre and follow the curve of the circle. Other signatures in blue and red, also worked in stem stitch, extend outwards from each corner of the rectangle in a feather or arrowhead formation. A few signatures are worked along the outside edge of the rectangle.

Theme and Purpose

Red Cross. Fundraiser.


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Aitchison, J

Aitchison, M

Arbon, Brenda

Arbon, D

Arbon, J

Arbon, L

Arbon, M A

Barker, E

Barnes, G E

Barnes, Gwen

Bastian, A G

Bennier, C E

Bennier, E W

Bennier, H

Bennier, R

Biddell, H

Bond, H R G

Bond, R E

Bowley, A

Bowley, E

Bowley, E (2)

Bowley, N

Briggs, E A L

Casey, M

Casey, R

Cavenath, J

Cornelius, E E

Cornelius, G K

Denham, J

Doherty, A

Dolling, C E

Dolling, K

Downs, R

Duffield, C

Edwards, D

Edwards, K

Eiffe, P H ?

Evans, D C

Evans, M

Evans, T

Excell, E

Excell, G

Excell, Raelene

Excell, T

Excell, V

Gillies, A

Gillies, T E

Hewett, C M

Hewett, R M

Hornby, A W

Hornby, G F G

Hornby, Laura

Hornby, M

Hughes, Gwyneth M

Hughes, H

Hughes, M

Ireland, D D

Kirk, A

Larcombe, K

Larcombe, R

Larcombe, W

Larcome, E M

Lewis, E O

Lewis, H E

Lewis, J

Lewis, L D

Lewis, Pattie

Longbottom, B

Longbottom, E M

Longbottom, Elaine

Longbottom, John

Longbottom, Keith ?

Maddigan, Hilda

Maddigan, Leah

McBurney, E V

McDonald, G

McDonald, Jack

McDonald, Jim

McDonald, R

Monks, D

Monks, L

Monks, M

Monks, R

Monks, V C

Morris, V M

Morten, E M

Morten, T K

Noble, M

Oswald, Vera M

Parsons, H

Pattingale, E

Pattingale, M A

Pattingale, T E

Pedemonte, E

Phillis, C

Prettyjohn, P

Pulford, L M

Reardon, M

Reardon, O

Rershe, M L

Richards, D

Richards, E

Richards, T

Roberts, J E

Roberts, Mandy

Roediger, M

Sawtell, V

Schmitt, R

Sexton, M G

Sims, E G

Sims, G

Sims, H G

Sims, L

Sims, R

Sims, R I

Sims, Ross

Slatter, Con M

Slatter, Peter S

Spencer, D

Spensley, E B

Steer, Hazel

Stringer, A

Stringer, E T

Stringer, G

Stringer, J H

Stringer, L

Stringer, M

Stringer, S E

Stringer, S H

Stringer, T

Summerton, D M

Summerton, Harry

Summerton, L

Summerton, M

Summerton, R

Summerton, W

Tancock, B

Tancock, M A

Tancock, O

Tod, Diana

Tod, Gillian

Tod, Grace V

Tod, Janice

Tod, P

Tolosa, L

Tonkin, A B

Tonkin, R

Tully, T G

V E A ?

Walker, D

Wall, G

Wall, J

Wall, L

Wall, W

Waters, A C

Waters, E L

Waters, L E

Waters, T H

Watson, C

Watson, L A

Whelan, F

Whelan, I M

Whittaker, J

Whittaker, S

Whitting, L

Wilson, B

Wilson, C N

Wilson, K

Wilson, Norma

Wilson, R

Winen, L

Witty, A

Witty, C

Witty, M

Witty, P

Young, R