Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Wallaroo Branch: Banner

National Trust. Wallaroo Branch
Yorke Peninsula
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Wallaroo
150cm x 225cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Banners,Machine Appliqué,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Framed white banner with a large red 'V' machine appliquéd in the centre and an 11cm machine appliquéd red border. The signatures, all worked in blue, are stitched in rows diagonally either side of the V with Councillors names along the bottom and Queens of Navy, Air, Army and Nurses along the top. Signatures of those in the services are in the centre of the V.

Theme and Purpose

World War 11. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Fundraiser. A local branch of the Comfort fund was formed to raise money for the war effort. This Banner was made for a queen competition. Local residents signed the banner, donated money and held fund raising events.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Anderson, P

Anspach, J H

Anspach, M J

Anspach, Vic (RAN)

Appleton, W S

Arbon, R

Bailey, Robert

Baker, G N

Baker, Winifred

Ball, E J (Cpl) (AIF)

Ball, R L

Barker, M M

Bartlett, Ian

Bartlett, J M

Bartlett, Murray

Bartlett, O G

Bele, F W (RAN)

Bele, G

Bele, G M

Bele, W P

Bennetts, Rhonda

Bergland, G

Bickley, Ros (RAN)

Bidstrup, C L

Bidstrup, K H

Bidstrup, M F (Lieut) (AIF)

Boase, G L (Cr)

Bollmeyer, Billie

Bollmeyer, G M

Bollmeyer, J A

Borlace, L

Borlace, Linda

Boundy, W R (RAN)

Bowman, Airlee

Bowman, E F

Bowman, L M

Bowman, W B

Boyle, H M (RAAF)

Bradley, M

Bradley, Roma

Brebe, S

Brode, Adelaide

Brooks, A E

Brown, A R

Brown, Lewis

Buchanan, Alex

Buchanan, Colin (Cpl) (AIF)

Buchanan, Penan

Buchanan, R K

Buck, Cliff (RAN)

Buck, Doris

Buck, E L

Buck, E N (Reg)

Buck, Granny

Buck, M J

Burgess, K T (RAN)

Button, Helene Mary (Queen of Nurses)

Cameron, E C

Cameron, Ray (L Cpl) (AIF)

Camm, (2 Gnr)

Carr, Murray

Chambers, M

Chambers, M I

Chandler, Alf (RAAF)

Chandler, Brian (RAAF)

Chapman, Des (AIF)

Chapman, I

Chapman, M A

Clayton, A

Clayton, G

Cooner, M H

Costello, Perry (RAAF)

Currie, L F

Dalby, J A

Davis, Lois

Dohnt, Fae (Queen of Army)

Dohnt, Russell (S Sgt) (AIF)

Doyle, J

Doyle, Jack (RAN)

Durward, C I

Edwards, Geoff (RAAF)

Edwards, P A

Edwards, Ray (AIF)

Elford, R

Elphick, P

Errington, Bob

Errington, Don

Errington, Frank (Jnr)

Errington, G E

Errington, L

Errington, M E

Errington, P H J

Errington, Ruth

Evans, D (AIF)

Evans, J T

Evans, L M (AIF)

Evans, Leslie

Evans, Mary

Evans, R H (AIF)

Favilla, D H

Favilla, L W

Fiedler, M R

Garland, Ralph

Garmant, Bob

Gill, C

Gill, Chas D

Gill, Dolma

Gillett, D J

Gillett, Graham

Gillett, Yvonne

Glen, O W

Goodier, E G

Green, Betty

Green, Clarrie

Green, D E E

Green, Geo

Green, H A

Green, I J

Green, M

Green, Rita

Green, Ronda

Grillett, A T A

Hage, E M

Hage, F G

Hallett, M

Hallett, R T

Hancock, Avis

Harbison, (Capt) (AIF)

Harbison, A (Capt) (AIF)

Harbison, Allan

Harbison, J E

Harbison, Jim

Harbison, Margaret

Harbison, N A

Hardy, E R

Hardy, O M

Harrington, D F

Harris, A W

Hawker, A S (Lord Mayor Adelaide)

Hayes, Douglas

Hayes, Kipa

Heath, H W (Sgt) (AIF)

Heath, Hilda A

Herbert, G

Herbison, W H (Dr)

Hocking, C R

Hocking, Ron, (RAN)

Hughes, Gwenda

Humphreys, E W (RAN)

Humphreys, Jim

Humphreys, Judith

Humphreys, M O

Humphreys, R J

Humphreys, V

Inglis, A R

Inglis, P D (RAN)

Irvine, A

Irvine, J

Irvine, P F

Irvine, V

James, E

Jamieson, E E

Jamieson, Enid

Jamieson, M

Jamieson, Nell

Janz, Carl G

Janz, E G

Janz, J S (Gen)

Johnson, W

Jones, D J

Jones, L F (Cr)

Jones, Rita

Jones, W P (Pte) (AIF)

Jurek, A (Sgt) (AIF)

Kempster, Ed

Kempster, Florence

Kempster, Jean

Kempster, R

Knuckey, E A

Kohler, T C (Dr)

Ladner, F

Lanyon, Fottese

Lanyon, Ray

Lawson, Douglas

Lawson, G M

Lawson, Geo

Lawson, Ida F

Lawson, J B

Lawson, Len

Lawson, Max

Lawson, Phylis

Lethbridge, A

Lethbridge, A (Snr)

Lethbridge, A L

Leurvie, E L

Liddy, I L

Liddy, L M

Liddy, W L (AIF)

Lock, H Keith

Lock, L S G

Lockwood, A

Lockwood, Barbara

Lower, L M

Mackie, F P

Malcolm, J

March, E (AIF)

March, M (LAC) (RAAF)

Marcus, A G (Cr)

Marcus, Dean

Matthews, Joyce

May, Helen M

McCartney, Hugh

McCulloch, A K

McCulloch, J H

McCulloch, N

McDonald, C

McDonald, J

McGee, W L (RAAF)

McInerney, Gwenda

McInerney, Ted (AIF)

McInerney, Wendy

McKee, Don (RAN)

McKee, G C

McKee, Maragret L (Queen of Navy)

McKee, Una M

McLean, Barry

McLean, John

Miller, W E (RAAF)

Milne, R J

Montrose, Les

Montrose, M G

Moore, C M (RAAF)

Morpeth, David R

Morpeth, R

Morpeth, R (Cr)

Morpeth, R M

Mugford, E E

Mullen, L

Mutton, Francey

Nichols, N A M (Capt) (AIF)

Nulty, S F

O'Donnell, E C

Olds, J

Paddick, C (RAAF)

Paddick, Dean M

Paterson, A

Paterson, A B (AIF)

Paterson, A C (AIF)

Paterson, A H (AIF)

Paterson, Frank D

Paterson, G A (RAAF)

Paterson, W J

Patman, E M

Patman, R W

Patman, W D

Pedder, Doug (RAAF)

Pengalley, F M

Pengalley, J M

Pengalley, S

Penny, A F

Perry, Don

Perry, Dot

Perry, Joyce

Phillys, W R

Phin, E

Potz, V K

Price, A

Price, Bob

Prosser, Cyril (RAN)

Prosser, Lloyd (RAN)

Pyer, A H

Quick, H M

Rainsford, B E

Ramsay, J D

Raven, B

Richardson, I

Richardson, L H

Richardson, Mary

Rivers, Alf

Rivers, Lancelot R

Roberts, D M

Rodda, Clifford

Rodda, John (RAAF)

Rodda, Reta (Queen of Air)

Roesner, A P

Roesner, B E

Ross, Walter

Rowe, E H

Rowe, E M

Rowe, J

Rowe, L

Rowe, N

Rowe, O E

Rus, N

Rus, Ronda

Saville, E

Scholefield, Thelma

Scholefield, Tom

Schrader, Mary

Schrader, Robert

Schroder, A H

Seely, Phillip

Shea, Will

Sims, D W

Skipworth, Blanche

Skipworth, O L A

Smith, C D (HMF)

Smith, E A

Smith, Eddie (RAAF)

Spencer, Rita G

Sponheimer, David E (RAN)

Sponheimer, J W

Stein, A E

Stein, A M

Stein, J

Stevens, Ruby

Stranger, A E

Stranger, J

Stranger, V B

Strongman, B

Strongman, D

Strongman, E

Strongman, K

Strongman, N

Tamblyn, E J (Dr)

Tamblyn, J

Tang, C G

Taylor, W J

Taylor,A L

Thomas, K

Vicarra, Bill (RAN)

Vicarra, R W

Vinall, T W

Walby, E J

Walker, L E

Wall, C

Wall, E G

Wall, H B

Wall, Roy H

Wall, W B

Wall, W U

Walsh, F

Warmington, J B

Watts, Colin

Watts, E

Watts, G (Stoker) (RAN)

Watts, Jean

Way, H R

Way, M R

Waye, J W

Welby, H A

White, Beatrice M E

White, D E

Whitford, Peter

Wilkins, A E

Wilkins, E F (Cr)

Wilkins, Les (AIF)

William, (Lieut Col)

Williams, E P

Williams, K

Williamson, L N (Cpl) (RAAF)

Williamson, L S (Sap) (AIF)

Willis, G D (AIF)

Willis, K C (AIF)

Wilum, A

Wilum, Don (RAAF)

Wilum, Keith

Wilum, M

Winter, Alex

Wittacker, Ron (RAAF)

Woods, J (Cr)

Woods, L G

Wormington, Joan

Worthe, Frank (RAAF)

Wright, Maxwell

Young, Betty

Young, Dorothy

Young, E