Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. Tusmore: Quilt

Australian Red Cross
Australian Red Cross. Tusmore
135cm x 170cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1942
ID Number
Appliqué,Back Stitch,Quilts,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A fine white twill-weave cotton quilt covered in an allover pattern of embroidered red signatures radiating out in diamond shapes from a large central appliquéd red cross. There is a plain border around the quilt in the same fabric. There is an allover grid of squares with circles at each intersection, all stitched in red thread. Each square is about 17cm x 18cm and they all contain a diamond shape created by four or eight (in each corner) signatures. Signatures are also worked in each circle. A list of signatures also fills the four corners created by the cross in the centre. Stitched text heads each list of names in the corners of the central cross: ' Greenhill Rd?Tusmore S Aust', 'Members of the Council? 1942', 'With Best Wishes to Brt? Boys? 1942' and 'Members of the Staff 1942'.

Theme and Purpose

Red Cross Fundraiser during World War II.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

?, Madge

Abicair, Alice

Abicair, Ron

Abicair, Shirley

Allen, G V

Allen, Lillian

Anders, Graham

Anders, R M

Anders, V O

Angus, ?

Angus, Merna

Angus, Moir

Anthony, Ella

Arnold, Bill

Ash, T M

Backhouse, Elsie

Baker, Glenice

Baker, Joyce

Baxter, Arthur

Baxter, Dorothy

Bennett, W C (Ald)

Best, Joan

Biddell, Maxine

Biddell, Rhonda

Biddell, Rhonda (2)

Biddell, Rodger

Bird, Kath

Blackman, Ada

Blackman, Erica

Blackman, Lois

Blackman, S G

Bolton, ?ay

Bolton, G J H (Cr)

Bolton, George

Bolton, Marie

Bourner, Connie

Bourner, Connie (2)

Bourner, Edith

Bourner, Laurel

Bourner, Laurel (2)

Brown, ?

Brown, Ada

Brown, Una

Burke, Phyllis

Burnell, A R (Cr)

Caire, C A

Caire, J

Caire, Robert

Campbell, Keith

Campbell, Myra

Catford, Lorna

Chambers, Joan

Chinnery, A G (Cr)

Claridge, Philip R (Cr)

Cleland, F M

Clydesdale, Joy

Coats, Helena

Coker, Margaret

Coombe, Jennifer

Cousin, A E (Capt)

Coward, R M

Cox, S (Sgt)

Crouch, Cliff

Crouch, Thelma

Cullen, May

Cullen, Sarah

Davis, B J (Pt Officer)

Davis, Joan

Dewhirst, Emme

Drilling, Edith

Drilling, Suzanne

Dunk, Graham

Dunk, Gwenda

Dunk, Irene

Dunk, Ron

Ellis, Hilda

Ellis, Perce

Emery, D

Farmer, Gertrude

Fisher, Alf

Fisher, Susan

Flewellen, A

Flewellen, G

Florey, V G

Fopp, B P

Foster, Myrtle

Fraser, Kathleen

Galinds, Helen

Galinds, Helen (2)

Gilson, ?

Gilson, Minna

Gooden, E M

Gore, Claude

Gore, Geoffrey

Gore, Mary

Gore, Vie

Gough, M

Green, Elaine

Green, Maude

Gross, G

Grosser, Margaret

Grosser, Stanley

Groves, Ethel

Hamilton, Caroline

Hand, Joyce

Hardy, W E

Harrison, Gladys

Harrison, Ruth

Harvie, Dorothy

Harvie, Peter

Heinrich, ?

Heinrich, Frank (Old Koomooloo Red Cross S Aus)

Heinrich, Laurel (Old Koomooloo Red Cross S Aus)

Henry, Janet

Hewitt, Ivy

Hewitt, Noel

Hewitt, Tom

Hilditch, Helen

Howard, D M

Hutton, Ida

Jackson, Sarah

Jennings, C

Jones, Arthur

Jones, Muriel

Kelly, H Alan

Kelly, H June

Kelly, J Hardcourt

Kelly, Kathleen

Kelly, Margaret

Knox, David

Knox, Margaret

Knox, R B

Knox, U Y (R Officer)

Koerner, Clare

Langston, D

Lee, J and B

Lee, K E

Lefroy, Ruth

Lewis, Arthur

Lewis, Beresford

Lewis, Colin

Lewis, J L

Lewis, Ruth

Lucy, Iris

Lucy, Jack

Lucy, Pamela

Mander, Molly

Mansfield, Gertrude

Manuell, Jack

Matthews, Gertrude

May, Winifred

McCann, W F G (Lieut Col)

McCord, Marion

McEllister, Catherine

McIntyre, ?

McIntyre, Jeanette

Mellor, T R (Lieut Col)

Mellor, T R (Lieut Col) (2)

Moody, Amy

Moody, Clarrie

Moore, Jim

Moore, Milly

Moore, Stan (Old Koomooloo Red Cross S Aus)

Moyers, Lucy

Murry, Beatrice

Noblet, Elsie

Noblet, Ernest

Nottle, Gertrude

Oliver, Miriam

Packham, Brenda

Packham, Hilda

Packham, Iris

Packham, Kenneth

Packham, S A

Pain, Margaret

Pain, Mavis

Pain, Mavis (2)

Papple, Chris

Parkinson, J H (Cr)

Parsons, F Lancelot (Mayor of Burnside Corporation)

Paul, Amy

Paul, Frank

Paul, Merva

Peattie, A L (Cr)

Pemberton, H (Sgt)

Penhall, Ruth

Penhall, Ruth (2)

Petterson, Diana

Petterson, Freda

Petterson, Jack

Philcox, Ellie

Pidgeon, S A

Pike, George

Pike, Ida

Pike, Patricia

Pinkstone, V

Pitt, Muriel

Prideaux, Hazel

Prideaux, Linda

Prideaux, Phyllis

Prideaux, Rose

Rae, Patricia

Rainsford, Doug (Old Koomooloo Red Cross S Aus)

Ro?, Vera

Roberts, Vera

Roberts, Vera (2)

Russell, M E

Scott, Florrie

Shannon, G

Shannon, H

Shearwin, Asto?

Shearwin, Jean

Shearwin, Jean (2)

Shearwin, Margaret

Sister, Kate

Skinner, Vi

Squire, Jean

Stokes, Alice M

Swift, D G

Thomas, E V

Thomas, H C (Cr)

Thomas, Megan

Thompson, Mary

Trouse, Glen L

Tuckwell, Chris

Tuckwell, John

Tuckwell, Margaret

Tuckwell, Rex

Vaughan, Cecil

Vaughan, Diane

Vaughan, Edith

Vaughan, Margot

Waite, W C N (Lieut Col DSO MG VD)

Walder, Bessie

Walder, Elsie

Walker, Reginald (Ald)

Waterman, Sandra

Waters, Mary

Waters, Mary (2)

Wellington, Carolyn

Wellington, Janet

Wellington, Margaret

Wellington, Norma

Wellington, Rix

White, J M

William, M J

Williamson, J F

Willington, Clem

Willington, E A

Willington, E A (2)

Willington, Freeman

Willington, Graham

Willington, James

Willington, Stan

Wilson, Andrew

Wilson, Betty

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wilson, Jan

Wright, Lily