Embroidered Signatures ProjectWaite Agricultural Research Institute. Plant Pathology Department 1971: Cloth

Urrbrae House
Vivienne Richmond (nee Johnson)
140cm x 230cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1971
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Fringed brown linen commemorative tablecloth with 56 signatures worked with cream perle cotton in stem stitch.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Embroidered by Vivienne Richmond (nee Johnson) for friend Helena Stretton who was both a student and staff member at the Waite over some 12 years in the Plant Pathology Department. The signature of the Head of Department at the time, Professor Noel Flentje, who was Helena's boss and PhD Supervisor, is one of the signatures on the cloth.


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Anderson, Neil A

Atchison, Bentley

Ayesu-Offei, Emmanuel

Banyer, Bob

Basit, Ahmed A

Brown, Diana

Bumbieris, Valdis

Caffey, Dina

Campbell, Graham

Carter, M V


Clare, Bruce

Coleman, Des

Coulter, Dorothy

Daniels, Marcelle

Davison, Elaine

Dodman, Bob

Dube, A J

Feckner, Terry

Fisher, John

Flentje, Noel

Garrett, R G

Gaunt, Philip


Grandison, Gordon

Grivell, Chris

H, Yvonne

Habili, N

Hay, Chin

Hockley, Stan


Kay, Allen

Kleinig, Joan

Loene, ?

Mac Nish

Moghal, Sandan Mohammad

Mounday, Jan

New, Peter


Price, Phil

Price, Terry

Randles, John

Rezaian, Ali

Rix, Carolyn

Ryan, Colin

Shannon, Helen

Siekman, Thomasina

Simpson, Jack

Talbot, Pat

Tandy, Pat

Teare, Francis

W, Rosemary

Wallace, H R

Warcup, J H

Waunicki, Richard

Wichman, Lea