Embroidered Signatures ProjectOrrock Family: Cloth

Private Collections
Mid North
73cm x 69cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1980
ID Number
Back Stitch,Bullion Knot,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Satin Stitch,

Physical Description

An ecru linen cloth with a 6.5cm hem held with 2 rows of white french knots. In the centre of the cloth is a 13.5cm square defined by red chain stitch. Inside this square is a cup and saucer with stylized leaves, all stitched with chain, satin, bullion and back stitch in white thread. 'The' has been stitched at the top of the cup and below it, 'That Cheers'. This implies The cup that cheers. The scattered signatures are all stitched in deep red thead around the centre square. They cover the rest of the cloth within the hem line.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Orrock family and friends. The family owned 'Glen Orrock' homestead and the signatures are of family members and people who visited the station. It started with the Orrock family and continued with the Ellery family. Ellery was the married name of one of the Orrock children. Thomas F Orrock, the father of the present owner, (in her 90’s), is on the cloth which was started in late 1800’s.


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Ahrens, C

Arthur, S F

Bacon, Alice

Banks, H M

Barratt, A J

Barratt, E W

Bastian, E M

Bastian, J

Bastian, William U

Bottrall, Harry

Bottrall, Lillie

Bremmer, J W G

Britaillo, Bessie A E

Brooks, D A

Brown, A P

Brown, Letitia

Burns, Mary

Carthy, Rosie

Casey, N M

Challinger, E

Challinger, H E

Chrystall, Grace

Clancy, J M

Clark, Ada

Clark, W A

Congdon, G

Conway, B H

Conway, C N

Conway, Lionel

Conway, Nellie

Cornwall, Jack

Cornwall, L E

Crouch, Milford

Crush, H R

Davison, Carrie W

Davison, Doris

Davison, K M

Davison, Mabel

Duffy, Alice M

Duffy, M B

Duffy, Mary

Duffy, W J

Dunkley, Edgar W

Dunstan, J

Dunstan, Lil


Fennell, H H

Foreman, Maisie

Fuller, E R

Gale, A J

Gale, C J

Gale, Gertie

Gale, J C

Gale, R

Gill, A E

Gill, T C

Gors, Adele M

Graves, L

Gray, Jack

Hanna, Bell

Hanna, Emily

Hanna, Lizzie

Hanna, R D

Hanna, W L

Harder, Elda

Harder, F J

Harslett, E J

Harslett, H C

Harvey, A V

Harvey, G J

Havelberg, A F

Hillam, Archie P

Hinton, G

Hinton, Lena

Hinton, S

Hinton, V L

Hooper, Jean

Hunter, Alma

Jackson, Philles

Jackson, R A

Jesser, Maggie

Kahl, F W

Kearns, A

Kenny, E

Kirkwood, J

Knight, Ella

Llewelyn, A V

Llewelyn, J W

Llewelyn, M

Llewelyn, M M

MacDonald, M

Maloney, J M

Mansfield, Flossie

Miller, Daisy

Miller, H Kit

Miller, Jim

O'Dea, Annie

O'Leary, J G

O'Loughlin, Cornelius

Orrock, Faith

Orrock, Georgina

Orrock, Jessie

Orrock, Lillian

Orrock, Thomas F

Pfitzner, A R

Pike, A L

Pike, H L

Robinson Sylvia

Robinson, Eric

Robinson, Francis

Robinson, Muriel

Roper, L J P

Rowe, Minnie

Rowett, L J

Ryder, A B

Sanderson, A Fred

Sanderson, B

Sawley, M

Schmidt, H C

Schulz, C O

Scriven, Jack

Scriven, M

Sharl, E C

Smith, A R

Smith, C H J

Smith, E M

Smith, L M

Smith, M L Vi

Smith, Philip Les

Smith, Thomas H A

Stone, Lillian

Sunman, Daisy

Talbot, A L

Talbot, E (Salisbury)

Talbot, G N

Tarnell, F

Taylor, Ella M

Turner, C

West, C A

West, Clarisa

West, R J

White, F

White, Janice

White, S

Workers, C

Young, H A